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Why I took off my pants for Scottevest

Scottevest Jeremy Branham airportI’ve spent years working in information technology and have a degree in accounting.  Despite that, I am not a big gadget or travel gear junkie.  I just got my first smart phone 3 months ago after using the same out of date cell phone for nearly 8 years.  However, I received a free Scottevest when I went to a travel conference in June.  And with my travels for the College Football Travel Tour this Fall, this is the perfect time to test it out.

What is Scottevest?

The Scottevest travel vest is a comfortable, fashionable vest created by Scott Jordan as a way to carry gadgets and gear while traveling.  The vest comes in a variety of colors and has numerous pockets on the chest, front, inside, and back to carry all sorts of travel gadgets.  Zippers and magnets keep everything secure and allows easy transport through airports, cities, and wherever your travels take you.

How Scottevest made me take off my pants

Jeremy Branham old travel clothes

Before Scottevest

For years, I’ve worn the same outfit when I travel – REI travel pants with zip pockets and a red and brown REI water resistant sweatshirt.  Even if you put a bag over my head, people would recognize me by this outfit which I’ve worn for every flight.

Why did I wear this outfit?  It was comfortable and carried all of my stuff.  With my phone, wallet, keys, and other stuff, I could zip these in my pants pocket without a fear of losing them.  I did have to take it out of my pocket when I went through airport security but for comfort and security, it was much better than wearing jeans.

When I tried Scottevest for the first time, I took off my pants.  (Of course, I’ve also interviewed my Merrell GORE-TEX hiking boots after a hike.)  My phone, headphones, gadgets, keys, tickets, wallet, and everything were carried in my vest.  Never again do I need to wear those travel pants or empty my pockets.

My review of Scottevest

When I first got my Scottevest, I was reluctant to try it.  I was comfortable with my ugly travel outfit and didn’t need to try anything else.  On my flight to Dublin for the Emerald Isle Classic, I wore my Scottevest for the long flight there and the 27 hour flight back to California.  I wore it again on my flight to Columbus for Ohio State.

When trying something new, I am honest and have high standards.  Ironically, I like things simple.  Scottevest seemed like a good fit.  Here are my pros and cons of this unique travel vest.


front chest pockets Scottevest

front chest pockets on my Scottevest

Here are the things I loved about Scottevest (and it’s actually quite a list).

  • I love the two pockets over the chest near the zipper.  They are my favorite pockets.  With zippers and plenty of room, I can carry my phone, headphones, airline tickets, and cash with easy access any time I need it.
  • The two pockets at the bottom front of the vest contain magnets and a zipper to make sure everything is secure.  Keys, change, and other small items go in those pockets.  I use those for things I don’t need to access during a flight.
  • The inside pocket with the clear front is great for smart phones.  You can access your phone, scroll through the menu, dial numbers, and type without taking the phone out of the pocket.
  • I love carrying everything in my Scottevest.  I no longer have to take anything out of my pockets going through airport security.  The Scottevest makes traveling easier than ever.
  • I can take off my pants.  I never have to wear them again.  Now I wear jeans.
  • The vest is stylish, comfortable, and actually makes me look slimmer.  I can’t promise that this works for everyone.


Jeremy Branham Scottevest

Slimmer, fashionable, and no more pants!

There’s not much I didn’t like.  However, I did have one problem.

  • On my third trip with the Scottevest, the zipper split on my vest.  I unzipped it and zipped it back and it held together.  However, the zipper might not hold.  I can still wear the vest without zipping but this was a bit disappointing.

The Scottevest is comfortable, stylish, and makes traveling so much easier now.  I no longer have to wear my travel pants.  I do confess to still wearing the red and brown sweatshirt sometimes.  However, jeans, a short sleeve shirt, and my Scottevest make me a more stylish, comfortable, and happy traveler.

I am no longer a fashion nightmare when I travel.  I don’t always look fashionable when I travel.  But when I do, I always wear my Scottevest.

Scottevest inside chest pocket

inside the front chest pocket
inside phone pocket Scottevest

inside the phone pocket


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  1. Thank you for the great review! It was great to meet you at TBEX, we loved hearing your plans for your college football tour, and love following it! So glad the Travel Vest is a helpful travel companion…looking forward to seeing more updates!

  2. HeatherH says:

    Do you just take the vest off then to go through security?

    • Yes, just slide off the vest and let it go through the X ray machine. You don’t need to take anything out of it so you can leave it as it is. Much better than taking stuff out of your pocket and easily accessible.

  3. I like it! I’d wear one too. Those pockets look like they’d be perfect for an iPod.

  4. Red Hunt says:

    I’ve been curious abotu Scottevest for some time. I’ve read about it from Gary Arndt and Dave&Deb, now from you…seems like the vest is a worthwhile investment for travel if it is durable enough.

    is it waterproof at all? How durable do you think it would be in a rough environment?

  5. Linda says:

    I’ve been lusting after one of these since I first “discovered” them on the internet a while back. So far, funds haven’t been forthcoming, but when they do it’s going to be my first purchase! Apart from loving all the pockets etc, as you described, I loved how streamlined they look. Anything I’ve tried in the past has made me look like Michelin woman!

    • They are a bit expensive but may be worth the investment. I definitely like mine I wear it all the time now. After all, I did take off my pants for it so all the money I’m not spending on pants can be invested in this! HA!

      What are the biggest benefits for you?

  6. Laurence says:

    That looks seriously handy. I’m always stuffing stuff in random pockets, then spending time trying to remember which one my passport is in, then putting it in a different one. This may be the solution to my travelling pocket needs! Now.. to get Scottevest to send me some stuff…

    • I like it! I’ve been wearing my vest for my last few trips. I think the best thing about it is not having to dig into pockets trying to find my ticket, wallet, phone, etc. Everything is in my best and has a designated pocket. Love being able to travel without anything in my pants! I guess that’s what allowed me to take my pants off :)

  7. No offense, but it’s great to see you ditch that flight fashion nightmare of an outfit! Red and brown? Together? I’m sure those are the colors of some sports team I should know, right? Anyway….here’s to a new traveling you. On a side note, I love to wear my Scottvest Microfleece Ultimate Hoodie when I go see live music. I NEVER carry a purse and this pocket-filled hoodie has the right space to carry cash, id, keys and lip gloss without getting all lumpy.

    • I still wear that red and brown shirt sometimes. Although it’s not really red – more cyan. Granted, it’s not cold enough to wear it right now and the Scottevest is actually quite warm. I do love wearing it though. I love everything in the vest and never having to worry about pockets anymore at the airport.

  8. Katrina says:

    This post is a win for the title alone!

  9. Marty says:

    I’ve been travelling in my original Scott eVest for more than a decade. Sometime I may get a new one with the new features, but the one I have is working fine. It is rain resistant enough for most places I go. I add a cashmere sweater if I am cold. The sweater and sleeves fit well in the rear pocket.

    The Scott jack styling is nice and plain so I can look presentable. Not looking worn and grungy tends to help.

    I love having all my travel junk in the vest when I get to security. I make a point of having metal free clothes when travelling. My pants are black BDUs with the side buckles removed and a nylon belt with nylon buckle. I never beep in the metal detector.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Marty. I am glad the vest has lasted that long and is durable. Like you, I love having all the pockets so I no longer have to worry about stuff in my pants pockets. For me, that is the biggest benefit. I can now take it off through security without worrying that I will leave something behind in a bin!

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