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A walk through Pittsburgh (photo essay)

Pittsburgh photo skyline night Duquesne skyline

A Pittsburgh photo essay – downtown skyline at night

A  cold, overcast day greeted me as I took my first steps through downtown Pittsburgh.  From the days of the Steel City, the city of Pittsburgh has received a makeover.  I was here to experience the Pittsburgh Renaissance for myself.

However, this wasn’t the weather I was hoping for when I landed.  I wanted to see the city in all its colors under beautiful blue skies on a warm spring day.

I’ve seen Yosemite in Winter and walked on the beach during a storm in Myrtle Beach.  With just a couple of days in Pittsburgh, would this be the beautiful city so many people told me about?

As I walked through downtown, I didn’t know if the skyline and the weather would cooperate.  As I discovered, this city is special.

Impressions of Pittsburgh

I spent two days walking the streets of Pittsburgh – the Strip District, Market Square, the Stadium District, and even the steel mill history of this once dirty, gloomy city.  Surprisingly, Pittsburgh has gone from Steel City to Tinseltown – a Hollywood of the East.

I was here to learn about the film industry in Pittsburgh.  Yet my introduction to Pittsburgh started with a walk downtown on a cold, gloomy Spring Day.

I headed towards the heart of the city to enjoy a bite of breakfast before walking along the riverwalk.  My first views of Pittsburgh showed me that this city isn’t done with its makeover.

A number of construction projects are continuing downtown as the city seeks to become one of the greenest cities in the US.  As I headed towards Point State Park, the city introduced herself with the best it has to offer.

With 446 bridges, Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice.  Point State Park leads you to the point where the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh meet – the Allegheny ,Monongahela, and Ohio.  From there, a walk along the river walk shows off two amazing sports stadiums – Heinz Field and PNC Park.

Over the next couple of days, I explored the new downtown Pittsburgh as well as the old steel and iron mills of its years gone by.

Is Pittsburgh the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen?  No.  However, there may not be another city in the US that has had a more amazing makeover than Pittsburgh.

The city of Pittsburgh is beautiful, under blue and gray skies.

A Pittsburgh photo essay

Other travelers have fallen in love with Pittsburgh and have even called the city a hidden gem.  However, these photos offer you a taste of the Pittsburgh I enjoyed and experienced.

Have you visited Pittsburgh?  What are your favorite places to see in the city?

A cloudy morning walk through downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh photo Point State Park entrance Fort Pitt bridge

entrance to Point State Park and one of Pittsburgh’s 446 bridges

Pittsburgh photo skyline Point State Park

A view of the Pittsburgh skyline near Point State Park

Pittsburgh photo three rivers Allegheny Ohio Monongahela

The three rivers of Pittsburgh come together at Point State Park – Allegheny, Monongahela, Ohio

Pittsburgh photo Heinz Field Allegheny River

Heinz Field – home of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh photo PNC Park Pittsburgh Pirates Allegheny River

PNC Park – home of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh photo PNC Park Roberto Clemente Allegheny River

PNC Park and the Roberto Clemente Bridge over the Allegheny River

Pittsburgh photo Roberto Clemente Bridge Allegheny River

Roberto Clemente Bridge

Pittsburgh photo PNC Park Roberto Clemente Bridge

View of PNC Park from the Roberto Clemente Bridge

Pittsburgh photo skyline downtown Roberto Clemente statue

A view of the Pittsburgh skyline in front of the Roberto Clemente statue

Pittsburgh photo PNC Park Pittsburgh skyline

Pittsburgh skyline from PNC Park

Pittsburgh photo Market Square

Market Square – downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh photo PPC Glass Market Square

Highmark building in Market Square

In the afternoon, the sun came out a little in the Strip District

Pittsburgh photo Strip District

The Strip District in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh photo Strip District Pennsylvania Macaroni Co

The Pennsylvania Macaroni Co in the Strip District

Pittsburgh photo Pennsylvania Macaroni Co produce

produce in the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co

Pittsburgh photo skyline night Duquesne Incline

Pittsburgh skyline at night from the top of the Duquesne Incline

Blue skies and clouds on my last day in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh photo skyline Allegheny River Heinz Field

Pittsburgh skyline and the Allegheny River from the seats at Heinz Field

Pittsburgh photo gray skies downtown buildings

Downtown Pittsburgh and a gray skies

Pittsburgh photo gray clouds blue skies downtown

Gray clouds and blue skies in downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh photo Carrie Furnace

Carrie Furnace – an old iron mill in Pittsburgh and the site of many movies

Pittsburgh photo skyline PNC Park

Pittsburgh skyline from the seats of PNC Park before the Pirates game

Pittsburgh photo Pirates Andrew McCutchen Atlanta Braves PNC Park

Pittsburgh Pirates All Star Andrew McCutchen at bat against the Atlanta Braves

Travel expenses for my visit to Pittsburgh were provided by Visit Pittsburgh.  All photos and opinions of Pittsburgh are my own.

