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Me, Michael Phelps, and your chance to win a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones

SOL REPUBLIC headphones South Carolina GamecocksLately, I’ve been thinking about my travel Christmas list.  I’ve wanted to get my ears a special present with some noise canceling headphones.  However, I didn’t take the plunge until I heard about SOL REPUBLIC headphones.

Last month, I got an email from SOL REPUBLIC asking me if I wanted to try them out.  Since Michael Phelps wore these headphones at the Olympics, I wanted to find out more.  When I discovered SOL REPUBLIC had a Collegiate Colors selection, I knew this would be perfect on my Expedia College Football Travel Tour.

As a sports fan and traveler who loves music, SOL REPUBLIC headphones were joining me on the road for my college football travel series.

So read about me, Michael Phelps, and how you can win a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones for Christmas.

Why I have a lot in common with Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Olympics SOL REPUBLIC headphones

Michael Phelps and I have a lot in common.  No, I didn’t win 8 Olympic gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  I don’t hold the all time Olympics record of 22 overall medals.

However, I was a lifeguard in high school (I could swim a little at least).  We both eat at Subway (a lot).  Michael Phelps and I partied at the University of South Carolina (but I didn’t inhale).  And we also use SOL REPUBLIC headphones.

Unfortunately, I don’t think our common bonds were well known when I was approached by SOL REPUBLIC.

When I travel, I’m always sticking something in my ears – ear plugs, ear buds, fingers.  No matter what I use, my ears always hurt when the plane lands.  Whether I’ve wanted silence or a good beat, I couldn’t find a good pair of affordable headphones.

I don’t accept many offers to do reviews because I only believe in trying products that I would actually use and that like-minded travelers and readers would enjoy.  I’ve wanted some headphones for a while.  And with the Tracks Collegiate series, I could wear my Gamecocks proudly on my ears.

Jeremy Branham Budget Travel Adventures SOL REPUBLIC headphones home

My travel gear review of SOL REPUBLIC headphones

In late November, I was on my way to party at Oregon State as Oregon and Oregon State battled in the Civil War.  My SOL REPUBLIC headphones joined me on the trip.

For years, I wore standard iPod earbuds.  On this flight, I pulled out my SOL REPUBLIC headphones.

SOL REPUBLIC headphones airplane seatI put them to the test.  I cranked up the music, testing the headphones on my smart phone and laptop.  High quality music, crisp vocals, good bass, and full sound – much better than any headphones or earbuds I’ve had.

While these aren’t noise cancelling headphones, they did reduce sound.  I put them to the screaming baby test on the plane and didn’t hear a thing with the music playing.  With a row to myself, I couldn’t help but sing quietly serenading other passengers and the crying baby.

Another important factor was the comfort of my SOL REPUBLIC headphones.  They never fell off and the padding on the ears and head were still comfortable after hours of use.

If you like the Tracks Collegiate Colors series headbands, you can shop for the high quality V10 HD headphones (without buying new headphones) or the new SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD Anthem with more bass, higher clarity, and crisp vocals.  Change out the cables that connect the headphones or get earbuds if that is more your style.

SOL REPUBLIC headphones are interchangeable as well.  The headband, ear phones, and cords can be taken apart, changed, purchased, and carried separately.

SOL REPUBLIC headphones interchangeableLosing pieces of your headphones could be frustrating but upgrading ear phones or changing out pieces cuts down on the cost of new headphones.  Carry them around your neck or in a backpack and you don’t ever need to take them apart.

I did have one complaint about the earphones.  The left earphone occasionally has some static and buzzing.  This isn’t consistent and sometimes turning down the volume for a while and turning it back up gets rid of the buzz and static.

I am not a headphones expert.  However, if you’re looking for a great sound from comfortable headphones, want to show off your college colors, and have been looking for some new headphones, try SOL REPUBLIC headphones. Unlike more expensive brands, you get quality headphones for a reasonable price.

Pros: low cost ($99 – $179), high quality sound, interchangeable, comfortable, work with any smart phone, Tracks Collegiate series, easy to carry around

Cons:  left earphone has a little buzzing and static at times, interchangeable pieces may be lost

Win a free pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones for Christmas!

If you love travel, music, and want to show your school spirit, you can win a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones for yourself or someone else.

Follow the directions on Rafflecopter below to enter and get extra entries for the SOL REPUBLIC headphones giveaway.

  • Like Budget Travel Adventures on Facebook
  • Leave a comment saying why you want a pair and if you want headphones from a particular school (Please note: you don’t need to pick headphones from a school, there are many designs)
  • Tweet this giveaway with the tag #BTASOL for an additional entry
  • Share on Facebook and tag the Budget Travel Adventures fanpage to get 3 additional entries.
  • Contest begins 12/11 at 12 AM PST and ends 12/18 11:59 PM PST.
  • Contest is open to anyone worldwide (please note delivery may not happen by Christmas)

Because of the sound quality and comfort of these headphones, I am so pumped from listening to music I could win an Olympic medal (Michael Phelps, it’s a good thing you’ve retired).

