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I am retiring from travel blogging but Budget Travel Adventures continues


The sun is setting on travel blogging but the real adventures are just beginning

October 24, 2012.  That’s the day everything changed.

While I was in Miami for the Expedia College Football Travel Tour, everything went wrong.  I was as lonely and discouraged as I’d ever been.  I was burned out, emotionally drained, and didn’t want to travel any more.  I missed home and the people closest to me.

I arrived home that day as low as I’ve been in a long time.  I made the decision to quit.  But I quit the wrong thing.

It was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.

Why I’m retiring from travel blogging

I used that experience in Miami and turned it into life lessons from the day I almost quit traveling.  I wish now that it wasn’t “almost.”

A few weeks went by and I got a little more energy again.  I finished up the College Football Travel Tour.  I found inspiration again and pushed through the struggles.  I enjoyed my travels and had some great opportunities in 2013.

Around my birthday, I had some new ideas not related to travel.  I wrote them down.  I even wrote about them.  I filed them away, ignored them, lost hope, and moved on.  My heart was showing me that I needed to move in a different direction.  I didn’t listen.

Instead, I took a dream birthday trip and discovered Yosemite in Winter.  That experience stirred my photography passion and became the subject of my first and only ebook  (you can now download my Yosemite in Winter ebook for free – no strings attached).

New opportunities.  A passion for travel photography.  I was writing better stories as my creative side flowed.  And I continued to make the wrong decisions.

For the last four years, the pattern was the same.  Work a full time job, travel, write, and maintain a home life.  Some of those I did well.  On the most important things, I failed miserably.

Every two to three months, I would get burned out and take a break.  Finally, I attended World Domination Summit in Portland.  It was both eye opening and tragic.  My life was broken in so many ways.

As a result, I’m trying to put my life back together.  Not the life I thought I wanted and spent too much time pursuing.  But the life I really want.

This past week has been one of the toughest of my life.  And it’s all my fault.  It all goes back to October 24.

As I slowed down this week, took a break from travel blogging, and listened, I saw the writing on the wall and the messages that were meant for me.  Like the movies Bruce Almighty and Fools Rush In, I realize now that the signs were everywhere.

I didn’t see them.

This week it all came crashing down.  After all the turmoil, stress, frustrations, and lack of sleep due to travel blogging, this was the final straw.  This wasn’t worth it any more.

I’ve made the decision – I’m retiring as a travel blogger.

Budget Travel Adventures will continue

Dave Parkinson Budget Travel Adventures

Dave Parkinson – the next Budget Travel Adventures

I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things this past week.  I’ve cleaned up some others.  It’s time to put some things behind me, getting rid of some people and baggage in my life.

I’ve thrown away almost everything related to travel blogging.  Business cards are in the trash.  Social media accounts and email removed from my phone.  And the Budget Travel Adventures blog has been turned over to someone else.

Dave Parkinson enthusiastically contacted me about my blog telling me he had been searching for the right site to start his travel adventures with his family.  He lives with his wife and 5 kids in Utah.  Reading his story, I knew he was the perfect one to take over.

Dave stated he wanted to keep everything I had written on the site, including my bio and how the site was started.  I am very thankful to him for that.  Now is the time to transition over to him.  Budget Travel Adventures will continue.

Dave has a passion for travel and adventure that he wants to share with you.  I couldn’t be more excited about leaving.  The timing and the transition are perfect.  As I leave this behind, I’m happy to know that Budget Travel Adventures will continue.

In the next week, the transition will be complete.  Dave and his wife are taking over the blog and the social media pages for Budget Travel Adventures.  I hope you will support and encourage him like you have done for me.

What’s next for me?

For years, I’ve always had a project.  I traveled for a while and got into golf.  Then I went back to school for a year and a half.  For the last 4 years, I’ve been a travel blogger.

Now it’s time for me to do nothing and focus on the things and people that really matter in my life.  I’m at peace knowing this is the right decision for me.

