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5 ways a vacation package can save you money when you travel

summer vacation packages to save you money

Vacation packages (flight, hotel, car) can save money (Expedia)

For many people, vacation and package holidays are the way to travel.  For travelers of all ages, it saves the hassle of coordinating vacation plans for flights, hotels, and transportation options.  For some travelers, they may never consider a vacation package because they value their independence and travel research too much.

When should you choose a package holiday?

Summer vacation packages are the most popular type of vacations for package holidays.  However, knowing when a vacation package is the right kind of trip for you depends on a variety of factors like:

  1. Style of travel
  2. Destination
  3. Number of travelers
  4. Length of stay
  5. Type of trip

Package holidays are more likely to benefit those who are visiting just one location, have two or more people in their group, enjoy comfortable accommodations, enjoy traveling to big cities or resorts, and will spend at least three days in a location.

While there are a number of packages available to different destinations for different types of travel and for a variety of travelers, most of these deals will save people money by booking any combination of flight, hotel, car, and special activities together.  After all, tips to save money on your next vacation are as important today as ever as many people want to spend as little as possible.

5 ways a vacation package can save you money

Now travelers understand their vacation options and how they can benefit from a vacation package.  So now the big budget travel question – how can these package holidays save you money when you travel?

1.  Booking two different pieces of a vacation together saves money – For many of these travel packages, tour operators, travel agents, and even hotels and airlines are able to partner with one another to get a cheaper rate for a flight, hotel, or car booked together than you couldn’t find on your own.  There really are some great packaged deals to some beautiful destinations.  I have booked hotel and flights in a vacation package and saved lots of money on trips to Paris and Maui.

2.  Package holidays include free offers – Many times, these vacation packages will include deals where you can book a hotel for 4 nights and get a 5th night free.  Since the original price of the hotel was already a good deal, the free night makes it even better.  The same type of deal may also apply to a car rental or include free activities like tours or discounts as part of the package.

3.  Packages can be a great deal for family travel – Many vacation packages include 2 beds or even a suite which is great for accommodating families.  Often, these packages are at a reduced rate for the hotel and are better than what you may be able to find on your own.  Many of the hotels in these packages are in good locations with lots of activities for kids.  While you might find a cheaper place, packages offer families the opportunity for good deals with plenty of options and even some discounts for kids (kids eat free, special kids activities for free, etc).

4.  More money to spend on the rest of your vacation – Because package holidays can save you money on hotels, airfare, and car rental, this allows travelers to spend more money on things they want to do on their trip – excursions, special meals, and souvenirs.

5.  Discounts on future vacations – For many travelers who book their vacations with a tour company or travel agent, some will offer discounts on future vacations.  Even $50 or $100 off your next vacation is another way to save money.  Not all companies offer discounts but being a loyal customer can have its perks as well.

While package holidays are not for every traveler or destination, they can offer travelers some great savings.  Vacation packages are great for those seeking destinations for a certain length of time.  They can save time, money, and hassle and offer great opportunities for travel to popular destinations.

For budget travelers everywhere, vacations are still something people need and look forward to every year.  So the next time you have a destination in mind, consider a vacation package as an option for your next big getaway.

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  1. I’ve only traveled as part of a package once before–when I went to Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna with some friends a few years back. It included airfare, hotels, and train transportation between each of the cities, for a really great price. I’d totally do it again!

    • Jeremy says:

      Packages can definitely be a great bargain for people. Typically a package will include flight, hotel, and transportation for multiple places for solo travelers and all of that in one location for couples of families.

  2. I think a vacation package can be nice if you feel like leaving the planning up to somebody else. Sometimes it’s nice. Most times though I really enjoy planning and researching before a trip.

    • Jeremy says:

      Like you, the planning and research can be as fun for me as the trip! However, I have done packages. If you are just going to be in one location and want to focus all your planning on the itinerary itself, it can be great for travelers and save them money as well.

