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American Airlines computer glitch buses to terminal

My flight experience with the American Airlines computer glitch

I’ve flown for the last 20 years but never before had I experienced an airlines computer glitch like the one that happened Tuesday. For many people in the travel industry, the American Airlines computer glitch made headlines.  For me, it made for a chaotic travel experience I won’t forget. As I boarded my flight from Sacramento […]

US airlines Fall Winter Thanksgiving airfare sale

Early 2012 Fall, Winter, and Thanksgiving airfare sale this summer

4th of July, summer vacations, and lying on a beach in the hot sun.  What better time of year to think about cheap flights for the holidays? Believe it nor not, airlines are already offering flights with an early Fall, Winter, and Thanksgiving airfare sale. Sort of. While we are five months away from Thanksgiving, […]

family airline fee parent child on a plane

Family airline fee – say goodbye to your family on your flight

Thought the days of airline fees were over?  Think again.  Now a new charge is being paid for premium seats on flights.  Welcome to the family airline fee! While this fee is not actually a family airline fee, premium window and aisle seats come with an extra charge. This means that families wanting to sit […]

lying on Huntington Beach CA

Your ideal beach vacation – discover your beachgoer personality and you could win a mini surfboard!

Who doesn’t love a beach vacation or a weekend beach getaway? The sand between your toes.  The smell of sunscreen and a warm summer breeze.  Sand castles and surfing. Summer is almost here and the beach is calling our name. According to a recent survey done by Expedia, almost everyone enjoys time on the beach.  […]

US Airways 2012 summer airfares

5 reasons why airline mergers may be bad for travelers

With the recent news of a potential US Airways and American Airlines merger, this would be the third major airline merger in the US in the last two years.  In 2010, Southwest Airlines and AirTran merged while in 2011, United Airlines and Continental joined together. What effect do airline mergers have on passengers? Many travelers […]

free entrance national parks 2012 Grand Canyon

Celebrate National Parks Week with free entrance to national parks in 2012

Have you ever been to a national park?  If you have, you have seen the natural beauty and stunning landscapes that are a part of this great country. If you haven’t been to a national park, here’s your chance.  April 21 kicks off National Parks Week as you can get free entrance to national parks […]

summer airfare sale

2012 Fall and summer airfares are on sale

The first day of Spring turns the daydreams of warm weather, beaches, and summer vacations into reality. And today also brings the summer airfare deals as airlines launch airfares on the first day of Spring for the first days of summer! Numerous airlines are offering cheap flights for summer travel through early June.  Some airlines […]

US Airways 2012 summer airfares

2012 Summer airfare prices expected to increase

If you are looking for summer airfares to book your next vacation, don’t wait to book your flight – summer airfares for 2012 will be on the rise.  Demand for air travel should increase this year so expect full flights and higher prices as a result. This year, airlines have already tried airfare hikes – […]