This may the toughest, most wonderful adventure of my life.

To sacrifice means to give up something you love for something you love even more.  For far too long, I had those reversed – I was giving up something I love even more for something I love.

It’s time to change that.

I’m not going to travel for a while.  I’m canceling my trips for the rest of the year.  I’ve got nothing else planned.  I’m going to rebuild and repair my life from the bottom.  I am going to focus on what matters the most to me.  I’m broken and it’s time to get fixed.

Thank you to all who have supported me over the last 4 years.  I am grateful for the friendships I’ve made and the people I have met.  Thanks for your encouragement.  The travel community has been wonderful.  Thanks to Expedia and others who took a chance on me.  I am humbled by my travel experiences, the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve been.

Dave has left the door open for me to contribute to Budget Travel Adventures somewhere down the road.  Maybe the time will come where I will return to travel blogging.  But not now, not for a long time.

Budget Travel Adventures will continue with Dave.  My own budget travel adventures will continue – in a much different direction.

This will be my last post on Budget Travel Adventures.  I will miss travel.  However, the sacrifice is worth it.  I really am retiring from travel blogging.

So thank you, goodbye, and happy travels!

Lake Tahoe sunrise Jeremy Branham

A final shot from one of my favorite spots – Lake Tahoe

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  1. That’s a shame, Jeremy! Good luck in the future though!

  2. Turtle says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ll be hanging up your boots – your site has always been a pleasure, as a reader. But it’s important that it’s a pleasure for you as a writer too and if you’ve lost the motivation and the enjoyment, then I’m sure you’re making the right decision.
    A lot of people who try to make this work think it will free them from the shackles of daily life. The truth is, it can create even more stress and chains than that was left behind.
    Good on you for realising what is important in life and having the courage to make a sacrifice to pursue that. I wish you all the best for the future – I’m sure you’re going to be very happy.

    • Thank you Michael. At times, it was really fun. However, there were things that were tough. I made too many sacrifices for the wrong thing. It’s time I make sacrifices for the right thing. It was a good run. There are a few things I learned about myself through this. I have a creative, fun, spontaneous side and need to use this more in my life. And I hope that I will find the happiness I am looking for and spend more time on the things that really matter.

      Thank you for the kind words and best of luck to you and your travels.

  3. Chris says:

    You will be missed mate. Good luck with the future and hopefully we’ll see you around the online world now and then.

    • Thank you Chris. Thanks for all the help you’ve provided me over the years. You’ve been a great part of the community. Best of luck to you in life and your travels.

  4. Steve says:

    Shocking news mate. I have enjoyed reading your posts and would like to wish you all the best in the comings. Hopefully I will catch up with each other one day.

    • Thank you Steve. I know many are surprised by this but it’s the right step for me. It’s one I should have done sooner. Thank you for all of your support. Best of luck to you in the future and in your travels.

  5. Miruna says:

    Sad news indeed…, but glad to find out that you’re doing what really makes you happy.I’m sure you’ve made the right decision, Jeremy, and I really hope you’ll have a wonderful life.As for Dave Parkinson, I’m looking forward to read his travel stories.


  6. What a shocking news, but I’m wishing you all the best on your upcoming endeavors!

  7. Oh we will miss you Jeremy!! We have always enjoyed your friendship and what you do here. You are definitely making the right decision though. I’m sorry things have been tough for you, but I believe in the strength of your spirit. You will rise above them and create that life you truly love.

    Please keep in contact with us. Send us an email with your new details so we don’t lose contact. We’ve still gotta meet in real life at a Tar Heels winning game 😉

    • Thank you Caz. This is a decision I should have made earlier. Now is the time and for whatever reason, these tough moments have happened now for a reason. Thanks to you and Craig for your support. There is a small group of bloggers that I really respect, like, and admire. You and Craig are in that group.

      My email address is the same. Best of luck to you, your travels, family, and health. If you ever get out this way, let me know.

