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USA vs Canada soccer match BMO Field Toronto

What the USA vs Canada soccer match taught me about travel

As I walked inside, the place was packed. I could barely move through the crowd. As I walked to my seat, I looked around. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. A sea of red and white surrounded me. Flags were waving, voices screaming, and here I was right in the middle.

open stone 2012 IHGF World Team Championships Scottish Highland Games athlete Jon O'Neil

An interview with Scottish Highland Games athlete Jon O’Neil Part II

My Scottish Highland Games and Festival adventures have seen me toss haggis, hang out with giant burly men in kilts (known as Scottish Highland Games athletes), enjoy the bagpipes and some Celtic music, and learn about Scottish clans. This weekend celebrates the 137th Sacramento Scottish Highland Games and Festival (it’s one of the oldest Scottish festivals in […]

Scottish Highland Games athlete Jon O'Neil Kauai

An interview with Scottish Highland Games athlete Jon O’Neil Part I

A couple of years ago, my fascination with the Scottish Highland Games began.  At my first Sacramento Scottish Highland Games and Festival, I met the athletes for the first time.  I spent the entire day hanging out with the guys and talked about the personal lives of Scottish Highland Games professional athletes. In 2012, I […]

sports and travel moments 2012

My top 5 sports and travel moments of 2012

Peanut butter and jelly.  Salt and pepper.  Thunder and lightning.  These are things that go together or complement one another.  Sports and travel?  Not something most people think about as a pair. Over the last year, this is something I have been trying to change.  It started with the College Football Travel Tour that turned […]

Jeremy Branham Horseshoe sports and travel memories

Budget Travel Adventures Olympics – my top 3 sports and travel memories

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional baseball player.  After my first trip to Estonia, I wanted to travel.  Sports and travel have been a part of my life – but not necessarily at the same time. When this travel blogger relay came along, I was eager to join the race.  […]

USA basketball Dream Team 1992 Olympics

5 reasons why the Olympics are the greatest sporting event in the world

“I enjoyed seeing Mr. Bean, James Bond, Paul McCartney, and the Queen at the Olympics.” Those are words I never thought I would say.  Yet the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics had me thinking just that. Why do I love that statement?  It shows us what the Olympics can do. Last night, British […]

Coors Field Colorado Rockies

Celebrate Independence Day with our national pastime – a tour of Coors Field

Celebrating Independence Day and America’s birthday?  Bring the hot dogs and apple pie and I will supply the baseball with a tour of Coors Field – home of the Colorado Rockies. In 1991, the Colorado Rockies joined the Florida (now Miami) Marlins as one of two expansion teams in Major League Baseball.  In the early […]

Scottish games athletes Jeremy Branham

In a land of giants, we put on our kilts one leg at a time

I am not a small guy.  I am average, maybe slightly larger in terms of my physique.  Height-wise, I think I am average height.  As for my body, I am in decent shape and slightly bigger and may be a little more athletic than the average guy. I am not a weakling, have a decent […]