  3. robin says:

    This a good and fair breakdown of the advantages. I’m such a stubborn control-freak that I don’t go for packages but I can understand why a family with young children might, for example, especially if relaxation is the number one priority and culture/adventure not so important.

    • Jeremy says:

      Thanks Robin. It’s almost a necessity that you have to have more than one person traveling to be able to benefit from a package. As for families, it’s great to find accommodations with activities for kids and many hotels in these type of packages have this stuff just for families.

  4. inka says:

    It’s good for some but not so good for independent solo travelers. I don’t go for package.

    • Jeremy says:

      Inka, I’ve done a few. They tend to work well if you are going to be in once place the entire time. It definitely tends to benefit those who aren’t traveling solo.

  5. Those are the reasons travelers use packages. I have found that most packages don’t include the type of hotels I prefer plus I really do like to dig in and do the planning myself.

    There is definitely a market for packages as well as group tours.

    • Jeremy says:

      I am not the biggest fan of packages either but I have done them and enjoyed them. Like you, I really enjoy the planning part. That’s fun for me – sometimes as much as the trip itself (Well, not really but it is fun!). Accommodations are not that important to me as I am not so picky about that.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for all of your comments. Honestly, I expected many of my traveler friends to not be very excited about vacation packages. I know these tend to appeal to certain types of travelers like families and an older crowd. However, they do have their advantages and I have enjoyed my experiences with them.

  7. Ted Nelson says:

    I was sold after reason one, but then four other good reasons followed. Informative post.

  8. I “sell” travel packages in France. But they are different because they are usually not for the budget travellers. My travellers get a special experience and support which they couldn’t get if doing by themselves. I always said that if I could design a holiday for a traveller and he/she/they ended up having the best holiday ever, then I would have a business! So I work on experiences and support for them! Everyone’s happy!!

  9. Andrea says:

    I think a great time to go for one of these is for a last-minute getaway. John and I used to do that quite a bit when we were “stuck” in Melbourne – go away for a weekend somewhere last minute. We never looked at packages but I can imagine you might find a great deal this way.

  10. Some great ideas here!

  11. Jeremy says:

    @John Travel and the way people do it are just as varied as the places we can visit. You definitely have a package that appeals to a certain audience and I am sure they really appreciate your experience and help with their vacation.

    @Andrea I wish I could take advantage of more last minute deals. With airfares so high these days, I think last minute deals can be a real bargain.

    @Ted and @Billie – thanks for the comments. You know me – I like to save wherever I can! That’s why just getting to Vancouver for TBEX has taken months to plan to make sure I get the best deals! :)

  12. Clair says:

    I’ve travelled with a package last year to Turkey which was a nice and fairly cheap trip indead. thanks for the tips.

    • Jeremy Branham says:

      Thanks Clair! I would love to visit Turkey some day. Where did you go with the package?

      I’ve done them as well and while I prefer to do things on my own, it can be a nice way to travel without some of the hassles. I do think they have their advantages but it does depend on the where, what, when, how many, and how long.

  13. I have booked packages long ago in the past and got some really good deals when travel agents got more of a kick back

    I drive a lot of times because I like the adventure of the road trip

    • I think travel agents are still valid these days. I don’t think they are extinct. I think it is more convenient for us to try and book a lot of this ourselves but a good relationship with a travel agent can still help people save money.

  14. But getting a vacation package could means traveling with other folks.

    If you are lucky, you get to travel with considerate travelers who won’t oversleep, shop for too long in a place, make a lot of noise, whine and complain through the whole journey, etc.

    That is one of the reason I don’t really like to take vacation packages but then again.. I hate to do the planning. :)

    • Hi Danny! Thanks for your comment. While it is true that many people travel together when booking a vacation package, you can also book them solo. I’ve done a number of vacation packages for flight, car, and hotel traveling solo. So even traveling by yourself, it can save you money.

      The key is to do your research and find out what is the best option for you. However, many vacation packages do save money because the package deals often discount the price off the flight, hotel, and/or car.

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