  8. Wow it takes a strong person to admit that they’re broken and to want to sacrifice everything they have to become unbroken!!! I hope you find peace, balance, and are able to heal quickly. Enjoy your home and your family — that’s definitely the most important thing in life!

  9. Shannon says:

    While I am sorry to see you go from the community, it sounds like you have made peace with this transition and I wish you all the best luck in finding a new balance and focus that brings you joy and passion. Thank you for your support over the years of my own site, as well as the community. Cheers :)

    • Thank you Shannon. I admire you for your hard work, heart, and dedication to use travel to make the world a better place. Your heart is in the right place and I wish you continued success in everything you do.

  10. Marcia says:

    Sorry to read this news, Jeremy. But as Kenny Rogers said, You’ve gotta know when to hold them, when to fold them – and only you can know and do what’s right for you. It’s a courageous move and I’m sure you’ll be happier for it. We’re gonna miss you from Tweet & Shout. Anyway, good luck with your new adventures!
    Welcome Dave!

    • Thank you Marcia. I only wish I had listened to Kenny sooner and folded a little earlier. Thank you for all your support over the years. As for me, no new adventures really. I’m not doing anything now but slowing down and focusing on the things that matter. I hope people will support Dave on his adventures.

      Best of luck to you in your life and travels!

  11. Best of luck, Jeremy, no matter where your life’s journey may take you. I know your decision cannot have been an easy one, and I trust that it will ultimately lead you in the direction you want to travel. Hope you’ll keep in touch!

    • Thank you Bret. I admire you and Mary for what you are doing. Your life hasn’t always been easy but you have realized what matters in your life, keeping your priorities in your order, and pursuing your passions. Best of luck to your family and in your travels!

  12. Nicole says:

    Well good luck to you. I’m sure everything will be alright. I look forward to seeing the changes on the blog. It takes alot of courage to step away from a project that’s essentially your baby. Which also means it must have really been overwhelming you. Good luck on your future goals. :)

    • Thank you Nicole. I can’t be certain everything will turn out how I want. However, I can be sure I am making the right decision and my life will be better for it in the end. Best of luck to you in your life and travels!

  13. Brave move, Jeremy, but as others have said, you will be missed. Best of luck with your new focus and take care of yourself.

    • Thank you Paige. If I’ve inspired one person, I am humbled and grateful for that. May we all live a life that makes a positive difference in the lives of people around us.

  14. Ellen Barone says:

    Jeremy, I think it’s wonderful that you have listened to your heart and are now following a path that’s meaningful to you. I am without doubt that what emerges will be richer than you can even imagine.

    Best wishes as you move forward,


  15. Jenna says:

    As I’ve already told you, you are making the right decision, and you are very brave. Your children are young just once, and it goes by so quickly. I totally get that you want more time for what’s important in life. Your supportive, fun, and adventurous spiriit will be missed in this community. I hope to hear about the personal budget travel adventures you take with your family. :) Thanks for all your support and your beautiful photos you’ve been sharing lately.

    • Thank you Jenna. Yes, it is time to put this aside and focus on the things that really matter. Honestly, I don’t see myself traveling for a long time. And when I do, it will be such a joy to be able to do it and not feel obligated to write about it. It’s time for me to slow down. Best of luck to you, your family, and your travels. I know you have a lot of dreams as well. Hope they come true!

  16. Knowing when it’s time to walk away is a tremendously undervalued quality. Good for you, Jeremy. When it’s time, it’s time. I wish you the best of luck with whatever lies ahead!

    Will you still be reading blogs and popping up on social media, or will you be giving it all up?

    • Thank you Kate. Best of luck to you in your travels and upcoming marriage. Hope you enjoy continued success and happiness!

      As for blogs and social media, no I will not be a part of that. For social media pages related to the blog, I will be giving that up. On Twitter, I will be shutting that down. And on FB, I will stay away from travel stuff for a while. I just need a break from it all. Maybe one day, in the future, I’ll be back.

