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Where in the world am I? And the winner is…

where in the world am I Oct 12For this week’s Where in the world am I? I got started a little late so changing locations and the rules for this week. In this week’s contest, you will find out some personal things about me and a little secret about me and this destination.

This week’s where in the world am I? I was inspired by certain events from my travels last week so this place is both popular and thought provoking for me. No, checking out Oktoberfest at the beach isn’t what inspired me this week. Instead, I was watching airplanes and thinking about conversations with strangers and decided to go a little deeper this week. The thing with this photo contest each week is that it’s fun, interesting to learn about a new place, personal, and a bit cathartic.

This week, I share a photo from one one of the most popular places in the world. It’s been the site of riots but also one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Traffic is a mess here but there are a lot of interesting places to explore. And you can’t beat the food. By now, I think I have already said too much and made this just as easy as last week’s “where in the world am I?”!

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  • Leave your guess on the blog only (no Facebook or Twitter guesses allowed) by Friday, October 14 11:59 AM EST
  • Hints will be given on Twitter and my Facebook fan page throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday
  • One guess per hint (with each hint, you can leave a new guess)
  • Winners will be announced on Friday with a brief profile of the winner on this post, shout outs on Twitter and Facebook, and a link to a recent post on Facebook!
  • Anyone can play along so leave your guess!

Congratulations to Shirlene from Idelish who correctly answered this week’s “Where in the world am I?” photo as Bangkok, Thailand.

This was way too easy this week. So many people answered this one correctly. Was it the photo, the intro to the photo, or the hints? You tell me! Congrats to Cat, Melvin, Sophie, Ted, Simon, Ahimsa, Italian Notes, Turtle Traveling Fool, and Ben for their fantastic guesses!

Bangkok, Thailand – This week’s destination is a little different. Thailand has been named the most popular country for tourists in 2011 for the 9th consecutive year by Sweden’s tourism industry. However, many people have already discovered what a treasure this place is. Despite recent riots by anti-government groups, tourism in Bangkok has not slowed down. Wat Arun, the floating market, the Grand Palace, the delicious food, and the controversial and seedy Patpong are among the many attractions in Bangkok.

Bangkok lies on the banks of the Chao Phraya river and is packed with people. Krung Thep, as it is known in Thai, contains over 8 million people in its urban population. While the name of this city means “City of Angels”, it’s not covered in clouds but smog. The dense population and world renown traffic issues mean lots of people live in the city centers. However, the city offers so much to see and do.

A few years ago, my wife had the opportunity to visit there with a group of other women to share a tougher, darker side of Bangkok. While the city and the country deserve its reputation for being fun, interesting, affordable, and popular with tourists, it’s not without its faults. For a different view of Bangkok read about the struggles of women caught in the sex trade industry in Patpong. Many of the visitors to Bangkok visit the city’s red light district area for a variety of sex and transgender shows. And while this is only a small part of the city, it’s also one of the most popular.

Thailand is an incredible country to visit and offers an affordable look at southeast Asia with a rich culture, incredible foods, and interesting sights and history. In visiting Bangkok, visitors can experiences all sides of life, a rich experience full of flavor and culture, and a taste of city life in one of the world’s most popular countries – Thailand.

Shirlene (@idelishravel) is part of the team that runs the travel blog Idelish.

Jeremy and Shirlene, a husband and wife team, share travel, photography and adventure from around the world. Together, they are Idelish. Their passion and love for travel & adventure have led them to over 30 countries and counting! They share their travels from years back as well as current travels.

In addition to discovering new cultures and adventures, travel has taught them a lot of life’s lessons – patience, respect, compassion, determination and many more. Through their photos and stories, they hope to share all that they know and experience. They want to inspire you to travel so that you too can see the world, experience it for yourself and learn the life lessons it offers!

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Congrats to everyone who answered correctly and don’t miss the exciting new travel project launching next week!

Check out some weekend travel reading with this week’s theme of “challenge”!

What is “where in the world am I?” all about?

Reading travel blogs and getting travel information is great! I love doing it and learn about some great new places every day. However, for those that don’t have time to read a lot of travel blogs, this is a great way to share about where you are visiting, where you have recently been, or where you are going and a fact about that place. This way, people have a way of learning about new places and destinations and interesting information about that place.

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  1. Hmmm…. I’m going to need more clues! (But it resembles a future Where in the world challenge I’m doing)

  2. Looks a lot like Bangkok to me

  3. Turtle says:

    I think you’ve already given too many hints for this one! :)
    It certainly looks a lot like Bangkok. (If I’m wrong, then I should’ve paid more attention the 10 times I’ve been there!!) :)

  4. Ahimsa says:

    It’s Bangkok. I was there during the most recent riots–made for an interesting first trip.

  5. Simon says:

    I’d say… Bangkok!

  6. I’m tempted to say it’s Bangkok!

  7. My final guess is Seoul, South Korea.

  8. Melvin says:

    My guess is: Bangkok

  9. Renee says:

    Congrats, Shirlene!! Woo Hoo!

  10. Glad to know I finally got it right. I now have a 10% correct percentage on your contest. I have a long way to go for even a D-, but I feel like I am on a roll now. Sooner or later Folsom will be featured and that is where I will shine. I am even following them on twitter now.

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