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Jeremy Branham Budget Travel AdventuresAs a new visitor, Welcome to Budget Travel Adventures!

My goal is to give you valuable travel information, interesting stories, and thoughtful posts about travel that will challenge the way you live your life and inspire you to travel the world.

So who am I? (Feel free to get the more long winded introduction here)

Jeremy Branham – a brief introduction

OK, so here you are on a budget travel website thinking one of two things – “I love budget travel – what can I get from this site?” or “I am not a budget traveler at all – why am I here?”

Here’s my philosophy on budget travelit’s not about how little you can spend to travel.  It’s getting the most out of your travel experience with the money you have.

Backpackers, families, couples, luxury travelers, solo travelers, senior citizens, and tour groups – there is something here for every traveler.

Before you learn a little more about the inspiration for Budget Travel Adventures, here are a few highlights from my travels.

  • I’ve visited 34 states and 17 countries
  • I was born and raised in South Carolina and have lived in California since 2001
  • I took my first flight at age 11 from Myrtle Beach, SC to Atlanta, GA to see the Atlanta Braves play.
  • My first vacation outside of SC (that I remember) – my first Atlanta Braves game in 1985 (sports and travel are a huge passion of mine).
  • First destination outside of the US was Toronto, Canada.
  • My first international trip (and my 2nd flight ever) was to Tallinn, Estonia
  • My favorite country is Slovenia
  • Types of travel I’ve done – family travel, solo travel, couples travel, backpacking, tour groups, group travel, volunteer travel, car, plane, train, and bus
  • My worst travel flaw – impatience and a lack of organization
  • My best travel strength – passion and planning (yeah, that does conflict with the organization thing)
  • My greatest travel experience – backpacking through Europe, the Sacramento Scottish Highlands Games
  • My worst travel experience – backpacking through Europe
  • My most embarrassing travel experience – a nude beach in Portugal
  • My “Aha moment” in travel – wandering the streets of Tartu, Estonia and overlooking the valley in Austria from a mountain

Connecting with people and places

Even though I am introverted and sometimes shy and quiet, I learned that the best travel experiences are those that connect me with people.  My stories and destinations seek to inspire and connect people with places, experiences, and culture.

A regular, working guy who wants to see the world

I am not a full time traveler right now.  I love living here in California and want to explore more of my town, California, all 50 states, and destinations around the world.

A passion for sports and travel

As a baseball player growing up, I connected with sports – the passion, the life lessons, and the travel experiences.  Now sports are a big part of my travels.

Save time and money when traveling

With my accounting degree, frugal personality, and my obsessions with my budget spreadsheet, I focus on travel tips, deals, and giveaways that save people time and money.

My travels – personal stories, honesty, and vulnerability

I’m a deep thinker, very analytical, and a bit of a philosophical traveler so my travel stories are personal.  I tell my stories with passion, emotion, and honesty and am not afraid to tell people what I think, ask tough questions, or look at the world in a different way when I travel.

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Budget Travel Adventures – a brief introduction

Now that you know a little more about the man behind the Budget Travel Adventures mask, here’s what you will find here.

Here are some posts to get you started and give you a better idea of what Budget Travel Adventures can offer you:

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