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Sacramento International Airport news: Memorial Day travel, ATMs, new Terminal B update

SAC Sacramento International Airport SMF Landside South Terminal B Karen Doron

The new Terminal B at SMF (photo courtesy of Karen Doron)

With Memorial Day weekend ahead, it’s a busy week for travel at Sacramento International Airport.  The unofficial start to summer is underway and many people will drive and fly for the Memorial Day holiday.

With big changes coming at the Sacramento International Airport in the Fall, it’s time to focus on the airport as we get ready for a big season of travel as summer vacation begins.

Memorial Day travel tips and information for the Sacramento International Airport

Air traffic is expected to be quite busy for the Memorial Day holiday at the Sacramento airport.  Security will be high this weekend so give yourself extra time when you arrive.  While Sacramento doesn’t use the TSA body scanners, please be aware that extra security precautions may be taken.

If you are flying this Memorial Day weekend, here are some travel tips and reminders from the Sacramento County Airport:

  • Due to ongoing construction at SMF, drivers should be alert for detours.
  • Terminal A is currently undergoing some upgrades that may cause minor inconveniences.

When traveling:

  • Make sure all valuables are stowed in carry-on luggage, not checked baggage.
  • Allow sufficient time to park and get to your terminal, especially if your favorite parking lot (e.g. the Terminal A Parking Garage) is full.  Parking conditions are broadcast on 530 AM when within 5 miles of the airport and are posted overhead in several locations on Airport Boulevard.  On-airport shuttle schedules are posted online.
  • Allow sufficient in-terminal time to ensure that you have plenty of time to get checked in and through the security checkpoint during busy holidays when inexperienced travelers are most likely to fly.
  • Be prepared for the security checkpoint.  You can save yourself and fellow travelers time by being better prepared and greatly reduce the possibility of requiring a secondary screening.  Check out these tips to reduce your wait time through airport security.

If picking up a passenger:

  • The Free Waiting Area offers the ability to stay in your car for up to three hours at no charge rather than circling the airport, causing traffic congestion and burning valuable fuel.  Passengers tend to call while still on board the aircraft and deplaning and claiming luggage will take some time.
  • If stationed in the Free Waiting Area, wait until your party has collected all baggage and is moving to the curb prior to departing the lot.  This ensures that the driver will not have to circle and will not park or wait at the curb, which is not permitted and can result in a ticket or towing.
  • For $2 per 30 minutes, drivers can park in the Hourly Parking areas located directly across the street from each terminal,  meet their passenger personally and assist with luggage.
  • California Motor Vehicle Code applies on all roadways so stay alert to keep you and your fellow drivers and passengers safe and keep the following in mind:
  1. Handheld mobile phone use for texting and talking is not permitted
  2. Vehicles are required to stop at striped crosswalks when pedestrians are present

Limited ATM access at the Sacramento International Airport for two days

On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 24 and 25, ATM access will be limited at the airport.  If you are getting an early start to your Memorial Day weekend, just be aware of this change as ATMs are undergoing an equipment change.

For these two days, ATM access will be available at the Terminal A food court near Nelson’s Books and at Terminal B baggage claim near the Jet Blue ticket counter.

Once these changes are made, new Chase ATMs will be located in the Terminal A baggage claim near Starbucks, Terminal B baggage claim near the information booth and across from restaurants on both concourses, and in the car rental terminal in the center of the building.

Terminal B update for Sacramento International Airport

Construction continues on the new terminal at the Sacramento airport with lots of progress being made.  The terminal building is up, furniture is being moved in, and the new terminal is still on track for opening in Fall 2011.  A formal date to the opening will be announced in July.

If you want more information, the Sacramento International Airport Facebook page has a lot of great information including photos of the new terminal.  Like them now!

A big thank you to the Sacramento County Airport system for the information, tips, and updates on the Sacramento International Airport!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend wherever you may be traveling!

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  1. This is good information to have about the airport, especially the ATM information.

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