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Budget Travel Guides for every traveler

Budget Travel Guides series

Budget Travel Guides are a series of destination travel guides and travel tips for cities, countries, region, events, and landmarks on every continent.

These budget travel guides are written by travelers who want to share their insights and tips for destinations all over the world.  Each guide covers five different categories – transportation, lodging, food, activities, and connecting with locals.  Each budget travel guide includes tips to help people save money when they travel and create memorable travel experiences.

Best of all, these budget travel guides are free!

Why use a budget travel guide?

The purpose of a budget travel guide is to give people an overview of destinations, help them save money, and use these guides as a tool for planning a trip or vacation.

These travel guides are not itineraries. 

What inspired the Budget Travel Guide series?  These travel guides were inspired by my best travel experiences.  Some of my best memories cost me very little money and always involved other people.

Regardless of your budget, these budget travel guides will help you save money and create travel experiences and memories. 

These travel guides are based on the motto for Budget Travel Adventures – travel passionately, spend wisely, and experience more.

Travel the world with the Budget Travel Guides

There is so much information in a budget travel guide which will enhance your travel experience.

Learn more about these guides, what’s in them, and how you can contribute with Welcome to Budget Travel Guides!

See what is featured in each guide, read how these tips can help you connect with your destination and save money, and learn how you can be a part of writing a budget travel guide.  More importantly, enjoy one of these guides as you plan your next trip.

If you are interested in a destination or want to write a budget travel guide, please email me.

Click on the getting started page  to learn more about Budget Travel Adventures and find out 10 ways to become a better traveler.

Begin your next journey with a budget travel guide today and read more travel stories, tips, photos, and more in Destinations.

Travel Guides USA travel Seattle skyline Travel Guides North America travel downtown Vancouver
Travel Guides South America travel Easter Island Travel Guides Europe travel Eiffel Tower Paris
Travel Guides Australia New Zealand Oceania Sydney Travel Guides Asia travel Cambodia Angkor Wat
Budget Travel Guides Africa travel

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