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Are you an expat?  Thinking of living abroad?  Love to backpack?  Enjoy adventure travel and the outdoors?  Love sailing the seas on cruises?  Want to explore Europe and South America?  Is Africa calling you?  Want to go down under in Australia or be a kiwi in New Zealand?  Do you love the beach?  How about exploring the food and culture of Asia?

Do you want to travel with your family?  Do you like to travel with a partner?  Are you a solo female traveler looking for tips and advice?  Are you a senior traveler looking for travel information?  You can find blogs for all of that here!

There are a number of great travel bloggers to follow.  Get great travel tips, stories, and photos for all types of travel and destinations all over the world!

501 places – aims to share engaging stories and experiences from travels around the world. Created by freelance writer Andy Jarosz, the site features many of his personal travel adventures from his 25 years of independent travel.

A Little Adrift – Stories, tips, and perspective from around the world for dreamers, wanderers and travelers.

A View to a Thrill – aims to prove that travel doesn’t require big bucks. Our photos, trip reports, travel tips and always-updated travel tools help those who want to see the world on a limited budget.

Adventures with Cloud People – a travel and life blog using photos, art and words inspiring people to reach beyond the visit in order to live the experience.

Ali’s Adventures – Ali Garland is a travel junkie who lives in Atlanta but is originally from New Jersey. She is always trying to fit more travel into her life, and her passion has led her to visit all 7 continents before her 30th birthday. She enjoys foreign languages, photography, and the rush that comes with purchasing a plane ticket.

Bacon is Magic – Ayngelina used to have a nice apartment, boyfriend, and great job at an ad agency. She rebelled against the norm and took off with her trusty companion Mr. Bacon to eat her way through Latin American. Follow her adventures as she tries to figure out who she is and what the hell she’s doing with her life.

Cumi & Ciki – follow these two adventurous monkeys on their culinary journeys. One of Malaysia’s top food and travel blogs.

Dangerous Business – Amanda is a 20-something traveler who stepped out her front door and found herself swept away in travel around the globe and around the corner. Follow her travels as she sheds light into the world’s unknown corners and highlights the random places fate lands her feet.

De La Pura Vida – all about life and travel in Costa Rica – insider advice, travel tips, life, culture, food and photography!

Downtown Traveler – a blog for independent travelers who crave art, culture and adventure. Our founders, Leslie and Jake, are round-the-world travelers who moved back to New York City after 12 months of backpacking. We’re based in Manhattan but believe “downtown” is a state of mind, not a point on the map.

EarthXplorer – JD shares the love of travel, sharing pictures, videos, and tips for every eXplorer!

Easy Hiker – Escape your cubicle prisons & discover the outdoors. You don’t need to be an olympic athlete to take up easy hiking.

Eurotravelogue – With wanderlust coursing through his very being, Jeff Titelius, a freelance travel writer, plans to travel the world with journal and camera, and share those journeys with you. He is passionate about enchanting European destinations and Renaissance architecture.

Expert Vagabond – Adventure Travel Blog from Around the World

foXnoMad – Anil Polat is a digital nomad traveling the world indefinitely. A former computer hacker, he travels and blogs full-time on the way to every country on Earth.

GlamourGranny Travels – A blog encouraging older women to travel the world in style and comfort.

Global Dish – a collection of recipes, posts, and links to work that I have done on other sites and in print. There is also a gallery of photography available to browse, with more pictures coming soon!

GloboTreks – An architect/backpacker building his world through travel and creating an adventurous lifestyle.

Go, See, Write – emphasizes the fun and adventure of overland travel all over the world. Michael Hodson took a RTW trip in 2009-10 with two rules: no reservations and no planes.  From that challenge has come an appreciation for the excitement and wonder of slowly traveling overland as many places as he can.

Grounded Traveler – An American in Germany writing about the expat lifestyle. Get beyond the glamour and read about daily life in Western Europe — the demands, challenges and fears of putting down roots in a foreign country and still seeing the world.

Holes in My Soles – A custom shoemaker, slowly wearing out his tools.No sign of slowing down for this not so young traveler but sometimes I just have to take time out to repair my worn out soles and blog of where they have been.

Inspiring Travellers – John and Andrea are a couple of nomadic thirty-somethings writing about their long-term travel and expat experiences. They also feature interviews with the interesting people they meet along the way.

