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Chick and Ruth's Delly Annapolis

The top 5 restaurants in Annapolis (why it’s not about the food)

Crab cake sandwiches.  Black pudding.  Flash fried spinach.  Scrambled eggs.  Homemade ice cream.  These are just a sample of the foods I ate at various restaurants in Annapolis. However, delicious food is not what I had planned for my visit to Annapolis on my College Football Travel Tour. On my first night, I enjoyed an […]

McDonalds and Paris France

A taste of Paris, Lebanon, and why you should eat at McDonalds when traveling

You’ve spent days or weeks traveling.  You’re tired, a little hungry, but you just don’t want to find some local place to eat. You want to connect with the locals, experience the culture, and see the sights.  Then it hits – you are homesick and want something familiar. You walk along the streets when you […]

Paella easy recipes on the road

5 road recipes when traveling

I’ll be the first to admit that food isn’t one of the reasons why I travel.  However, for many people, food is one of the highlights of traveling.  Most of the meals people eat are in a restaurant, cafe, or a quick bite at a food stand or market.  While this can be some of […]

Weird and bizarre foods from around the world Scotland haggis

Weird and bizarre foods from around the world

Admittedly, I am not a food connoisseur.  I do enjoy trying cultural and ethnic dishes when I travel but food is not the reason I travel.  I have a fascination with culture, people, history, and museums.  Quite honestly, I have an incredibly difficult time spending a lot of money on food, both home and abroad, […]

beachside cafe and restaurant in Australia

Travel and food: easy meals on a budget

When you travel on a budget, saving money is a huge consideration in your vacation travel plans.  While many people look at budget airlines or cheap hotels for ways to save, many people may forget food – especially easy meals on a budget. Saving money when traveling is easy to do as you can use basic […]