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Where in the world am I going? And the winner is…

where in the world am I

(Photo courtesy of Leah Travels)

This week has been one of the most exciting weeks I’ve ever had in travel. And I haven’t even gone anywhere yet! Monday I launched my new travel series, the “College Football Travel Tour“, where I will visit college towns, attend football games, connect with the people and culture, and share stories, traditions, and travel tips from college towns and cities all over the US (read about the tour to get more information). It’s a series designed for both travelers and sports fan that has something everyone can enjoy.

What does this have to do with this week’s Where in the world am I? A lot actually – but there’s a bit of a twist to this week’s travel game and photo contest. Part of this celebrates the College Football Travel Tour. However, part of this is due to a bit of a playful jab from Melvin Boechner of TravelDudes. So let’s do something different, kick off the new series in style, and have a little fun this week by changing things up a bit!

This week’s where in the world am I? This week features one of the upcoming destinations for my College Football Travel Tour. While there are a few people that know where I am going (and for those who do, thanks in advance for not giving it away), I am keeping my destinations a secret for now (you can get a list of the stops on the tour this year, inside information, and news available to College Football Travel Tour newsletter subscribers only this weekend). The plans are made and I am ready to go.

This place will mean a visit to one of the states I haven’t visited in the US – making it the 35th state on my many decades tour of the US. If you know anything about my love of Fall travel, destinations, and getaways, you know the type of places I like to go – this is an ideal location. Hiking, outdoors, and sports are popular here so follow the hints this week to figure out where in the world am I going on one of my College Football Travel Tour stops this year.

Are these clues not enough? Follow along on Facebook and Twitterto get more hints on Wednesday and Thursday!

  • Leave your guess on the blog only (no Facebook or Twitter guesses allowed) by Thursday, October 20 11:59 PM EST
  • Hints will be given on Twitter and my Facebook fan page throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday
  • One guess per hint (with each hint, you can leave a new guess)
  • Winners will be announced on Friday with a brief profile of the winner on this post, shout outs on Twitter and Facebook, and a link to a recent post on Facebook!
  • Anyone can play along so leave your guess!

Congratulations to Matt Faust who correctly answered this week’s “Where in the world am I going?” photo as the Flatirons mountains in Boulder, Colorado.

This week was a special one for me as this will be one of my stops on the College Football Travel Tour. Congrats to Lisa Goodmurphy and Mike Pickford for correctly guessing Boulder!

Boulder, Colorado – This week’s destination will be one of my stops on the College Football Travel Tour as I hit the road this weekend. The photo was taken by Leah over at Leah Travels and features the Flatiron Mountain above the University of Colorado’s campus in Boulder. Boulder is located about an hour from Denver and is home to the Colorado Buffaloes. Stay tuned for more on Boulder in the upcoming travel tour!

Matt Faust currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska and loves the outdoors. Upon seeing the photo posted on Google +, he immediately recognized the Flatirons as he has been rock climbing there a couple of times. Matt loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors. His favorite destinations are Central and South America. Check out his photos on Picasa and keep up with him on Google + as well.

Congrats to Matt, Mike, and Lisa and can’t wait to do this again next week!

What is “where in the world am I?” all about?

Reading travel blogs and getting travel information is great! I love doing it and learn about some great new places every day. However, for those that don’t have time to read a lot of travel blogs, this is a great way to share about where you are visiting, where you have recently been, or where you are going and a fact about that place. This way, people have a way of learning about new places and destinations and interesting information about that place.

Start your own “Where in the world am I?” series on your blog and let’s share our photos and facts about places! Feel free to share your “where in the world am I?” posts each week on this blog to participate. And share on Twitter with the hashtag #whereinworld every Wednesday!

Leave your name, link your “Where in the world am I?” post, and make sure you link back to my blog post each week! Let’s enjoy this new travel game!

Want to sponsor “Where in the world am I”? Would love to give prizes as a part of this weekly travel game!


Please note: Moderation is turned on for this contest and comments will need to be approved before they are posted. No need to resubmit your comment. I don’t want people stealing other people’s answers but trust me – I am getting your comments!

A special thanks this week to Leah Travels for providing the photo for this week’s “Where in the world am I?”!

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  1. Matt says:

    Photo is of the Flatirons outside of Boulder.

  2. Mike Pickford says:

    CU Boulder Campus! Give the ducks hell Buffs!

  3. Lisa says:

    When I saw the photo New Hampshire came to mind. College town – Hanover?? Waiting for more clues to see if I’m in the right part of the country.

  4. Emme Rogers says:

    Congratulations on the new Series & your fun new Wednesday game.

    If it were not for the fact that I know that picture is suppose to be somewhere in the States, then I’d be guessing Revelstoke, BC.

    Hope the first week is a blast!

    ~ Emme

  5. Lisa says:

    Changing my answer – there aren’t any buffaloes, that I’m aware of, in New Hampshire. And I don’t think there are any mountains in Buffalo, New York. So I’m going to have to guess that you are referring to the Buffaloes at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

  6. I’m guessing Buffalo, NY.

  7. Congrats to Matt, Mike, and Lisa for answering correctly this week! Stay tuned for more on Boulder from the College Football Travel Tour!

  8. Leah says:

    Dang! Y’all are good with the guesses. First rattle out of the box. Thanks for the shout-out for my blog. I finally got my Oregon Duck article posted. They happen to be playing Colorado this weekend. It’s going to be a blood bath, I’m afraid. Check it out: http://leahtravels.com/site/things/college-football-tour/eugene-oregon-a-duckin-good-time#more-1361

    • Yep, didn’t even have to give clues for this one! I will definitely have to check out the Ducks. Wanted to go to a game this year at Oregon but couldn’t. I might get to see them play anyways though. You will have to stay tuned! :)

  9. Leah says:

    Cool! Let me know if you need any suggestions on Boulder. Sorry for the link. I’m getting a “feed could not be found” and I’m trying to fix it. It’s driving me crazy.

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