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Tips For A Budget Vacation In Australia

Sydney BeachesWhen looking into travel to exotic destinations like Australia, there’s the tendency to assume everything will be expensive. To some extent this can be true, but it also depends on the specific destination and what you plan to do there. In many cases, budget travel is all about careful planning and the organization of affordable activities.

Australia is a great example. It’s true that flying there can be a bit price, but once you arrive you can easily find incredible ways to enjoy yourself, either for free or for a relatively low cost. With that said, here are some tips on how to enjoy Australia on a budget!

Stay In Sydney

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get out and see Australia without spending a decent amount of money because the country is very spread out with attractions in every corner. But staying in Sydney is a great way to get a little bit of everything the country has to offer. It’s a modern city surrounded by beautiful nature, great beaches, and national parks.

Take Advantage Of National Parks

There are dozens of gorgeous national parks in Australia and many of them are either free or close to it. These are excellent budget travel attractions, as they truly show you the best the country has to offer in terms of wildlife and nature. Weekend Notes has some great examples to consider, suggesting parks and areas around Sydney for activities like the best bushwalks and camping grounds in the area. The Blue Mountains National Park is a particularly popular destination near Sydney, offering some very accessible but visually incredible 1-day hiking options, such as the Grand Canyon Track.

Enjoy Bondi Beach

If Australia has any one sort of attraction in excess, it’s beaches. The country is absolutely overflowing with breathtaking beach options. And depending on where you stay, there can be a number of cheap options. The 75-Mile Beach on Fraser Island is a popular pick and isn’t too difficult to get to if you’re staying in the area. If you happen to be staying closer to Brisbane, the Byron Bay Beach is another very pretty and relaxing option. But if you stay in Sydney, you can get a little bit of everything at Bondi Beach. A haven for surfers, this shoreline is beautiful and active all at once. It’s also very easy to access.

Consider An East Coast Tour

Unless you’re really cutting costs across the board and taking a camping/backpacking approach, budget travel is often about finding the best ways to package experiences in a single lump sum. In this regard, DialAFlight points to several interesting tour options worth considering near Sydney and the entire east coast of Australia. While some are pricey, there are others that offer you an affordable way to get up and down the coast to see the different beaches, towns, and attractions.

Stay On Your Feet

This is a less specific tip, but the fact is there’s a lot to be seen walking in Australia. From long stretches on beaches to walking tours of Sydney, Melbourne, and even a rainforest skywalk, you can do a great deal of remarkable things on your feet without having to shell out cash for transportation!

As long as you abide by these five tips, you’ll be guaranteed to save on your next trip to Sydney and take in much of what the city and its surrounding areas have to offer.

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  1. I love reading blog posts about how to save money while on vacation. Thanks for this. I always wanted to visit Australia especially Sydney but I find it too expensive. Will reconsider this and follow some of your suggestions.

  2. Australia’s definitely on my list of places to go, and I’d love to visit Bondi Beach. Now if only you could tell us how to save on the flight :)

  3. Jen says:

    I went to Australia a few years back and agree, finding a good bargain is difficult. That said even in the most expensive cities having a good walk around and eating where the locals eat (off the beaten track) is always good advice. Happy Travels!

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