  17. You will be missed! You’ve been an inspiration and have such a wonderful site – thank you for sharing so many great years of travel with us! Good luck on the next stage of your life’s journey. And welcome, Dave!

  18. Oh wow, all the best on your next path Jeremy!

  19. Megan says:

    good for you for realizing what is most important to you and sacrificing other things to focus more on it :) i still have posts you wrote about PGH bookmarked to read (apparently im the travel blogger who is like 3 months behind on EVERYTHING) and im sad i wont be able to comment and send a note to you afterwards. but i still may do that 😉

    good luck in all of your future endeavors and it has been fun connecting with you on here! hope we cross paths one day!!!

  20. Good luck in your future travels within

    Could not help but notice this line
    ***I arrived home that day as low as I’ve been in a long time. I made the decision to quit. But I quit the wrong thing.

    It was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.***

    What did you quit that was a mistake? What are you doing to get it back or move on?

    Midlife crisis are mostly done on the inside. Don’t throw the Baby out with the Bathwater – Just may need to find the right place and right time for your inner journey.

    • Thank you Eileen. In my writing, I’ve been very open and vulnerable about stuff. Ironically, I’m a very private person. Almost too private at times. However, the things I quit are not something I’m going to discuss. Those are personal things I need to work through for myself. Hope you understand.

      For now, it’s time for me to sit and be. I don’t want another project or to find my passion or journey in life. I want to discover what it means to enjoy being who I am with the people in my life that matter.

      Thanks for all of your support over the years. Best of luck to you and your travels!

  21. Bethany says:

    Enjoy the newfound liberation! It’s so worth it to put life priorities first… All the best to you.

  22. Jeremy- I remember meeting when we both wrote for Examiner.com a while back. It’s been great following your adventures over the years and getting to say hi at TBEX 2012. Best of luck in whatever you do.

    • Yes, a lot has changed since Examiner. Thanks for the support from you and Steve. It was nice meeting you in Colorado. Best of luck to you and your travels. I’ll always think of you two whenever I think of Santa Fe!

  23. Roni Weiss says:

    Gotta do what you gotta do.

    Still gonna be tweeting or are you going luddite?

    • Yes, time to make some changes. No, I won’t be tweeting any more. I’ll be around until the end of this week then I’ll be gone. I just need a break from it all.

      Great meeting up with you the last couple of years. Best of luck to you in your travels, projects, and passions Roni.

  24. Good luck Jeremy! We’ve enjoyed your travel spirit.

    And a big welcome to Dave!

  25. UTDaveG says:

    Glad you are doing what you want/need to do. Will be looking forward to the new content here. Hope to see you ’round.

  26. Jerome Shaw says:

    Best of luck in your choice – if your reasons for retiring from travel blogging are for family and/or friends in my estimation you have made the right choice.

    I commend you for making such a decisive move.

    I made a similar decision many years ago as a photographer though not as decisively or a completely as you have. When my daughter was young I stopped taking travel assignments and began to concentrate on work that kept me local.

    Before my decision when I traveled I’d be gone for 10-30+ days several times a year. I began to notice that when I came home everyone among my family and friends were annoyed with me to varying degrees. The more I traveled the more they retreated from me. I expected people to be interested in my tales of travel but for them their everyday life had gone on while I was gone. The space I had occupied in their lives had been filled in by other things and other people. Now many were unwilling to move those new things out of the way to make space for me again.

    I, for the most part, could tolerate it when it was just friends retreating from me. I put it down to the cost of pursuing my dreams. When I noticed the same phenomena taking place with my daughter I wasn’t prepared to accept that as a cost of “doing business.” It was a the right choice for me to stop seeking travel assignments and I have never regretted it. For the better part of 10 years I concentrated on work that kept me close to home or at least not gone long.

