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Travel Tuesday question of the week – what are your New Year’s resolutions for travel?

Start New Year's with a bang! What are your travel resolutions?

It’s that time of year again.  Time to begin a new year, make new resolutions, and forget about them a few weeks later.  Well, I am sure some people actually stick to them.  I’ve never been that big on New Year’s revolutions.  Of course, what can you expect from a guy known as Scrooge at Christmas?

My own personal holiday antics and beliefs aside, what are your New Year’s resolutions for travel?  Do you want to change something about the way you travel?  Do you have something on your bucket list you want to accomplish?  Do you want to use travel to make a difference in the world or make a resolution to travel more to ease some stress in your life?  What is your top travel resolution for New Year’s 2011?

For me, it all starts with a challenge – and a lot of changes.  As far as destinations, my one resolution is to get to Vancouver for TBEX (Travel Blogs Exchange – click to read more about it).  However, the real change will come later in 2011.

My blog is going to change and I am going to launch a new site.  Part of that change is due to a challenge (more on that challenge later this week).  However, I have been slowly working on these changes for a couple of months.  As for travel and my blog, I need more of a focus and a direction for where I am going.  Sure, I will still be doing Travel Tuesday questions, Estonian love stories (OK, I might retire that idea), and my travel stories.  I will still focus on family and budget travel.  However, I want to make this blog much bigger than that, reaching a wider audience, and giving people more ideas, tips, and deals.  For now, I am working on it and we will see what the results will be.

For me, challenge and a new direction are my travel resolutions for 2011.  What do you have planned?

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  1. Sounds good and intriguing Sac. Look forward to seeing the results of your new blog design. Re new years resolutions. Still thinking about it and I will probably make my mind up November 2011! Just don’t seem to have any get up and go at the moment. Think I am becoming used to the holiday periods.!

  2. ciki says:

    my new year’s travel resolution.. to travel LOADS more! and more and more 😛 LOL great post dear. Happy new year to you and the family Jeremy;)

  3. inka says:

    My resolution is to plan less, travel more at the drop of a hat and see where the wind blows me and then write about it all in the glamour granny which hopefully will continue to attract readers.

  4. Simon says:

    A new blog! That’s quite a great resolution! I’m very curious to know what’s on…

    As for me… I have many, too many… But there are a couple I’m particularly keen of.
    1. Meet as many travel tweeps as I can. Through Twitter I got in touch with so many amazing people and I would love to get to know them in person and spend some time with them
    2. Develop Avventurosa, the travel project I’m working at (www.avventurosa.com/blog), making it a kind of new experience.

    Let’s talk about that at the end of December 2011 and see how much of it has become reality! :-)
    Happy New Year!

  5. My travel resolutions are to live it up in Australia for 3 weeks this winter! On the blog side of the operation, too many resolutions to count, but they will all be posted next week.

    Hope to see you at TBEX for the 6-month NYR check-in!

  6. I went to the Europe TBEX Conference and really enjoyed it, won’t be able to make the Vancouver one though – have fun! My travel resolution is to travel more in Canada, ironic since I am Canadian and now living in Germany. In 2011 I plan to go sea kayaking with killer whales and dive with giant octopus and six gilled sharks off of Vancouver Island. I also want to continue to explore more of Germany.

    • How funny – two places you want to see more of are where you are from and where you live now! I understand the feeling. It’s easy to get caught up in going places and miss some of the places right in your own backyard. Have fun traveling and look forward to your stories!

  7. Jools Stone says:

    I’m writing the obligatory year in review post soon, but my resolutions are pretty mundane I guess. To travel more and get paid for some of it. Go places and successfully pitch articles on the back of it. Plus to fully integrate my wonderful fiance with the travel so it doesn’t become a choice of travel and miss her at home or stay at home and miss travel.
    Also to get more disciplined about my blog (I’m in total awe of your workrate I have to say!) maybe launch one or two new things as well. I may even get to TBEX and def doing TBU in Manchester in March.
    I’m doing Todd’s 1000/1000 challenge so will be interesting to see how that motivates me and what I can learn from others taking part. I think you may be among them too?
    Here’s to a happy, fulfilling and productive year for all!
    I like your Estonian stories though!

    • Thanks Jools! I am with you on some of your goals! Yes, I am doing the 1000/1000 challenge as well so that is a big focus for this year. I already had some changes in mind before that came about so it pushes me to focus even more. Get out and have run and ope your fiance enjoys traveling as well!

      As for my work rate, I have to be careful. Doing as much as I do at times can lead to burn out and getting sick – something I have had to deal with the last couple of months!

  8. LeslieTravel says:

    I’m excited to see your new blog! My goals for 2011 are to travel to countries I have never been to before (not a ridiculous goal, since I’ve done a RTW trip), discover more destinations in the US, and use my National Parks pass, which expires this summer. I have tons of camping supplies from my wedding registry and need to use them!

    • Thanks Leslie! I just hope I can actually get the blog up and going! I am with you on seeing more of the US. I almost did the national parks pass last year but decided to hold off. You need it to make good use of your wedding gifts! :)

  9. I posted my resolution list a couple of days ago: http://mccooltravel.wordpress.com/2010/12/24/mccool-travel-2011-resolutions-part-2/

    2011 Resolutions

    To continue the McCool Travel mission of helping consumers save money, time, and stress on every trip (and have more fun, too!), 2011 goals include:

    * update McCool Travel blog with weekday posts and a weekend summary.

    * speak to groups about money-saving travel tactics and fun travel.

    * organize and lead in-person travel skills seminars.

    * deliver travel skills webinars.

    * produce ebooks and guides for DIY (do-it-yourself) trip planners.

    * increase Twitter and general web visibility.

    * attend appropriate conferences and seminars.

    * 2011 research trips:

    – focus on local exploration (day trips) and skill gathering/refinement.

    – more mass transportation and foot/bike travel, less rental car.

    – increase use of travel alternates, especially lodging.

    – patronize competent and fun travel suppliers.

    – visit one new ancestral homeland.

    – visit one new country.

  10. The NVR Guys says:

    This year is about refining processes, creating more space for creativity (less technology) and, as always, more travel. Superficially we are looking at doing mileage runs so that we can keep our premiere status. We also have a couple advocacy / volunteer trips in thew works.

    See you at TBEX 2011!

  11. I don’t usually make new year resolutions but it does like the time of year to do a stocktake.
    I find myself quite worn out at the end of this year, a year that involved moving countries twice, starting a new job and watching my baby learn to walk. Next year I hope our family can become better time-managers. Phase one will involve getting motorbike licenses in Singapore because commuting by bus just takes too big a chunk out of my day.
    Happy New Year to you Jeremy. Looking forward to seeing your expanded blog.

    • I understand being worn out. I work full time, do this blog, starting another one, and write for another site which takes up more time than this one. I also have kids – a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old (waiting for him to walk!). I am with you – at this time of year, I am worn out. However, I can say that just about every day! :)

      Best of luck to you and Happy New Year!

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