Inspired by the sound of music in my ears, here’s a poem for SOL REPUBLIC and my fellow spokesperson in the style of Dr. Seuss.

I can wear my SOL REPUBLIC headphones on a plane,

I can wear my SOL REPUBLIC headphones on a train.

I can wear my SOL REPUBLIC headphones in a car or enjoy them in a bar.

I can wear my SOL REPUBLIC headphones in an airport or while I’m waiting in port.

I can even wear my SOL REPUBLIC headphones like Michael Phelps.

So thank you SOL REPUBLIC, I really do like my SOL REPUBLIC headphones.

SOL REPUBLIC headphones Dr Seuss poem Jeremy Branham Budget Travel Adventures

on a plane, in a car, in an airport, near or far

Read this interview with founder Kevin Lee to find out what makes SOL REPUBLIC so different from other headphones.

Check out my other travel gear reviews for items like my GORE-TEX hiking boots (a one-on-one interview with a hiking boot) and Scottevest (why I took my pants off – yes, my travel gear reviews are fun).

While my SOL REPUBLIC headphones with the South Carolina Gamecocks colors were free, know that all my opinions are my own.  Seriously.  Not even Michael Phelps would write a review like this and not sure SOL REPUBLIC would have given them to me if they knew I was this crazy. 

Win a free pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones

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  1. Deana Kneen says:

    I would love to win because these headphones are amazing and I would love them in my fave college KU!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

  2. carey dorizzi wright says:

    SOL Republic has the best quality headphones for the price. I really want a pair for myself but can’t afford them. I would love to have any pair!

  3. nichol perez says:

    I want a pair because I can’t seem to find a pair that don’t break. I buy a pair of headphones every month and I don’t know what the problem is but I can see these are the ones I need.

  4. Elizabeth Langston says:

    I like the flexibility of these headphones – they might actually survive my 17yo son.

  5. RobRob says:

    I’d love to win a pair, but…where’s the love for the U of Arizona Wildcats? I guess I’ll have to settle with a “regular” pair if I win, but I’d still wear them proudly! Love the interchangable aspect – since I’m always breaking off one ear or the other…

    • Honestly, this may be one of the best features of the headphones. I’ve talked to numerous people who said their cords broke or headband had issues and they had the throw the headphones away. That’s not the issue here. SOL REPUBLIC headphones are good quality, affordable, and give people the option of buying what they need to upgrade or if something breaks.

      As for schools, they are working on more schools so keep an eye out.

  6. Erin says:

    something else you might have in common with Phelps – he likes to party down with Gamecocks!! Gooooo Cocks!!!!

  7. brent says:

    new phones would make all the difference, in school, sports,and life

  8. Dave says:

    Since I’m far from an expert on college football in the US… or college football in general, so I’ll throw a few names in the hat; Notre Dame, LSU, Stanford or S. Carolina.

    Actually, I think that’s what makes those headphones so great; they’re easy to customize. Plus let’s be honest, if they can survive a college football tour, they can survive anything!

    • Dave, there are plenty of other headphone options. You don’t have to pick a college football one. It’s just available if people want it. Being customize able, affordable, and interchangeable are things many headphones don’t offer. Good quality too!

      • Dave says:

        Oh, agreed about the college football option. I just thought it was fitting to stay in the college football theme since you cover that area pretty extensively. :) The amount of customization offered is pretty sweet though!

  9. Curtis says:

    I want one with the University of Washington to wear and rep my school at games and around town. Woof!

  10. Want to win them for my dad! =)

  11. James Kraft says:

    I love music and I love the University of Louisville..Go Cards and good luck all !

  12. I love music and would like some Sol Republic Penn State Lions Headphones. I am currently going to Full Sail.They would be great for my schooling as I need a pair of awesome headphones for my degree program, since all of my classes are online. Thank you very much for the opportunity to win!

    • I would love to win the Anthem Hd Tracks from Sol Republic. I am currently going to Full Sail.They would be great for my schooling as I need a pair of awesome headphones for my degree program, since all of my classes are online. Thank you very much for the opportunity to win!I am a SolRepublic Soldier, and I have not been able to enter many of the contests online because I go to school online and my school is not one of the available headbands. I recently posted on my other E-mail address to win the Penn State Lions Headphones. But,if you can only enter once I would like to retract the Penn State Headphones statement and put in for the Anthem Hd’s. Thank you again for the opportunity to win!

  13. Craig Borduin says:

    Would love to win the UGA headphones for my brother since he just received his acceptance letter there. Would be a great Christmas present! (But I’d rather have the Georgia Tech headphones (if they actually made those).) These are very stylish and a great way to represent your college football team both on & off campus

  14. I used to be a big competitive swimmer and actually raced at a couple of meets that MP was in. I would love these to take with me when traveling!