    I don’t know that your circumstance is at all similar to mine but I hope that you have found the right thing to quit this time and are able to hold fast to that thing you love more than travel. Loving travel is easy. Being willing to give up travel for something you love more is far more difficult and definitely admirable.

    • Thank you for this Jerome. This is my favorite comment because of the perspective you shared. Your comments hit a lot closer to home than you think, maybe than I even realized. You gave me a perspective I hadn’t thought about before. I’ve spent too much time chasing dreams I could’ve given up a long time ago. Your insight into how your family was feeling throughout all of this is a great encouragement to me. I’m hoping that my decisions to quit will have a positive impact on the people in my life, much as it has been done for you.

      There is so much truth in what you are saying. I’ve lost connection with my friends and family – all in pursuit of a dream that was sometimes enjoyable, many times stressful and frustrating. I can’t thank you enough for this perspective and wish you happiness and joy with your family and your pursuits.

      • Michael says:


        I’ve enjoyed reading your stories. It connected me to you, and connected me with my previous career that involved travel.

        I know no one can ever understand how one is feeling, no matter how much they try….but all I can say, take some time to relax and refocus.

        For some, refocusing could be a few months or a few years, there’s no rush or time limit. You will know when your ready.

        You’ve done an excellent job, and I know Dave will as well. The changing of the guard will be taken care of for you.

        Take Care

        • Thank you Michael. Appreciate the encouragement and support (literally). These next few months will be all about simplifying and slowing down. I only hope that I can realize my true dreams and purpose now with all the other stuff out of the way.

    • Michael says:

      I like your comment. I like ALL the comments, but I am only a guest on here…I play another role.

      Chasing our dreams…it’s what we live for…it’s what makes us. As we get older, the line between dream and reality becomes clear. Those who are fortunate take the those dreams and live through them maintain the life they want. Some, not so lucky. I chased and lived a dream until a turn in the road changed everything. What I did notice along the way…the people who we thought envied us were at time jealous. It’s just human nature. Some wished they were us and others were lonely because of us.

      What I have learned…your never too old to create and chase other dreams. Like yourself, my “new” dreams circle around my family, not outside of it. Fixing and reconnecting is the best medicine. We all have dreams, but we all need that connection too.

      • Thanks for sharing this Michael. Sometimes we get so busy pursuing the dream, we forget about the people closest to us that helped us get there. I’ve got new dreams now and want this to be the greatest adventure of my life. Whether it’s life or travel, connection will always be the most important thing in life.

  27. Oh, such a shame to see you go. I hope whatever your future holds it makes you so very happy. Bless you.

  28. Audrey says:

    Congratulations on making this difficult & important decision. I can imagine how hard it must have been and how tempting it would have been to just “keep going” until you figure everything out. Really takes courage.

    We will miss you as part of the travel blogging community. Good luck with your next journey to focus on what (and who) is most important in your life…and finding that tricky balance between left and right brains.

    • Thank you Audrey. I really appreciate those few minutes that I had the chance to talk to you and Dan at WDS. This has all been a process. However, it’s something I should have done long before now.

      There is a small group of bloggers that I really like, admire, and respect. You and Dan and are in that group. Best of luck to you both of you in your travels and wishing you happiness in all that you do.

  29. Congratulations Jeremy! Most people will look at this as sad news, and I hope you know that my heart is in the right place when I say I think it’s good news. Every time you listen to your heart and do what you feel is right for you in the moment – it’s good news! I’m sorry it took you so long and that you were unhappy for a long time before you figured out what was right for you, but I can’t imagine how wonderful you must feel having made the decision already. A huge weight has been lifted I bet.

    I wish you nothing but happiness. Enjoy your new life and your family. :)

    • Thank you Robin. I just wish I had listened to my heart, seen the writing on the wall, and made these changes a lot earlier. This has been a tough week but it’s the first step in doing what I need to do. Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement.

      Best of luck to you in your travels and in life!

