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When memorable moments surprise you

memorable moments sunset Howth IrelandI’ve seen a bird on a parachute.  I’ve taken one of the best photos I’ve ever taken.  I’ve met two film makers who were featured at the Toronto Film Festival.  Would you call these memorable moments?

I’ve enjoyed pints of Guinness and some Irish craic with the nicest people I’ve ever met.  I’ve talked to Irish students about college life in Dublin.  I’ve interviewed a guy who plays in a band and drives (yes, drives) a football helmet.

I’ve gotten goose bumps as a helicopter nearly blew me over.  I’ve said the pledge of allegiance at breakfast.  I’ve seen one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in a fishing village.

What if I told you that these memorable moments were part of a travel series?  Would you be interested in learning more?

What if I told you that every one of these memorable moments were part of a sports and travel series based on college football?  Would you believe college football made me cry?

Memorable moments on the College Football Travel Tour

memorable moments College Football Travel Tour Brutus Buckeye Jeremy Branham

I've made new friends - like Brutus!

A lot of people have told me that they don’t really care about college football.  I understand that.  I know many people who don’t care about sports.

However, how many of you thought I would share stories and photos like the memorable moments mentioned above as part of this college football travel tour?

Let’s be honest.  You didn’t.  Many people tune in for the football without a doubt.  And I have some great photos from Notre Dame/Navy, Ohio State, and Air Force games.  However, I don’t think the message has been clear.  So let me state this as clearly and bluntly as possible.

A majority of the College Football Travel Tour has nothing to do with college football.

Maybe I haven’t been clear enough about this.  However, those travel memories above are what stand out to me when I think about the College Football Travel Tour.

I’ve shared my travel story but maybe my travel philosophy isn’t clear.

The most memorable travel experiences of my life are about people and not places, sights, or destinations.

This is why I urge people to connect with locals when they travel.  This is why I share my travel thoughts.  A few people shared their favorite travel memories and the message is the same.

I don’t care whether you go to a football game, a local market, or a remote village in Africa.  Your most memorable moments in life are with the people you meet.

Can you best travel experience change your life?  Share your thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong.  College football is special.  It’s the culture and passion, the people, the food, and the experience.  It’s had great college football moments like “The Play” from the Cal-Stanford game and the Doug Flutie Hail Mary pass against Miami.

However, the College Football Travel Tour is about travel, making memories, and meeting people.

It’s why I can tell you about the best places to eat in Annapolis and why it has nothing to do with the food.

It’s why I am humbled and get goose bumps after meeting kids and seeing football games involving the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, and Army.

It’s why I can smile as I tell you about the Irish people and remember conversations and experiences I had with them in Dublin.

The big picture

I understand that the College Football Travel Tour may not change your life.  I realize you may not care about football.  However, this series takes you much deeper to connect with the culture, passion, and people.  This series reminds us about the things that are really important.

As a University of South Carolina graduate, this past weekend was one of the most highly anticipated football games in history.  ESPN’s College Gameday spent the weekend on campus profiling my school and football team.

Two top 10 teams played a football game in front of the biggest South Carolina crowd in history.  Our win over Georgia vaulted the Gamecocks to the #3 ranking in the country – the highest ranking since 1984 (when college football helped inspired me to travel).

However, THIS MOMENT is the most memorable from that game.  Watch this video about a military  family being honored before kickoff.  If your heart isn’t stirred or you don’t fight back tears, you don’t ever have to read anything I write again.

We are a month away from a historic election in our country.  I abhor politics and put no faith in politicians or government to change our world or make this a better place to live.  There are wars, famines, struggling economies, homeless people, and other issues that are more important than college football.

However, I hope that these stories and memorable moments from the College Football Travel Tour remind each of us what matters.

What memorable moments have surprised you?

Join me on the road for the College Football Travel Tour with Expedia to get more stories and meet interesting people from college football games and campuses all over the country.  And check out my travel guides on Expedia’s College Football page.

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  1. Candice says:

    I totally relate to your post, and I agree. I was a tour guide in Europe for many years, and while the travel experiences I had were amazing, the job completely changed me as a person. Mostly because of the relationships I made, and the things I learned about myself.

    • For me, it really is the people that make the difference in our travels. Seeing all the beautiful places and sights, especially in Europe, are fun but those aren’t the stories I tell or my best memories from a trip. Getting a different perspective and meeting great people really does change you.

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