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Soaring through Mariposa on a Yosemite zipline high

Yosemite zipline adventure Mariposa Jeremy Branham

Yosemite zipline adventure overlooking Mariposa, California

Thousands of people line California’s roads through Mariposa County to visit Yosemite in all its colorful, breath-taking glory.  Yet a few miles down the road awaits a true adventure for both young and old – a Yosemite zipline.

As cars drive along Highway 140, they pass through the California town of Mariposa.  Main street is lined with local shops and a handful of restaurants.  A nearby park and the oldest continuously run courthouse in California are two of the big highlights in town.  But for many people on the way to Yosemite, Mariposa may be easy to miss.

After spending a couple of days here, Mariposa won’t be forgotten.

While I love hiking in California, I had never considered ziplining in California.  However, I was intrigued by the idea of a Yosemite zipline in a small town like Mariposa.  Most zipline tours take you high above the trees as you speed through tropical jungles and forests.

Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch is different.  Set above the fog and below the snow, this zipline experience takes you through trees with your feet on the ground and views of Mariposa below.

OK so maybe you need a little more information about Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch for that to make sense.

If you’ve done a zipline tour before, discover why this one is different.  You may come to Yosemite for its beauty but you’ll want to stop in Mariposa for a Yosemite zipline adventure and a chance to meet the locals.

The Mariposa community and a Yosemite zipline tour

Gold Coin Sports Tavern Mariposa community

Gold Coin Tavern – locals grab a drink and chat

After an exhausting scenic Yosemite winter day, I took the bus back to Mariposa.  Drained, tired, and with visions of snow fairies blowing kisses on the snow covered Yosemite Valley, I was tired and ready for bed.

After changing clothes in my hotel, I headed back to the historic Gold Coin Tavern – Mariposa’s local “Cheers” type bar where sports, drinks, and food are consumed and everyone knows your name.

I was greeted by Bob, Gold Coin’s owner, and Julie, another new friend and Yosemite and Mariposa’s marketing genius.  My spirits were lifted and fatigue forgotten as the entire restaurant sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

A few minutes later, Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch’s owners and the hard-working couple, Bryan and Victoria Imrie, joined our group at the bar.

I spent the rest of my Saturday night with Bryan and Vicki as we talked work, travel, family, and dreams.  After getting to know both of them, I felt a strong connection as we bonded over drinks and dinner.

Vicki is an engaging, fun woman from England who has found her place in the Mariposa community.  At heart, she is a traveler with a wandering soul and adventurous spirit who loves connecting with people.  Bryan is a guy who is impossible not to like.  Hard working, kind, and sincere, he and Vicki have worked hard to make this dream a reality.

Two years ago, the idea for a Yosemite zipline tour was set in motion.  Located on a beautiful piece of property a mile from town, they built the zipline course from scratch and put the plans together to make this happen.

As Sunday morning rolled around, Vicki was as excited as I was for my Yosemite zipline adventure.  As I zipline virgin, I was excited to experience it for the first time.

As we drove towards Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch, I understood why I was excited.  Bryan and Vicki have put together something unique here in the Mariposa community.  I was even more excited about ziplining after getting to know them.

What makes Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch so unique?

In a small town where saying hello to people you know and conversations on the streets are an every day part of daily errands, a Yosemite zipline adventure tour may seem out of place here.   However, Bryan and Vicki made it happen.

Starting a new business in a community where everything is locally owned means working with the locals to make this a success.  Bryan and Vicki have made Mariposa an adventure destination.

Open seven days a week, people from all over the world experience their 6 ziplines and new adventure course.

When you drive to the Yosemite zipline course on their ranch, their dogs await your arrival and escort you every step of the way.  ATVs provide a rugged, adventurous ride to a zipline course that’s not intimidating at all.

No tree scaling canopies here as Bryan, Vicki, and Sam made my experience so laid back and easy.  This isn’t your normal zipline tour.  It’s a family run adventure experience.

A Yosemite zipline experience in Mariposa is a bonding time for families and a team building exercise for businesses.  Young and old can fly through the sky without a fear of heights as every zipline starts and ends on the ground.  Take your own photos, spend an afternoon with friends, or tackle your adventurous side with the obstacle course.

Before I share my adventures with you, take a look at the views and listen to Bryan as he explains what makes Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch so different.

Soaring high in Mariposa on new travel memories

Yosemite zipline Bryan Imrie Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch

Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch owner Bryan Imrie

Connections and experiences with people like Bryan and Vicki are what make travel so memorable.  While thousands of people visit Yosemite, you can hang with the locals and enjoy a Yosemite zipline tour, conversations on the street, music in the park, and good food all year long in Mariposa.

I’m coming back to Mariposa. I’ve made new friends.  I’ve zipped through the trees.  I’ve hung out with the locals and eaten great food at Savoury’s.

Flying through the trees wasn’t the only high I experienced.

After a birthday weekend in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, Mariposa – the community, the people, Bryan and Vicki, ziplining  through the trees – are what I am going to remember the most.

Soaring over Mariposa on a Yosemite zipline tour was the perfect ending to a birthday weekend filled with new travel memories.