  30. GOOD for you Jeremy! It’s not a shame..it’s the best thing! Life is WAY too short to waste time doing things that stress you out or make you unhappy. It took a lot of guts and soul searching i am sure to do this…even if people think that traveling and blogging is the greatest job ever. I believe we get to try and learn things and then…time to move on!
    I’m excited for you and hope only the best. Please keep in touch!

    • Thanks Lisa. Blogging didn’t make me unhappy. It was definitely stressful at times. I don’t think it was good for my health. However, I learned some things about me during this that will help me in life. I learned that I was more creative, passionate, and spontaneous than I ever thought. And I hope that can carry forward to the rest of my life. I will take a lot of valuable lessons from this experience. I am thankful for the people I’ve met and that encouraged me.

      Thanks so much for your words. Best of luck to you in life and in your travels. Go Gamecocks!

  31. Best of luck, Jeremy. I applaud you for doing all the things that are right for you! I know you’ll have great success in your future projects :)

  32. Kymri says:

    Best of luck to you, Jeremy. Though admittedly not an avid reader of Budget Travel Adventures (prior to meeting you in person), I’m grateful for having met and known you in the travel blogging community. Your genuine warmth and good nature were a breath of fresh air, and you will be missed. You are a quality person Jeremy, and I’m certain there will be great opportunities ahead. Big hugs to you!!

    • Thank you Kymri. It was great meeting you as well. One of the best things about travel is the connections you make and the encouragement we can find in others. I can say that travel blogging was much more than just writing about travel. It taught me a lot about myself and showed me there is so much more to me than I ever knew. It gave me belief in myself again and I hope that I can carry these things forward in my life to make a positive difference in the things that really matter. I appreciate your kind words.

      Best of luck to you, your travels, photography, and passions!

  33. Best of luck with everything, Jeremy!

  34. Good luck and good life. Both will come.

  35. Hey Jeremy. What a bummer we’ll be losing you! I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels. Good luck with your future plans – I’m sure you’re making the right decision!

  36. Good luck in all of your future life endeavours :)

  37. All the best to you in your new (ad)ventures, Jeremy!

  38. It was great networking with you over the years, and you will be missed. Glad we got a chance to have a beer in Toronto. Good luck with whatever path you choose to follow.

  39. Suzy says:

    Sorry to see you go Jeremy but I understand. Good luck to you!

  40. OCDemon says:

    It’s weird for people on the “outside” to look at full-time or long-term travelers and think they’re living the dream, but it’s really just a mix of pros and cons that are hard to understand until you’re actually doing it. The thrill of something new every day comes alongside the disconnection from anything that lasts, and I don’t think it’s a lifestyle that’s permanently sustainable. Sometimes you just want friends and family to last forever, and constantly being far away just isn’t good for that. I think anyone can find a balance that works, and I hope you find yourself happier with whatever you’ve chosen to pursue.

    • My travel story is a little different than most. Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot. However, I also have a full time job. Every 2 or 3 months, I would burn out. I would get overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and even my health suffered a little. Not to mention my relationships. It’s been a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get the blog where it is today. However, it wasn’t worth the sacrifice and I made a lot of bad decisions along the way which I now regret. Now I hope I can fix that and get my life back with the right priorities.

      Thanks for your well wishes. I do hope I’m happier as well. I believe I will be but it will be a long road to get there. Best of luck to you and your travels and thanks so much for your comments and thoughts.

  41. Vi says:

    Let’s hope you will be back after your retirement in couple years after you will sort your life the right way :)

    • Thanks Vi but I don’t think I will be back. I’ve loved travel and always will. However, there are other things I want to focus on in my life. Travel blogging has taught me a lot about myself and for that I am thankful. Best of luck to you in your travels and life.

      • Vi says:

        Never say never :) For me travel blogging is story telling for myself firstly and not as business.
        Anyway, best luck for you too.

        • That’s how it has been for me – story telling. However, it became much bigger than that as time went by. And now it’s taken away from the things that really matter in my life. Thanks again for your wishes. If I come back, it will be a long time before that happens.