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  1. I’m impressed. Dislike Steelers but the city looks nice for exploring. I’d herd it’s had a transformation over the years. Will have to visit when my 49ers are in town :-)

    • I would love to check out a Steelers game there. I don’t have a favorite NFL team but I love sports. In any city, I would go to a game. However, I love that the stadium is right on the river. Great view of downtown too. I bet it’s very loud as well. Seems like the style of football the Steelers plays is a perfect representation of this city.

  2. Laura says:

    Great photos! You captured Pittsburgh the way it looks most of the time – under cloudy skies! Glad to see you enjoyed my hometown and your photos of the familiar corners.

    • Thanks Laura. A few people told me that their biggest complaint about Pittsburgh is the weather. Guess I got to experience that too! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Feels like I got to capture a little of the real Pittsburgh.

  3. Julie says:

    I lost track of when you were coming to visit but happy you had a good time! Sorry you couldn’t get perfect skies but you definitely had more of an authentic experience!

    The Strip is probably my favorite spot as I am an ubber foodie. I also work in it and frequent PA Maraconi a ton. That and the awesome coffee shop Presto George!

    • Sorry about that Julie. I should have let you know. I did meet up with another traveler named Jeremy when I was there. However, my time there was really short and we were busy from sun up to sun down. I wish I had more time to see and explore Pittsburgh. However, it was a nice overview for the next visit.

      I was quite surprised at the Strip District. I didn’t expect such an area with diverse cultures there in Pittsburgh. I guess I expected a gritty, blue collar American city. I know it’s changed but I learned so much about the history and the Strip District and its people are a huge part of that.

  4. Amanda says:

    Love the first shot from inside PNC park!

    Glad to hear you discovered how special Pittsburgh is – even under cloudy skies!

    • Thanks Amanda. I got a lot of good recommendations from people like you and Megan. Honestly, Pittsburgh was never on my radar this year until people recommended it. A short while later, I got an invitation to visit and because of all the good things people had to say I wanted to see it. I am glad I did – even under cloudy skies.

  5. Cool pictures! I am there and heading straight for the strip district!

    • Strip district would be the place you would want to hang out. Very cultural area with lots of markets, great places to eat, and fun streets to walk. You would probably like the Market Square area as well – bars and restaurants downtown.

  6. Leigh says:

    I’ve only driven through Pittsburgh on the Interstate which hardly gives you the flavour of the city. But I’ve heard great things and your photos show me it’s a city worth investigating.

    • Thanks Leigh. I’ve done the same thing with NYC – I’ve only seen it from the Interstate. Not the same thing as visiting. Pittsburgh has changed a lot. Lots of parks and green spaces as well. You might also enjoy Falling Waters near which is supposed to be a beautiful outdoor area. Hope you get a chance to visit sometime.

      I wish I had gone to Pittsburgh many years ago so I could appreciate how much this city has really changed.

  7. Jeremy says:

    We live just a few blocks over from the church at the top left of the first photo in your series. Glad we could meet up on the incline for however brief a time. Love seeing photos of our city and sad to be moving next week!

    • Glad we had a few minutes to meet Jeremy. Leaving a place you’ve called home for a while will be tough (I know – I’ve been there when I left SC). However, you will have a great time on your RTW trip!

  8. Barbara says:

    Great photo essay of Pittsburgh, especially with the challenging weather. Love the shot of the skyline at night from the top of the Duquesne Incline, beautiful!

    • Thanks Barbara. The skyline at night was beautiful. I was a bit disappointed with my shot but a couple of other people liked it as well. Clouds weren’t ideal for this trip but people have told me that weather in Pittsburgh is like this sometimes. Still a very beautiful city. Have you ever visited?

      • Barbara says:

        We have visited Pittsburgh and yes, it is a beautiful city. I remember we experienced the same weather as you did during our visit there but we still had a great time!

        • I’ve heard an phrase used by people who live in cities with less than ideal weather – “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.”

          That probably fits for Pittsburgh. Guess we can say we got to experience the real Pittsburgh with the cloudy skies.

  9. I like the effect that the overcast skies gave your pictures. Never been to pittsburg but I do plan on making a run through the States. Not in the near future though.

    • Thanks Gabe. Living in California, I’m used to all these blue skies. However, I’ve come to love clouds for photography. Clouds set a mood and a scene and create a contrast of colors and imagery in a photo. If you like these you should check out my Yosemite in Winter ones. I can send you a link if you want or just let your curiosity get the best of you and see if you can find it :)

      Hope you get a chance to come to the US. We’re a HUGE country! Where would you want to visit?

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