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Budget travel deals of the week July 14 – Thanksgiving airfare sale

Budget travel deals of the weekWhile many people are still enjoying summer vacations, it’s not too early to start looking at cheap flights for the holidays.

Wait – there is no way that cheap flights for the holidays exist any more right?  These days it is difficult to find airfare sales or even know where to look.  Signing up for airfare alerts on sites like farecompare can help you save on money.  Searching each week for the airfare deals can find you some great airfares for summer and Fall travel but often the holidays are blacked out.

Even though it may seem early, start searching for flights for Thanksgiving holidays now.

There are some travel tips to find cheap flights.  However, holidays can be a difficult time to find cheap flights.  These days, there are some deals to be had but they can be hard to find.  However, here are some examples of some great holiday airfares for Thanksgiving.

Sacramento to Charlotte, November 21 – November 25 – Total round trip costs including taxes and fees?  $250 on Delta Airlines.  You can also find this same airfare for various other dates including 6 different itineraries from November 23 (day before Thanksgiving) until Thursday, December 1.

Los Angeles to Boston, November 21 – November 28 – Total round tip costs is $489.

Where are these deals for Thanksgiving?  The best deals for flights right now are on Delta.  However a quick search on American, United, and consolidator sites like Orbitz and Expedia and others show that there are a number of airfare deals for Thanksgiving for under $500 for cross country flights.  The key is to be flexible.

Holiday airfare tips for cheap flights

While now may seem a bit early to search for holiday airfares, here are some travel tips you can implement now during the summer to prepare for the holiday airfare sales.

1.  Be flexible – If you can be flexible with your dates for flying, the better the deals may be.  While flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday are the days to fly to save money, this doesn’t work very well for holidays like Thanksgiving.

2.  Set up airfare alerts – If you know that you need to fly for Thanksgiving or Christmas, set up airfare alerts for specific dates and destinations on farecompare, kayak, Bing travel, and others to find out where airfares go on sale.

3.  Watch out for airlines fees – Remember that peak travel day fees, baggage fees, and other fees can apply while flying during the holidays.  Note that when you fly and how much you pack can affect the cost of your trip.

While it’s not time to focus on travel tips for the holidays, these are a few good ones to use during the summer so you can prepare for holiday travel.  As the holidays get closer, holiday travel tips for kids and these essential holiday travel tips will prepare you as we get closer to the Fall.

While this isn’t a huge airfare sale, now might be a good time to check out travel deals for Thanksgiving.  A number of cities are on sale so while the bargains aren’t plentiful, you might be able to find a good deal for the right place.

Holiday travel is expensive so take advantage of any airfare sales you can find for Thanksgiving now.

Don’t forget to check out the travel deals of the week where there are still sales, coupon codes, and promotion codes that you can use for travel this summer.  Stay tuned or more travel deals of the week next week!

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  1. Great finds, Jeremy. Thanksgiving travel is always such a nightmare (and usually so expensive too.)

    • There is only one problem with this airfare sale – it wasn’t advertised, I don’t know what cities are on sale, and I am not sure how many airlines are doing this. I checked a number of cities and airlines and the prices are all over the place. Sacramento and Charlotte both had good deals on Delta but beyond that I can’t tell you. Honestly, I got a bit lucky seeing this.

  2. Wow, nice. I never buy flight tickets more than a couple months out, so I probably miss some good deals.

    • I would never think to but tickets this early either. But when I found the deal I did, there is NO WAY I could pass that up. Honestly, it was an accident and I am glad I found it. I did some research but not sure how many other airlines and cities this really affects. I got lucky finding this and hope it helps others.

  3. Laurel says:

    I never would have thought of looking for Thanksgiving fares already, but makes sense. I really need to sign up for the fare alerts for my next trip. I think it would save a lot of time.

    • Me neither! I couldn’t believe I found these deals. Had to jump on them though and I couldn’t find where any other airlines had fares as low as Delta. And it was only for certain cities (that I could see). Go figure – hard to figure the airlines.

  4. I will be driving to the Badlands for another early winter backpacking trip, so no flying for me. Good to have this information in advance for those on the go up above.

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