Isabelle`s Travel Guide – filled with personal experiences, travel tips and information to help others create their own memorable vacation. There’s nothing more Isabelle loves than traveling the world, experiencing new adventures and discovering new destinations.

Johnny Vagabond – Join Wes on his 1+-year budget around-the-world adventure. After 7 months in SE Asia, he’s now in Nepal — sharing tips, taking pics, and telling lies.

LandLopers – Matt is not a backpacker, nor is he super wealthy. He’s just an average, working professional who has learned how to travel the world comfortably without spending a fortune.  LandLopers produces a unique blend of destination highlights and travel tips to help the average person travel more often and have a fun time doing it.

Lauren’s Road Less Traveled – Lauren is a 20-something recent college graduate who took the road less traveled and studied abroad in Australia and England.  Her blog focuses on travel with a pinch of contemplation, humiliation and inspiration.  In February 2011, she’ll move to Washington DC to begin her new adventure as an impassioned traveler turned young professional [bring it on].

Legal Nomads – Jodi is a former lawyer from Montreal travel (and eating) her way around the world since April 1, 2008. With an emphasis on local food, culture and the history of the places she visits, Legal Nomads chronicles Jodi’s travel adventures, one country at a time.

Maiden Voyage – Sharing travel insights for 20 somethings

Mexico Unmasked – Mark Guerra gives you a different look at Mexico with his stories, tips, and adventures into the popular and less discovered areas of the country.

Migrationology – serves cultural travel lessons from around the world by searching for adventure, culture shock, travel photos and street food!

Munich Shortstays – Learn about all the best spots and places to stay and enjoy in Munich including places of attractions for sightseeing, restaurants to dine, centers of shopping, hotels in Munich and means of transport for a convenient stay in Munich.

My Beautiful Adventures – A Chinese Medicine Doctor/Travel Writer and Photographer who is exploring life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

My Melange – Robin Locker Lacey is a travel consultant for Italy and France, freelance writer, photographer and foodie. On her blog, My Mélange, she features info on her favorite European cities, travel essays, photos, restaurant and hotel recommendations, French and Italian inspired recipes and budget travel tips.  As the self-professed Queen of the Carry-on Bag, she offers practical advice on traveling light.

Nomadic Samuel – eatures daily travel photos and daily travel videos drawing from vast resources of nearly 20,000 SmugMug photos and 800 + Youtube videos from his personal channels. He also writes about backpacking, budget travel, teaching English in Asia and travel photography tips.  He’s been on the road for 6 consecutive years and NOW have a lot to share

No Onions Extra Pickles – The travel tales of an art historian in-training exploring San Francisco and the world.

No Vacation Required – two guys who aim to live a “NVR” life, which means thinking a bit more unconventionally and striving to live a dream life every day. For the NVR Guys, that means working virtually so that they can live deliberately and travel deliriously.

Ordinary TravelerTwo surfers traveling the world and sharing budget tips, unique photography and entertaining stories.

Our Oyster – A budget travel blog from a Canadian expat who writes about cultural and adventure travel, destination guides and family travel

Paris Movie Walks – lets you discover and follow the path tread on by famous Hollywood stars when they shot films located in Paris.

Phil in the Blank – Phil is a camel-drawing consultant who is obsessed with West Africa. Currently living on couches in America, he is plotting his way back to Mali.

Pinay on the Move – a blog about a woman’s adventures abroad. Her mission is to show the world a unique and sometimes funny perspective on how a Filipina approaches the travel and expat lifestyle.

Runaway Juno -Share her runaway backpacking experiences from Korea to the world in her second language, English. Live by her motto “Travel is not new, people have never been happy to stay in one place” from the wall of Christchurch museum.

Santa Fe Travelers – the source to find out what’s going on in Santa Fe. Whether you live here or are visiting, these two hospitality pros share the city they live in and love.  Billie and Steve also go beyond The City Different featuring guest blogs and their travels away from home.

Sharing Travel Experiences – a travel lifestyle magazine, helping travelers travel more and focusing on great experiences at great value – champagne tastes, beer budgets.

