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nude beach near Salema Portugal

Travel Tuesday question of the week – what’s your most embarrassing travel moment?

For anyone who has spent time traveling, we have had our share of awkward moments.  Hopefully, most of our travel experiences have been good ones.  However, some are low points and we need to reflect on the learning experiences as well.  Sometimes, we just have a moment where we are really embarrassed about something we […]

travel guides and travel magazines

Travel Tuesday question of the week – what’s your favorite source of travel information?

Over the last 20 years or so, the travel industry has changed a lot.  Much of our travel information came from brochures, magazines, and books while our travel was booked through travel agents. These days, travel information comes from a variety of sources.  Now, most of our travel information is on the internet.  And for […]

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Travel Tuesday question of the week – what would you change in travel?

With the New Year upon us, it’s time for renewed enthusiasm, aspirations, and goals.  While many people make New Year’s resolutions, these resolutions are really a desire to make things better.  Whether it’s losing something, putting something behind us, setting a goal, or doing things better or differently, resolutions seek a better quality of life […]

New Year's fireworks

Travel Tuesday question of the week – what are your New Year’s resolutions for travel?

It’s that time of year again.  Time to begin a new year, make new resolutions, and forget about them a few weeks later.  Well, I am sure some people actually stick to them.  I’ve never been that big on New Year’s revolutions.  Of course, what can you expect from a guy known as Scrooge at […]

Apple Ridge Farm Apple Hill California

Travel Tuesday question of the week – what is your best travel memory of 2010?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Travel Tuesday question of the week. I’ve either been tired, busy, sick, or burned out making it. However, now is the time of year to reflect and look back on what happened in our lives in 2010. What’s your best travel memory of 2010? Whether you […]

Lake Bled Slovenia

Travel Tuesday question of the week – what’s the most underrated destination?

Last week on the Travel Tuesday question of the week, we talked about the most overrated destination.  Places like Venice, Disney, and Vegas all got some votes.  While a place is overrated, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.  However, it may just mean that expectations weren’t met and it was a bit disappointing. This […]

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A travel tuesday special – sharing your travel tips

Last week, I asked the question “what’s your favorite travel tip?” and you responded. So here are a few of the favorite travel tips from readers and bloggers when traveling. Connecting with people From Sarah at Honeymoons Blog Getting an insight into how different culture’s live and involving yourself in their lives is a fascinating […]

Piazza San Marco in Venice Italy

Travel Tuesday question of the week – what’s the most overrated destination?

Whenever we travel, there are some places we like more than others. For some destinations, there are places we really look forward to and they exceed all expectations about how great that place is. For others, they aren’t bad places to visit but they definitely don’t meet the expectations we had. To say a place […]