Check out my videos at Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch to see what the experience was like!

Thanks to Yosemite and Mariposa Tourist Board for inviting me to spend a weekend in Yosemite and Mariposa.  Thanks for Bryan and Vicki for the zipline tour.  All opinions are my own based on my personal experiences.

Experience Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch for yourself!  Get more information about the cost, tours, and experiences.  Stay tuned for videos of my zipline experience!

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  1. Michael says:

    Hmmmm, that doesn’t look like hiking. But sure looks exciting/

  2. Steve Whitty says:

    Looks awesome. I don’t know if I have the nerve to try it myself though.

    • It’s pretty easy. These are start on the ground and end on the ground. You aren’t very high up at all. At the highest point on a zipline, maybe 300 feet or or so. You are attached to the line solidly. You will see on the videos that I will post that it isn’t scary.

      Now if you did some others that are really high up, yes those might be a bit too much for some people.

  3. I have never done ziplining. I am sure it is fun, but I usually prefer my feet or skis on the ground. Did you get any video with your GoPro camera?

    • Ziplining was fun. I would definitely do it high up. I can see how it can be a little intimidating and scary for people. I did get some videos on GoPro. Just need to go through and edit them. I will create a post with the videos of my zipline tour.

  4. jill says:

    Just had our first ziplining experience in Hawaii – what a load of fun! Didn’t know that they had one in Mariposa. It would be super cool to do one across the valley in Yosemite, eh?

    • Haha, don’t think one in Yosemite would be very safe! I think for those really wanting adventure climb Half Dome or El Capitan :)

      Glad you liked your ziplining experience. This is really an introductory experience for those that have never done it. It’s not scary at all and is a lot of fun. The views are great as well. I really liked Mariposa. It’s a great town in California. Many people drive through on their way to Yosemite but it is worth a stop. Love the people and community.

      If you love a small town experience with friendly people and want to zipline, spend a day or two in Mariposa. I think more people should visit here.

  5. Vera says:

    Wow, I’m really impressed with Vicky’s and Bryan’s concept that EVERYONE can zip-line with them. It means a lot when a business takes care of their customers like that and enables all kinds of people to enjoy a jolly good zip-lining adventure – very likable!

    • Love Vicky and Bryan. Hanging out with them was one of my best experiences of the weekend. They made ziplining fun. When I get back in the area, I will make sure I hang out with them again. And yes, they do make ziplining easy. It’s very safe and you don’t have to climb up high to do it. Very fun experience – with the people and the adventure, Mariposa is a small town worth visiting.

  6. I’ve done 4 ziplines in my day (El Salvador x 2, Mexico, Costa Rica) but would still LOVE to do the one at Yosemite.

    • How did you like the zipline experience? This one is very different. As for Yosemite, this is actually in a town called Mariposa about 45 minutes from Yosemite. Love the town and the people and the zipline experience was a lot of fun. Very easy to do for people of all ages!

  7. I love ziplining. We did it in Whistler once and had such a blast!

    • Whistler would be fun. Most ziplines are in the jungle. It would be fun to try one in the mountains. That was very similar to my experience in Mariposa but there wasn’t a lot of high elevations but rolling hills.

  8. Great to see some creative, home-grown zip lines popping up out there! Why should the jungles and rain forests have all the fun?

  9. This is a perfect example of why we’re such big fans of Ecotourism. Tourist dollars going to local families who use the land sustainably. Yay Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch!

  10. Barbara says:

    This looks awesome! I was so happy to read your post and watch the video, perfect timing for me. I will be trying my hand at zipling for the first time this coming May! I can’t wait and your post helped put me at ease…somewhat! lol Thanks for the great information.

    • Glad the video helped Barbara! Where are you going ziplining? I had someone else share their experience this weekend and she was scared to death. Thought she might faint. However, after she did it she loved it. Hopefully you will have a great experience as well. It’s very safe and I hope you will enjoy it as well. This one was really easy since you start from the ground. Let me know what you think of the experience when you go!

      • Barbara says:

        Thanks for the encouragement! We will be ziplining in northern Florida in an awesome spot that spans some lakes and mined out canyons; should be loads of fun. I’ll be posting our story and hopefully some videos about our experience there. I will be sure to let you know all about it and you can also subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the story is published. Thanks again!

        • That’s awesome! Hope you have a great time. I had no idea you could even zipline in Florida! Look forward to reading about your adventures.

          • Barbara says:

            Well…I did it and I loved it! I have to admit, ziplining was the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done! The place we ziplined was a totally out of place setting for Florida…an abandoned rock quarry that was absolutely spectacular. I can’t wait to go back!

          • So glad you enjoyed ziplining and it wasn’t as scary as you thought! I bet those views were awesome. Now you will have to try some more exotic locations from various heights to see what you think. Now it’s time to move on to more adventurous things now that ziplining is out of the way! :)

  11. Mike says:

    I have z lined in 4different countries. I’m coming to ca. In sept. I’m looking for the best redwood adventure I can kind. Can anyone suggest anything no. Of Yosemite or s.f.

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