    • That’s pretty awesome! I had no idea you were a swimmer. You have more in common with Michael Phelps than me considering you were at some of the same events as him. Did you ever meet him?

      • Yes many times! He wasn’t a celebrity back then… I was actually training for the 1996 Olympics in the 50 free. My teammate made it, not me though. :(

        • WOW, that’s awesome! How close did you come to making it? I had no idea were a swimmer, much less Olympic quality! :)

          • Hmmm, if I had stuck in there maybe I would have made it in 2000, but I got sick sadly and had to give it up. I miss it a lot, but not the 8 hour practices. I was #1 in the State for many years. :)

          • This is fascinating! Glad to learn so much about you. Of course, if you had made it in 2000 you would be a celebrity now and wouldn’t know of any of small time travel bloggers! :)

            Can’t say I blame you about the 8 hours. That has to be tough. Really is a full time job. Things work out for the best I guess but hard not to play the “what if” games sometimes.

            Thanks for sharing your story. I didn’t know you had a sports connection. And who knew that I would learn this from a post about Michael Phelps and headphones! :)

  15. Charles says:

    Why would I not want a pair of Sol Republic Headphones,
    Just to represent that I’m a SoL-dier.

    Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones (Black)

  16. Jeff says:

    Some Gamecock headphones for my family would be awesome!

  17. Katie says:

    I’d love to have an Oregon State pair to wear when I fly to Minneapolis next month. Would help pass the long flight(s) by myself if I had a good pair of headphones

  18. I want to win a pair because I want to be just like Jeremy and Michael Phelps. If I could be like Michael & Jeremy!

  19. Christian says:

    I’d love the Oregon State ones of course! Go Beavs!

  20. Thomas Smardon says:

    hey was just reading about your headphone give away, and i would love a pair.i am traveling to brazil next year for world youth day and i would love for my ears at least to travel in style. :)

    • Thanks for the comment Thomas and good luck! Are there any particular headphones you have in mind if you won? What will you be doing in Brazil for world youth day?

      • Thomas Smardon says:

        yeh if i won i would love the anthems just like phelps, they are really awesome. 😀
        i am spending about a month in brazil, traveling a bit with friends and also spending about 2 weeks working in a community, maybe volunteering in a school or something similar. i am so excited and then doing the week of WYD in rio at the end. it is going to be such an amazing trip. 😀

  21. You have a very nice site here, Jeremy. It was nice meeting you at the Sacramento Bloggers event at Reunion. Hope to meet again at future events.

    • Thanks Margaret. Nice to meet you as well. Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. You’ll have to pardon the mess as I am in the middle of making some changes to the site. Hopefully, the next time you stop by it will look even better.

      Hopefully, I will get a chance to be more involved with the Sacramento bloggers. Thanks for all you do with the group and putting these things together. I am sure our paths will cross again :)

  22. Jill L says:

    I want to win these for my son who also has a lot in common with Michael. Hasn’t won any Olympic medals yet, but he swims and love deadmaus5. Wouldn’t prefer a collegiate team.

  23. Laurence says:

    Ah headphones. The bane of my travelling life. I never seem to find a pair that can cope with the rigours that I throw at them.. they never seem to last more than a few months. Here’s hoping these last longer when I win them!

    • I wear these headphones every day now. I love them! Good sound quality and comfortable. Also, these are very affordable as well. To me, these are the three most important factors. If you win, I think these will hold up pretty well.

  24. I wish I had a pair of perfect headphones. My ones seem to dig into my ears when I wear them for too long. Must be my ridiculous elephant ears. Wonder if these would be any better.

    • What kind of headphones do you use now? Before these, I used ear buds. They were OK but they always fell out and hurt my ears after a while. I know Bose and Beats are good headphones but they are expensive so not sure how many people are willing to spend money on those. Lots of other generic headphones out there but these are the best I’ve tried so far.

  25. Jenna says:

    I don’t have a pair of noise-canceling headphones but have been looking for some recently with no luck, so that’s why I would like them. Maybe my kids could use them, too. :)

    • Jenna, these are great headphones and I enjoy using them. Just note that they aren’t noise canceling. They do reduce noise but turn on music and you will have no problem drowning out any sounds you don’t want to hear. For that reason, I find these very useful at home as well :)

  26. Nice addition to your standard Airplane Outfit! But I am a bit disturbed that you can now “wear your Gamecocks proudly on your ears”…

    • Well Karen, at least my airplane outfit includes my fashionable Scottevest (as you can see in the photos). However, it could have been worse. As we root on our team in football, we typically say “Go COCKS!” As you can probably guess, that statement could have been a lot worse :)

  27. Alex M says:

    I want a pair because I travel a lot and currently having a home base in Asia means many loud train rides! I’d want Northeastern University (Boston) headphones (any that are black and red would do)

  28. I’m glad you liked the headphones and that they were able to nullify the screaming baby on the plane :)

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