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In remembrance on Memorial Day: the Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial

A look at the Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial for Memorial Day in honor of those who served and sacrificed.

Memorial Day is a weekend filled with BBQ and vacations.  It’s the unofficial start to summer.  It’s a time for celebrations like the Sacramento Jazz Festival and Jubilee.

However, today is a day to reflect and remember veterans and soldiers who have given and sacrificed.  In the United States, troops and soldiers receive support like no other around the world.  So many men and women sacrifice all over the world to protect the freedoms we so dearly value in this country.

While the reputation of the United States and its military isn’t always revered and respected around the globe, today was a day to remember and be thankful for those that have given their lives.  World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan – troops have served and laid down their lives all over the world.

The history of my family goes way back in this country.  Amazingly, my ancestors have spent many generations in South Carolina serving in every war this country has ever seen all the way back to the Revolutionary War.  More recently, my grandparents, father, and brother have served with many of those serving in wars.  Today, we remember.

Like every other state, California men and women have lost lives serving overseas as well.  As we look back on Memorial Day, it’s impossible to remember and thank all those who have served.  However, Memorial Day is a day to remember and be thankful.

As we reflect on this day, here’s a look at the Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  There’s no story on the memorial as the story lives on through the lives of those who are here because of the loved ones that died.  Today isn’t a day to celebrate war.  It’s a moment to pause and celebrate life.

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Vietnam map

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day soldiers

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day soldiers 2
Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day soldiers POWs

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day plaque

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day names of soliders who died

Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day poem

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  1. I’m curious now if Orlando has any war memorials. I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

    • Jeremy Branham says:

      That’s a good question. When I was there, I never spent any time in downtown Orlando but they may have something. In Sacramento, there is a huge park area near the state capital.

  2. Vietnam War where so many were lost. Drafted. Kinda of like Guardsman are now. They call it voluntary but the Guard normally doesn’t go to war unless it is like WWII.

    At least they only had to endure one tour of duty, whereas now because they continue this conflict, the guard involuntarily without great benefits or backup must continue to go back again and again.

    Other than WWII, I don’t buy the line that they had to fight so we might live. These other wars have been politician wars.

    I do believe we have to keep remembrance of those who chose to serve in hopes of it being the last great war and freedom.

    I am very sorry so many are killed and maimed.

    The Vietnam Wall in DC is overpoweringly sad as people look for names even now. It breaks your heart. It breaks the Vietnam Vet to visit knowing so many buddies did not return. Agent Orange and other chemical weapons that affected their offspring and their own health many years later while the government denied using it.

    Sorry any of it happened.

    • Jeremy Branham says:

      War is never a fun thing. Like you, I hate the tragedy it brings and the fact that sometimes these are so political. War these days is very different than it was years ago. However, any loss of life in war is tragic.

  3. Laurel says:

    It looks like a beautiful memorial. It’s nice to see memorials like this in other places than only in DC so that all Americans get the chance to visit these special places.

    • Jeremy Branham says:

      Thanks Laurel. Yes, DC is definitely the focus when it comes to war memorials but these are reminders that people all over the country gave their lives. It’s a great way to honor them and to help people locally remember without having to travel to our nation’s capital.

  4. I had no idea Sacramento had this memorial! Looks like a great remembrance of all those that sacrificed for us. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

    • Jeremy Branham says:

      Thanks Debbie! There are actually a number of memorials around the capital. This is just one of them!

  5. Chris says:

    What amazes me about this memorial, is the ages of all these California soldiers that lost their lives fighting for Our Country. So many youngsters on these walls.

    • During the wars in the early part of the 20th century, so many young people gave up their lives. Even some of the best athletes in their sports took time off in the prime of their careers to go fight a war (i.e. Ted Williams).

      The memorials in Sacramento may not be as big or prestigious as those in DC but I was quite impressed with them walking about the state house grounds.

  6. Leah Travels says:

    This is really a special place, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing it with us. Texas has many war memorials throughout the state. The most famous one is perhaps Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium at the University of Texas. It was first dedicated after WWI to honor the Texans that fought and/or died in the war. It was rededicated after WWII and again in the 70s. There are three different statues/monuments throughout the stadium. It is now dedicated to all men and women who have fought in American wars. Each year one home game is designated as Veterans Recognition Day. Most people know it as DKR, but to leave “Memorial” out of the name is a shame.

    • I’ve heard of the stadium obviously but didn’t know the meaning behind it. It’s great that so many cities have these memorials honoring the fallen. Each of them has a story behind it and I hope that people take the time to appreciate the lives of those who sacrificed all over the country.

      Years went by before I stopped and visited the memorials in Sacramento. There’s a firefighters one and also one for World World II on the State House grounds as well. I’ve got some photos of those as well. However, looking back at history, these memorials mean a lot more on days like today.

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