Stop having a boring life – Rob Lloyd sold his home and quit his job as an executive to travel the world and stop having a boring life

Strux Travel – a blog for Michael Figueiredo to share his perspectives on destinations, exhibit his photography, and offer valuable travel tips from his adventures around the world.

Suzy Guese – aims to showcase people and places from around the world not in the ordinary guidebook sense, all from the perspective of a redhead. She believes travel is not just about what to see and do but also the metaphysical aspects that go along with travel.

The Official Roni Weiss Blog – Perpetual traveler, podcast producer and news junkie Roni Weiss writes about travel, politics and whatever else suits his fancy.

the roamantics – Lorna’s newly solo travel adventures & misadventures in a tiny RV & round the world

The Travel Chica – Stephanie is a current expat who is  taking a sabbatical to travel solo through Central and South America where she writes about independent travel and her attempt to live simpler, consume less, and experience more.

The World is My Jungle Gym – Brendan is a Canadian travel writer and photographer that has spent the past two years in a constant state of travel.  Brendan’s Adventures if filled with travel stories, photography, as well as the famous Top 100 Independent Travel Websites list.

This is My Happiness – Jenna has been passionate about travel and art since first visiting Italy at the age of 16.  Her blog aims to dig into the art, culture, and ordinary details of life in the places she visits and reflects her experience in a multinational family.

Todd’s Wanderings – Travel, adventures, and lifestyle advice from an 11 year traveler. I figured out how to do what I love, get paid for it and travel the world.

Trains on the Brainexplores the romance and reality of travelling by train in an age of budget flights. It combines independent trip reports and itinerary ideas with news and comment on international rail travel, plus offbeat reflections on destinations you can reach by train.

Traveldudes – Melvin runs a site that is made up of a community of travelers.  The purpose is to assist fellow travelers on their adventures around the world and help enhance their travel experience. For Travelers, By Travelers!

Travel Blog Support – Chris Richardson is a an Aussie traveling the world.  However, he also love the more technical aspects of blogging.  Check out his site to get information on how to make your blog better and fix problems that you may have.

Traveling Canucks – a site dedicated to travel, adventure and world discovery.  Join a Canadian married couple as they explore our world!

Traveling Gringo – Motorcycle touring & travel: the coolest people, places and road food for bikers and non-bikers, too!

Traveling Ted TV – Ted Nelson takes viewers on a journey adventure traveling by canoe, backpack, or cross country skis through written accounts of his experiences and pictures.

Traveling With Sweeney – Perspectives, experiences, and ideas reflecting a lifelong passion for travel

Travels With Two – Melanie encourages working couples to step away from their desks…and get the heck out of dodge.

unbrave girl – Sally is a writer, teacher, performer, photographer, traveler, eater and all-around scaredy cat. She has been working, traveling and volunteering in Asia since 2007 and writes about travel, fear, and cookies on her blog.

Vagabond3 – If you are looking for great ‘how to…’ posts, suggestions on things to do, or Mexican food around the world, this is the place to go.  Not luxury travel but not really backpacking, Vagabond3 is a group of young adults on a moderate income making the most of the world, while helping other travelers and families do the same.

velvet escape – Keith Jenkins is a travel blogger based in Amsterdam. He has visited more than 60 countries on six continents and shares his travel experiences and tips on his Velvet Escape blog.

Wandering Earl – Earl is a permanent nomad addicted to the first-hand education gained through world travel. He focuses not so much on the places he visits, but on the human interactions and lessons he learns along the way, while trying to prove to others that a life of extended travel is more realistic than they imagine.

Where Now? Blog – Jozef, Arthur, and Ben are three soon to be University students from the UK. Before heading back into education they are embarking on a daunting round the world adventure, backpacking across South America, New Zealand, and Australia and will be blogging about their experiences the entire way.

Wild About Travel – Simone loves discovering the beauty of our world, meeting new people and cultures, enjoying wilderness and sharing emotions. That’s why she is Wild About Travel!

yTravelBlog – travel stories and tips will inspire you to make your life a story to tell.

ZipSetGo – ZipSetGo is an online community and resource for traveler planners and travel addicts.  Through ZipSetGo.com and social media, the ZSG team shares vast experience and knowledge and invites planners and travelers from around the globe to do the same.  Creators of Twitters #TNI – Traveler’s Night In.

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