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The College Football Travel Tour – my radio interview

College Football Travel Tour logoFootball and local culture.  It’s a story of “sports meets travel.”  My love of college football and travel has helped shape my life and opened the door to new opportunities and experiences.

Welcome to my College Football Travel Tour!

The idea behind this tour was simple – take my love of college football, share my unique stories and experiences from games, and make this a series that travelers would love (regardless of whether they liked college football or not).

Back in October, I set the wheels in motion with trips to the University of Washington, University of South Carolina, and the Naval Academy.  I bought my tickets, did my research, and hit the road.  I had a loose plan and some ideas but I didn’t know what would happen.  Many of the stories that developed were spontaneous and unplanned.

I had amazing moments, unexpected surprises, and memorable experiences.  I also had some disappointments like getting off the plane and skipping a trip to Colorado.

I started this series because I love travel and football.  I write about my adventures because I wanted to give people a completely different travel experience.  I write stories about places that many people may not visit but these towns are interesting, unique, and passionate about life and football in a college town.

The football games, towns, and college campuses are supposed to be the focus of this series.  Yet what stands out in this College Football Travel Tour are the people I have met and the doors that have been opened.

I am discovering that other people like this series as well.  I want it to be more than a good idea.  I want to create a captivating series that draws people in and tells a story of a town, its people, the students, and passion.

107.5 The Game Jay Philips Ryan Brewer Michael Haney

Jay Philips, Gamecocks legend Ryan Brewer, Michael Haney

Back in November, I met Jay Philips and Michael Haney from 107.5 The Game in Columbia before the South Carolina – Clemson game.  I told them what I was doing and they liked the idea.  Last Friday, they took the time to interview me about my College Football Travel Tour.

So here’s my radio interview with Jay and Michael on The Halftime Show.  I am so grateful to them for having me on the show and appreciate the support and encouragement for this series.  Hopefully you will like it as well.

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  1. Grace says:

    So cool Jeremy- you are really unto something with your college football tour! You interviewed really well. I would have been a mumbling fool. It’s also nice to hear your voice.

    • Thanks Grace! So happy to see doors opening for this project. I hope to have a big announcement next week related to this as well so keeping my fingers crossed.

      As for the interview part, I am shocked I wasn’t a mumbling fool. I thought for sure I would have had a bunch of “uhs”, “ums”, and “well”s on that interview. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. As for the voice part, hard to ever know I was born and raised in South Carolina huh? :)

  2. Annie says:

    This is seriously so cool Jeremy! I’m not that big of a football fan (shh… don’t tell the Huskies!!) but I’m not only happy that you took the time to visit the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) but that you wrote about it, no matter how embarrassing it may or may not have been for the team.

    I think it’s great that you had an opportunity like this just for doing what you love! Keep it up!!

    • Thanks Annie! Appreciate your kind words. I have enjoyed all of my visits so far on the College Football Travel Tour and look forward to more next year. I really enjoyed the University of Washington – it’s a beautiful campus! I will write a LOT more about UW this year. And as my series promises, this is so much more than just football so I hope people don’t get hung up on that and miss all the things I will feature when I go to these schools.

  3. Michael says:

    Great interview! You’re a natural.

  4. You came across great! Good voice!
    and…Go Cocks!!!! :)

  5. This is very exciting, Jeremy! You interviewed very well (especially since it was live!) Good luck with your continuing success. :)

  6. Just found your site. Wow, very impressive, it’ll tae some time to go through the posts.

  7. Great interview. Good luck with the future of the College Football Travel Tour.

  8. I doubt if many people appreciate what a fabulous idea this is! Lots of people want to go to all baseball parks, for example, but to travel to college football hotbeds is a lot more exciting. Unfortunately, you can only be there on Saturdays for a few weeks of the year…

  9. You really did well, Jeremy! Great voice and you know what you’re talking about.

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