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Cheap flights for Memorial Day as airlines have a holiday airfare sale

Memorial Day travel airfare saleFor travelers looking to kick off their summer vacation with a Memorial Day getaway, many airlines are currently have airfare sales for the Memorial Day weekend.

These last two weeks have seen some of the cheapest flights for summer travel all year (check out the current travel deals for flights, hotels, vacation packages, Eurail passes, and more at my budget travel deals of the week).  Airlines have waited to offer airfare sales this year as many people have had to be patient.  With the recent airfare sale for summer and Fall travel, now airlines are getting ready for a busy Memorial Day weekend of travel.

Now, JetBlue, American Airlines, AirTran, and other airlines have special Memorial Day airfares going on now.  Here are some of the current travel deals for the holiday weekend:

JetBlue vacation packages – Book vacation packages to Disneyland, Cancun, Florida, Bermuda, Las Vegas, and more with packages as low as $129 a person for three nights. for flight and hotel.  Packages must be booked by May 11 and travel is valid 5/10 – 6/22.  Check out the JetBlue vacation packages on sale now.  Who says you can’t save money on vacation packages?!

American Airlines flights to Mexico – Find cheap flights to Mexico for Memorial Day weekend with airfares as low as $147 each way.  Travel is valid May 11 through June 30 but tickets must be purchased by May 11.  A 2 night minimum stay is required and other restrictions apply.  Find your flights to Mexico.

Last minute flights to England – American Airlines also has an airfare sale to Europe with fares as low as $267 each way.  Fly to London Or Manchester and depart by May 18 to enjoy Memorial Day in Europe.  Purchase your flights by May 12 with a Saturday night stay.  Check out the latest flights to Europe (please note the travel restrictions as well).

You can also find flight deals to the Caribbean and Bermuda as well as airfare sales to  Helsinki.

Delta Memorial Day airfare sale – While I am listing this as an airfare sale and the deals are good, they are a bit deceiving.  Find domestic flights for Memorial Day weekend for as low as $59 each way.  However, flights are only valid for departure on May 28 or 29.  A 7 day advanced purchase is required and airfares must be purchase by May 16.  Get more information at the Delta Memorial Day airfare sale.

Frontier airfare sale for summer and Fall travel – I missed promoting this deal yesterday for budget travel deals of the week.  However, Frontier has some great deals for Memorial Day, summer, and Fall travel.  Purchase by May 12 and travel by October 5 with an advanced purchase of 10 days.  Find flights as low as $49 each way with this summer and Fall airfare sale on Frontier.

While these aren’t quite the big last minute airfare sales for Memorial Day that people want to see, it’s a start to planning your holiday weekend.

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  1. Okay, so I know we playfully go back and forth on the budget travel thing, so here’s my question du jour.

    I have to assume that the airlines get good results from these deals, otherwise they wouldn’t always do them… but in my entire career, I’ve never been able to book so close in. In your opinion, are there a lot of people who have that kind of flexibility?

    • Jeremy Branham says:

      Here’s the thing with these deals. Many of them are last minute and lower priced because there are seats that need to be filled. So they would rather discount the price of these and fill a seat rather than have an empty seat.

      In my opinion, these are still to expensive but they are better than most. Because most people do need to plan, many people can’t wait until the last minute so they book 2 or 3 months out. This year, with travel being so strong, I think the airlines knew this so they waited until later to put out the deals to try and fill the seats they had at the highest prices.

      Are there a lot of people with that kind of flexibility? It depends where you are in your life. Do you have a full time job that requires time off requests weeks or months in advance? Do you have a family or kids that are in school? What is your financial situation? Are you a planner or a spontaneous traveler?

      Without a doubt there are people that do use these fares and for regular travelers, they can find deals that suit them. In my opinion, it’s just become a lot harder to do.

  2. I think I just relish the day when I can say “I’d like to go to England next weekend – oh look a sale on airfare, let’s book it!”

  3. While looking for Cheap Airline Flights I found you site. These are great deals. Thank you for posting these last minute flights.

  4. Always great to get tips on finding cheap flights in general. Keep up the good work.

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