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Corona Arch

Visiting Utah’s Mighty 5-Arches National Park

This week I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite hikes and views from Arches National Park for our tour around Utah’s Mighty 5. Arches National Park is home to over 2000 natural sandstone arches and located just outside of Moab, Utah. To introduce you to what you will see when you [...]


Budget Exploring Familiar and Foreign Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a small city that packs an important cultural punch in Europe and beyond. From its humble origins as a simple fishing village in the 12th century, Amsterdam has evolved into one of the top financial centers in Europe, but pleasure, culture, arts, history and more are always afoot [...]

Alaska Fishing

Top 5 Unique Alaskan Adventures

Make the most of your vacation to the Last Frontier with these unique Alaskan adventures. Between catching halibut and king salmon, enjoying the great outdoors and finding treasures in a streambed, you’ll have plenty of stories about Alaska to tell when you go back home. Fishing for “a Barn Door” The cold, rich waters of [...]


Visiting Utah’s Mighty 5-Zion National Park

This past year the state of Utah came out with a very successful marketing campaign promoting Utah’s 5 National Parks. They featured ads in various locations throughout the United States and came up with an amazing commercial highlighting some of the amazing sites visitors could see as they toured the parks around Utah. Growing up [...]

Sydney Beaches

Tips For A Budget Vacation In Australia

When looking into travel to exotic destinations like Australia, there’s the tendency to assume everything will be expensive. To some extent this can be true, but it also depends on the specific destination and what you plan to do there. In many cases, budget travel is all about careful planning and the organization of affordable [...]

Touring European Cities by Bicycle

Touring European Cities by Bicycle

What’s the best way to see major European cities on a budget? By bicycle! Many cities have introduced bicycle hire schemes that are ideal for visitors. With most of these, you can register online or by phone and pick the bike up from one of the designated stations. London has 570 stations whilst Paris has [...]

Quick Budget Travel to Las Vegas

Quick Budget Adventure: Las Vegas

Long known for casinos and an extensive night-life, Las Vegas can be a great trip for someone looking for a short, cheap get-away. With about 125,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas there is no shortage of hotels looking to offload rooms for cheap. And with round-the-clock entertainment there is sure to be something fun for [...]

Golden Temple

Backpacking Through India on a Budget

One late night as a freshman in college my best friend and I decided we wanted to do something amazing our first summer away from home. We knew we didn’t want to just get summer jobs we wanted to explore the world. We didn’t have serious relationships and weren’t tied down with school or other [...]