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Notre Dame bares her backside in Paris

rear Notre Dame flying buttresses Paris

Notre Dame – sharing her posterior for posterity

Notre Dame bares her backside – Travel photo of the week

Walking along the banks of the Seine River, Notre Dame stands as a gothic fortress in the Île de la Cité.  Many gather around her massive towers and peer inside this historic, yet modern, cathedral.  Climbing to the top, humans can enjoy a Paris sunset with gargoyles.

Whether you are in awe of the architecture and details or want to know where the hunchback of Notre Dame laid his head, there is no doubt that Notre Dame is distinctly Paris.  While the Eiffel Tower is the crowning jewel of the Paris skyline, Notre Dame is its heartbeat.  Located on the Île de la Cité, this area is as important historically as it is religiously to the city of Paris.

Millions of visitors have stood in front of Notre Dame posing between the two towers pointing to the heavens.  Is this a popular photo for millions of tourists plastered across their social media networks, scrapbooks, and Facebook?  Of course.

However, what’s missing?  What don’t people see at Notre Dame?

It’s time people stopped staring at her two massive towers and paid more attention to the buttresses on her backside.

Walk around to the rear of Notre Dame, the crowds begin to disappear.  Your perspective changes as you realize how grand this cathedral really is.  The flying buttresses and Gothic architecture are on full display.  Seeing Notre Dame from the rear, you can appreciate her full beauty.

Walking along the bridges and banks of the Seine River, your eyes cast glances to what is above and around Notre Dame.  Trees, bushes, and leaves decorate the banks and climb over walls, pointing to the cathedral while reaching down into the river.  Rooftops, spires, and buttresses add angles, depth, and dimension to Notre Dame’s svelt front side facade.

All of sudden, this is no longer a tourist photo being photo bombed by the Paris Cathedral.   Your see her in her full glory.

Notre Dame is now a work of art, angles and curves giving her shape.  Her beauty is adorned by nature as white clouds and blue sky dance above.  Notre Dame has transformed – from tourist mecca to a countryside cathedral void of tourists altogether.

This is the Notre Dame more people should see.  When Notre Dame bares her backside in Paris, we understand how beautiful she really is.

What can we learn from this week’s travel photo of the week?

Travel photography tipWhen taking photos of popular tourist sites, walk around and enjoy the views.  Don’t take the same photo every other tourist is taking.  Explore angles and perspectives that completely change the scene or the view.  Sometimes, your best photo may be the one from behind.

In next week’s photo, we will continue our travel photography tips with another view of Paris.

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If you enjoyed this photo of Notre Dame’s backside in Paris, follow the travel photo of the week for more inspiring photos and travel photography tips.  Want to check out my Yosemite in Winter travel photography ebook?  Find out how you can download it for free.

Have you taken a travel photo from a completely different perspective of a popular tourist site or destination?  What do you think of Notre Dame’s backside?

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