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5 tips on how to make a video while traveling

5 tips on how to make a video Jeremy Branham

Have fun making a video!

I am a world traveler.  I am a travel writer and blogger.  I take photos and videos.  So who better to instruct you on “how to make a video when traveling” than me?

Well lots of people actually.  However, this instructional video on how to make a video will be one of the most educational, entertaining, humorous “how to videos” you will watch.

If you want to see evidence of my video skills, check out my travel guide and hiking video for hiking in California at Horsetail Falls.  The video is only my first full video production but it took a lot of time and many mistakes to put this together.  A lot of mistakes.

Whether filming here in California or on the College Football Travel Tour, I have had a number of opportunities to shoot all kinds of videos – interviews, nature and landscapes, sporting events, cities, and destinations.

Although I am learning how to make a video when on the road, traveling around the world has given me a lot of opportunities.  As a beginner, I understand the frustrations and mistakes that happen when you create videos for the first time.

In this step by step guide on “how to make a video”, these tips can help anyone who is playing around with a video camera learn how to create a video – travel or any other subject.  These suggestions will help you plan, prepare, and perform at your best on camera so that your video is one that people will enjoy and remember.

Whether you just want to make funny youtube videos or film an epic PBS documentary, these tips will help you create a video online for family, friends, and your adoring public.

Video tips: how to make a video when traveling

These video tips are short and simple.  They will help you eliminate mistakes, reduce your number of takes, and have fun when you are filming a video.

  • Step 1 – Know how your video camera works
  • Step 2 – Know your lines
  • Step 3 – Laugh at yourself
  • Step 4 – Stop making mistakes
  • Step 5 – Read the script

Of course, none of these will make sense if you don’t watch this how to video.

I hope this “how to make a video” guide helps you create something that is entertaining, helpful, or funny.

If you want to read about more hikes, check out my hiking in northern California travel guide.  Read my Budget Travel Guides or online travel guides (like Slovenia or Kauai) to learn more about travel destinations all over the world.

Please enjoy the video!

Disclosure – I didn’t intend to create a “how to make a video” guide.  These video outtakes made me laugh and inspired me to create this video.  As a travel blogger with a serious side, this video shows that we can have fun too!

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  1. Miruna says:

    Great post, Jeremy! I enjoyed it a lot!I can’t wait to buy a new camera and make some experiments by myself:).
    Oh, by the way, how do you, guys, manage to pronounce “Massachusetts”? I tried hundreds of times and still can’t!:)

    • Thanks Miruna! I just got my new camera a couple of months ago so it’s been fun playing around with it. I still have to learn some things but it’s so much better than what I had before.

      As for Massachusetts, it is pronounced Mass-uh-CHEW’sets. Hope that helps! :)

  2. Funny – this is why I don’t want to be in the video – but it does look like a good session and a good friend to stick it out with you filming

  3. Thanks for making a comment on my blog — it alerted me to this post, which I really need to read! I am taking a video editing course right now (Final Cut X) and hope to start making travel videos soon.

    • Well I hope your hopes aren’t too high for this post! I took a very light-hearted approach to this video hoping people will smile or laugh rather than helped. I think this video can be helpful but I created it after a number of outtakes that I did. So I was hoping people would have fun and it would bring a little bit of a lighter side to my blog, showing a little personality, while having fun.

      I enjoy reading your stuff on India. It’s not a place I know much about at all but I know you really love the country.

  4. Hahaha, this was great! I would be terrible on camera – even being in photographs is hard enough as it is.

  5. Lisa says:

    Jeremy, I am always wanting to learn more about creating good video. Thanks!

  6. Charu says:

    Funny, Jeremy! I learned a few tips making super short videos at the Family Travel Conference in NYC, and the truth is people love snappy vignettes and funny anecdotes! Well done, you’re right about laughing at yourself.

    • I realize that videos do take a lot of time. I am very new at this but hope to do more of these in the future. I am glad you didn’t take this seriously and saw the entertainment value in it :)

  7. Micki says:

    Awesome! Love this. I’m continually struggling with the photo/video side of travel blogging, so it’s a relief to see even someone who’s good at this stuff struggling a bit. :)

    • Ha! I wouldn’t say I am good at it at all. I just started doing videos and this video was a result of my own mistakes and frustration. It’s good to laugh at yourself when putting these together. After all, it’s much better than crying! :)

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