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Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad

Occasional travelers may not think about how becoming ill while visiting other countries can turn everything upside down. Investing in a short-term health insurance for travel could be a useful asset. The U.S. State Department has a website that lists health insurance companies that provide reasonably priced traveler’s health insurance. The U.S. State Dept. has […]

french alps

Snowboarding the French Alps on a Budget

Sometimes the best adventures come about by happenstance and pure luck. Sometimes adventure can come about by planning and preparation. Breaking the routines of daily living and responsibilities can be challenging. However there are those of us who need outdoor adventure, to be in open space, on top of a mountain living passionately and following […]

Michael Sproul river rafting

River Rafting the West

Oh the magic of Rivers. Few out door adventures offer the ability to completely escape day to day life the way river trips do. When you put on the river and float downstream, often cut off from roads and cell service, it can be liberating and scary. Once the put-in is out of sight you […]

sports and travel moments 2012

My top 5 sports and travel moments of 2012

Peanut butter and jelly.  Salt and pepper.  Thunder and lightning.  These are things that go together or complement one another.  Sports and travel?  Not something most people think about as a pair. Over the last year, this is something I have been trying to change.  It started with the College Football Travel Tour that turned […]

Oregon State campus best of travel

My top 10 travel moments in the Best of Travel 2012

Standing on top of the mountain, I look at the water below me and the 360 degree view of the mountains and trees.  The sun is shining and the air is crisp.  Even my shoes give their approval.  Is this moment my best of travel in 2012? Of all the places I visited in 2012, […]

Best international destination 2011 Vancouver

Best of travel 2011: My favorite travel moments of the year

Do I get off the plane or do I stay? That’s the question I had to ask myself as the flight attendant was making a head count and getting ready to close the doors.  All the planning and packing for this trip and now I have flight delays.  Somehow, nothing about this trip feels right. […]

Best of Travel 2011

Best of Travel 2011: The rules

Welcome to the “Best of Travel” 2011! The idea behind this series is to take a look back at the year in travel and share our favorite travel destinations, memories, and experiences from 2011.  The goal is to unite travel writers and bloggers in a project which celebrates a year of travel and recaps the […]

Best of Travel 2011

Best of Travel 2011: Nominated bloggers

Have fun with this special end of the year project “Best of Travel”!  Here is a list of nominated bloggers.  If you want to participate, please see the “Best of Travel” rules and guidelines. If any of these people are on your list, no need to nominate them for the project! Once you have posted […]