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A fishing village, an Irish sunset, and an evening in Howth

Howth village lighthouse

The fishing village of Howth, Ireland

As I sat in an Irish pub on a Sunday evening, I realized how quickly my time in Dublin was coming to an end.  In 12 hours, I would be heading to the airport.  With little sleep and a lot of packing to do, did I really have time to visit Howth?

The last train to Howth

Over the last two days, I had taken a walk in the rain through Dublin Castle.  I had a couple pints of Guinness as I toured the Guinness Storehouse.  I visited St Patrick’s Cathedral, took a tour of Trinity College, watched a college football game between Notre Dame and Navy at Aviva Stadium, and partied into the early hours of the morning at local Irish pubs.

While the Irish people and craic were the best things about Ireland, I decided to make one more stop on my Irish journey.

At 5:30, I walked with my friend Colm to the Connolly Station to catch the DART train.  As Colm headed home, I boarded the train bound for Howth full of doubts, wondering if this trip was a wise decision.

An easy 30 minute train ride would put me in Howth before 7.  While I wouldn’t have time to see the castle or hike Howth Head, I wanted to see the sun set in this fishing village as I walked along the pier.

A minor incident with another train delayed my arrival to Howth.  I nervously looked out of the window as I quietly pleaded with the sun to remain in the sky just a little while longer.  While this wasn’t the last train to Howth, time was running out.

Around 7 pm, we finally arrived in Howth.  With sailboats, views of Howth Head, and the Irish sea greeting me, I quickened my pace with the pier in sight.

As I made my way towards the harbor, I was in a race against the setting sun in a village that time forgot.

Howth hiking

A fishing village and an Irish sunset

Located on Dublin Bay, this fishing village has grown to become a seaside suburb of Dublin.  Howth Head rises above the bay and overlooks the village, boats, and lighthouse.  Bird watching, sailing, hiking, and a visit to Howth Castle are the highlights of Howth’s activities.

With just a few minutes of sunlight left on the horizon, I regretfully didn’t have time for any of these.  After a weekend of Dublin sightseeing and only a few hours of sleep, this was my spontaneous Irish escape.

As I reached the pier and walked along the walls, my hurried steps slowed to a scenic stroll.  Every few paces, I paused to take a photo.  Howth Lighthouse, the island of Ireland’s Eye, Howth Head, Dublin harbor, and a sea of sailboats struck a glamorous pose in the fading light.

On this evening, the pink and purple skyline stole the show as the perfect backdrop became a picture to remember in Howth.

Howth sunset lighthouse

As the sun was setting on my time in Ireland, I was glad I made the trip to Howth.  After a busy few days in Dublin, Howth was the ideal place to say goodbye to Ireland.

As I enjoyed an Irish sunset in this fishing village that time seemed to forget, a sea of tranquility and peace filled my soul.  As I became lost in my thoughts, my mind wandered beyond the sea to a world far away.

While my journey in Ireland would end tomorrow, I realized that unexpected beauty can be found just beyond the horizon.

What’s the best spontaneous trip you’ve ever taken?  What destination surprised you?

A day trip to Howth

– If you want to visit Howth, set aside an entire day to hike Howth Head and tour the castle.  Have dinner in town, walk along the pier, take a sailboat out to Ireland’s Eye in the summer, or just enjoy the sunset.  If you want to spend the night in Howth, book a room at the only hotel in town – Deer Park Hotel.  Howth is an easy 30 minute ride on the DART, 9 miles from downtown Dublin.

If you want more Ireland travel tips, check out my Dublin travel guide on Expedia.

Ireland's Eye fishing

A fisherman casts his line as Ireland’s Eye watches

Howth sunset clouds

An Irish sunset

Ireland's eye sailboats Howth

sailboats in Howth

fishing village Howth walk

A walk through Howth

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  1. It would have been nice to see the attractions in Howth, but sometimes a sunset and a small fishing village is all you need. Some great pictures here.

    • Trust me – there aren’t many attractions in Howth. However, it would have been fun to hike. That’s what a lot of people come to do. While I didn’t have a lot of time, I made the most of the few minutes I had and was rewarded with a beautiful sky. Great ending to my time in Ireland.

  2. Irina layik says:

    Your picture add more beauty to the Howth Village. Really nice collection of picture showing sun set very cool.

    • Thanks! I was in Howth on a great day. The clouds and the sunset made for a very beautiful last evening in Ireland. Hopefully you will get a chance to visit Howth. I want to go back and spend more time there doing some hiking.

  3. I’m so glad you decided to visit Howth! If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have seen your amazing pictures. From them, I can see it was worth the effort and agree, this was the perfect way to say good-bye.

    • Thanks Debbie! Have you been to Howth? Now that I’ve been there, I need to go back in hike. If I am fortunate enough to visit Dublin again in October, I will set aside a day for Howth and hiking now that I know how easy it is to get there!

  4. Karen says:

    Some beautiful pictures of Howth. I’m a little annoyed now that I didn’t make it out there when I was in Dublin earlier this year

    • Karen, as you can read, I almost didn’t make it to Howth either. So glad I took that trip even if I was only there for a couple of hours. Now that I’ve been there, I will go back and spend more time. Hopefully, I will go to Dublin again this year. When were you in Dublin?

  5. Never been to Ireland and I had no idea there were villages like this so close to Dublin! Thanks for the education and for winning your race with the setting sun.

    • I never thought there were places this close to Dublin as well. There are a few other fishing villages in the area too. Glad I got the chance to go. Hope to go back to Dublin this year. When I do, I will set aside a day in for Howth this time.

  6. Really nice photography showing beautiful sunset of howth dublin, Irish. Everyone don’t forget to take your Camera. Because we have only several chance to capture beautiful scenes. if i miss it, that’s moment isn’t come back.

  7. Great post! Beautiful photos! I was in Howth in August. My Irish friend took me on a hike that I thought would last an hour, then we could have lunch. Three hours later we were still walking and far out from the village. A sweet elderly couple ended driving us to a bus stop so we could get back to town. VERY memorable, although I was very “hangry”!

    • Thanks Kara! That sounds like quite the adventure. if I had a day planned, I love would to spend that much time hiking. However, not quite so fun when you only expect a one hour hike. I can understand being hangry. However, at least your three hour tour didn’t turn out as bad as it could have :)

  8. Laurence says:

    What a relaxing place to finish off your trip, even if the rush to catch the sunset wasn’t quite so zen as you might have hoped 😉 Worth it though, from the pictures!

    • Yes, I definitely loved the sunset. Perfect way to end my time in Ireland. However, I would love to go back here, hike, and explore. I love places like this. Maybe you will get a chance to go next year :)

  9. I can’t think of one right now, but I’m so glad you decided to go. This trip will stay with you forever! Thanks for sharing your stunning photos, Jeremy. Now, I’ll have to add Howth to my list!

    • Howth was beautiful and a great way to end my time in Ireland. I wish I had more time there. After seeing it and enjoying the sunset, I am going to go back and spend more time there. Ireland is a beautiful country but I loved the people the best!

  10. Alice says:

    Love the pictures! Oh Ireland is so beautiful, one of my goals is to visit there someday. Great narrative and story! =)

  11. Excellent views here! Some day Ireland, some day. Until then I’ll have to live vicariously through others. :)

    • Hope you get a chance to go. TBEX Europe is in Dublin next year which is a short train ride from Howth. If you get the chance, go. There are plenty of great places in the area to explore. While I loved Howth, I would love to see others as well.

  12. Howth looks like a lovely village. It’s always a good sign for us if one of the town’s activities is birdwatching. That usually means that there is lots of nature around.

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