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Touring European Cities by Bicycle

What’s the best way to see major European cities on a budget? By bicycle! Many cities have introduced bicycle hire schemes that are ideal for visitors. With most of these, you can register online or by phone and pick the bike up from one of the designated stations.

London has 570 stations whilst Paris has over 1,000; other cities like Nice, Amsterdam and Berlin have more modest numbers of stations though are conveniently placed near the biggest tourist spots.

The cost of hiring a bike is much more cost effective than public transport or taxis. In London and Nice, renting their bikes is free for the first 30 minutes; other cities typically have a flat rate for access.

It’s almost much less stressful! No cramming in between bankers on their way to work on the Tube for fighting heavy traffic in Paris. Plus, cities like Amsterdam are extremely bike-friendly being flat and having wide bike lanes. In Berlin, you can even take your bike on the bus.

Cycle past the Seine, around Greenwich Park in London or visit the Berlin Zoo all with the power of your own two legs. If you would like more information about urban cycling schemes in European cities, momondo has compiled this awesome infographic with everything you need to know!

Happy cycling!

Urban Cycling Scheme


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  1. Renuka says:

    I’d love to do that! Bicycling my way through European countryside is my dream. My sis and her hubby did it around Netherlands.

  2. David Moran says:

    That is the way to do it, but for younger folks. Our clients may not be able to handle this mode of transportation.

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