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Apple Hill tips and travel guide for Fall and Halloween

Apple Ridge Farm crowds Apple Hill guide travel tips

Apples, Autumn, and animals.  Apple Hill is one of the most popular destinations for Fall and Halloween in Sacramento.  With all the crowds during the Fall, people could use some Apple Hill tips for navigating their way around the orchards.

Every weekend in October, cars are backed up on Highway 50 all the way through Placerville on their way to the orchards and apple farms in Apple Hill.

While Apple Hill isn’t a secret to the locals in Sacramento, it’s one of many delightful Fall getaways in northern California that shouldn’t be missed.  While many people enjoy the Fall colors, locals, tourists, families, and people of all ages come to eat apples and apple goodies, enjoy activities and crafts, and treat the kids to some early Halloween fun.

If you are like me, Apple Hill can be overwhelm you with the traffic and the crowds.  However, here are a few Apple Hill tips to help you enjoy your time.

pumpkin patch Appl Hill guide travel tipsTips to avoid the Apple Hill traffic and crowds

For a number of years, I have made an annual trip to Apple Hill and visited many of the orchards, farms, and most popular stops along the Apple Hill tour.

I’ve enjoyed days at Apple Hill in October where there were hardly any people at all – I had places High Hill Ranch and Apple Ridge Farms all to myself.  I’ve also had days where I’ve had to sit in congested traffic, backed up for miles near Placerville, and waited in long lines just to find a parking spot turning a fun, family outing into an all day event.

While I am no expert on apples, I’ve learned a few Apple Hill secrets.  Here are a few Apple Hill tips to save you time and money.

1.  Visit on a weekday

While the parking lots are full and the roads are backed up on October weekends, many weekdays allow you to have Apple Hill all to yourself.  You can enjoy the animals and nature trail at Apple Ridge Farms, the orchards at Denver Dan’s, and the lake and some fishing at High Hill Ranch.

Always check the dates and times of when these places will be open.  However, if you visit Apple Hill on a weekday, this can save you a lot of time and help you avoid the traffic and the crowds.

Apple Hill guide travel tips Apple Ridge Farm2.  Avoid the Carson Road and Camino exits

The busiest and most popular exits for Apple Hill are the left turns at Carson Road and Camino.  These are the most convenient exits for Apple Hill as these roads are right in the middle of Apple Hill.  Traffic can back up for miles on these two exits and actually bring traffic to a halt on Highway 50 between Placerville and Camino.

There are 3 exits that offer better driving, parking, and less traffic – exit 48 Schnell School Road, exit 54 for Cedar Grove, and exit 57 for Pollock Pines.

While the Cedar Grove exit is also popular when Carson Road and Camino get busy or are blocked off, Schnell School Road is the first stop in Apple Hill where you can take the shuttle and avoid the parking hassles.  Exit 57 takes you to the very end of Apple Hill where you can start at the end and work your way back towards Apple Hill and popular stops like Apple Ridge Farm and Denver Dan’s – traffic free!

3.  Go early in the morning

The earlier you arrive at Apple Hill, regardless of which exit you take, the fewer the crowds and less traffic.  Arriving at 9 am will allow for plenty of parking even at the most popular Apple Hill destinations.  Getting there at 10 am will also have fewer people.  Arriving at noon in Apple Hill on an October weekend will mean lots of traffic and crowded parking lots.

4.  Plan for popular stops like High Hill Ranch and Apple Ridge Farm

High Hill Ranch and Apple Ridge Farm are busy because they are popular.  For many people who visit Apple Hill, these places are their first and only stops in Apple Hill.  If you are going to visit one of the more popular Apple Hill spots, go early or really late in the day.

farm animals Apple Hill guide travel tips5.  Visit less popular Apple Hill stops

Many may not even realize that there are over 40 orchards, farms, ranches, and wineries in Apple Hill.  If you are planning a visit to Apple Hill, avoid some of the crowds by visiting one of the many other stops on the Apple Hill tour.  Some have nature trails, food, and orchards where you can pick your own apples.  You can also enjoy some wine tasting as well.

6.  Visit Apple Hill more than once

I’ve learned that things don’t always go as planned.  I’ve had my share of travel confessions which taught me a few things about myself.  I’ve also learned that you probably can’t do everything that you want to do.  So rather than trying to see all the stops on your Apple Hill list in one day, come back and visit on another day, weekend, or year.

7.  Visit Apple Hill when it’s not October

Because of Halloween activities and Fall weather, October is the most popular time to visit Apple Hill.  However, it isn’t the only time you can visit.

Late September is also a great time to visit as the weather is cooler and many places open daily starting Labor Day.  After Halloween, some of the crowds disappear and you can visit Apple Hill through Thanksgiving as well.  And there are plenty of Christmas Tree farms just in time for your holidays.

apple pie food Apple Hill guide travel tips8.  Save money and pack a lunch

Throughout Apple Hill, there are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic on a bench or at a table.  While there is plenty of food available to eat like hamburgers, chicken, and tri-tip, save money by bringing food from home or stopping on the way before you get to Apple Hill.  Lunch can be very expensive here so save your money for some apple goodies like caramel apples, apple doughnuts, apple pie and ice cream, apple pie, apple strudel, and more.

Apple Hill tips and information for Fall and Halloween

No matter what time of year you choose to go, there is plenty of information to help you plan your visit to Apple Hill.  The Apple Hill Growers Association provides maps, a list of activities, places to eat, a list of all the Apple Hill stops, hours and information, and an events calendar so you can see all that is happening at Apple Hill. 

If you love to visit Apple Hill for Halloween or just want a Fall getaway from Sacramento, this is a place the entire family can enjoy.  Only next time, you don’t need to spend all that time in traffic or looking for a parking spot.  Enjoy Apple Hill without the crowds any time of year!

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  1. Seeing the pumpkin farm makes me miss home! No pumpkins in Argentina…. but I did go to a costume party.

  2. This sort of reminds me of Julian, a small apple town outside of San Diego. In the fall EVERYONE (okay, maybe not everyone, but still too many damn people) heads out there to enjoy the apples and pumpkins and changing leaves. I love places like this… just not when the crowds are so intense. Takes away some of the charm. :)

    • Apple Hill, along with the Fall foliage, is my favorite thing to do every year. However, it is incredibly crowded. Traffic can back up for miles and that doesn’t even count the packed parking lots of these small orchards and farms. I hate crowds and lots of tourists and try to avoid them in all of my travels. Apple Hill is no exception so my experience was my teacher for these tips!

      I’ve never heard of Julian but maybe I will check it out one day – when it isn’t so crowded! :)

  3. Charu says:

    We used to do a similar thing and visit pumpkin farms and corn mazes in CT –but now with the little one I’m sure this will become a Fall Harvest staple. Lovely pictures Jeremy. I love how the season is just a feast of oranges.

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