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Cambodia Border

Getting from Koh Chang to Siem Reap

Two weeks ago we made the journey from Koh Chang, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you have read any threads on the subject you know that it can be frustrating and full of scams left and right. You can get from Koh Chang to Siem Reap a few different ways. 1. Take a minibus […]

Canyoneering in Zion National Park

Canyoneering in Zion National Park

A couple weeks ago (before the government shut-down) I headed down to Zion National Park for a weekend of canyoneering along with Michael Sproul (from The Carefree Traveler) and another mutual friend. Living in Utah allows many opportunities to get outdoors and experience things that many could only hope to see in photos. While Zion National […]

World Domination Summit fireworks

4th of July, a different side of me, and a world domination summit in Portland

Fireworks. Meant to symbolize “the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air.” Something that was tragic and ugly we now celebrate as beautiful and a symbol of our freedom. What if we spent more time embracing the tragic, broken, and ugly in our lives as it becomes a symbol of freedom and beauty? I came to Portland to be a part of the World Domination Summit. It isn’t as scary as it sounds. We don’t want to take over the world; just make it a better place to live.

Niagara Falls postcard

From boy to man, a journey to Niagara Falls

On this late May morning, I boarded the bus and headed to Niagara Falls as we rolled down the highway a little after 7 am. As a boy, my bus experience was different. Leaving the US, we traveled through New York and arrived in Niagara Falls. Instead of tourists and locals, this bus was filled with teenagers – many of us who were leaving the country for the first time.

Niagara Falls hiking Whirlpool

Awash in a Whirlpool: the secret Niagara Falls hiking trail

As I sat on the rocky shores, I stared at the turquoise waters as they swirled and sloshed like a spin cycle set in slow motion.  Nature’s  hand carved a serene, rhythmic masterpiece through the river.  Underneath, it’s fury raged with currents and forces that could kill a man in minutes. I was paralyzed by […]

Pittsburgh movies Carrie's Furnace

The Caped Crusader, an unstoppable train, and the perfect Hollywood script

Batman roams the dark streets of Gotham as a hero with a dark past. Nearby, a runaway train races down the tracks ready to destroy anything that gets in its path. In a nearby prison, a flesh eating psychopath torments and plays games with an FBI agent. Has this city gone mad? Not at all. Welcome to Pittsburgh – the Hollywood of the East!

Briggs Jeremy reuniting Myrtle Beach

Reuniting with the past in South Carolina

I landed late on a Thursday night in Myrtle Beach. Ten years have passed since I last visited here. Nearly twenty years had passed since I lived here. Over the next couple of days, I revisited the places and memories of my teenage years. Both Myrtle Beach and I have changed.

Downtown Pittsburgh skyline PNC Park

A walk through Pittsburgh (photo essay)

A cold, overcast day greeted me as I took my first steps through downtown Pittsburgh. From the days of the Steel City, the city of Pittsburgh has received a makeover. I was here to experience the Pittsburgh Renaissance for myself.