  42. Gray says:

    I will miss your voice in the travel blogging community, Jeremy, but I’m sure you’re doing what’s right for you, and that’s all that matters. Congrats for having the courage to step away and best of luck with everything.

  43. It takes guts to know when enough is enough Jeremy, and I applaud you for that. Goodness knows I’ve been close many times myself. Best of luck in where the road leads you, and if it ever leads you to Florida, look me up and let’s play some golf…

    • Thanks DJ. This has been a roller coaster ride. Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot about myself through this that I should be able to apply to the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll find some time to play golf again now. Best of luck to you in your life and travels. And I’ll try and connect if I make it to Florida (may be a while before I travel again).

  44. As one chapter of life ends, a new one begins. All the luck in the world.

  45. Darren says:

    You may, or may not remember me as Travel Rants. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I officially ‘retired from travel blogging’ last year when I closed my blog down and decided to move on to new projects which excite me. It isn’t an easy decision but you know when it is time. Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future.

    • Darren, I saw a post Alastair just wrote about travel blogger burnout. He used as an example as someone who just walked away from the blog. As you know, it’s not an easy decision to make especially when you put so much time and energy into it. It becomes a part of you. I hope you are finding success and happiness in your new projects now. For me, I need to slow down and simplify. I think my happiness is right here in front of me. I just need to find it again.

  46. Jeska says:

    I’m happy and sad to see you go but I definitely understand. Once you get burnt out and you stop enjoying it then its time to move on for a while. Your post was very honest and I can’t wait to see what Dave will do from here. Good Luck!

    • Thanks Jeska. Travel blogging has been fun at times but it was tough due to my full time job. I neglected things I should have been focusing on in an attempt to pursue my dreams. All those times where I burned out were a sign. I probably should have done this earlier. Best of luck in your life and travels and thanks for your support of Dave.

  47. Hi Jeremy,

    I’m sad to see you leave the travel blogging community, but congratulate you on following your heart. I hope you find happiness in your future adventures.

    Wishing you all the best,


  48. Phil says:

    Hey Jeremy,
    Sorry to hear this! Your voice will certainly be missed, but I understand what you are saying. You have to do what feels right and only you know what that is. I look forward to staying in touch with you and to hearing about your next steps in life.

  49. Cassie says:

    Oh, Jeremy! I’m sure this was a very difficult decision, but I know that you’re making the right one for you, your family, and your career. From the first time we met, it was clear you had given everything to your site and I can understand how that could have taken its toll. I’ll really miss seeing you on social media, but most of all I hope we can continue to see each other in person. When you’re ready for a short trip again, consider coming down to visit Cal. Bring your family! We have a spare room/back house you guys can have, you’re welcome to visit any time. Best of luck to you, and hugs from Kevin and I!

    • Thanks Cassie. It is the right one for me. However, I probably should have made this decision sooner. I need a break from things right now. I’ve been constantly busy, stressed, and consumed with other things for so long. Travel blogging was another one of those and it was a fun one. I need a break from everything right now and will miss all the support and encouragement from the travel community. I am thankful for what they’ve given me and shown me. Not sure if I’ll make it down to the Cal game this year though. We will keep in touch. Best of luck to you and Kevin in life and travels.

  50. Oh, Jeremy! You were one of the first people I got to know in the travel blogging world. I’ve always appreciated your support. But you’ve got to do what’s best for you and I’m glad that you are taking those big steps. I wish you the very best in this new chapter of your life. Come by and visit those of us in the blogosphere anytime!

  51. Andrew says:

    Hey Jeremy. Totally can relate to travel blogger burnout. Sold my site 18 months ago after I lost my passion for it and well with a 2-year-old at the time I was traveling less. I just outgrew the blog and at the time was bummed to move on but can tell you it’s for the best if you’re looking to focus on what really matters in life (family). No press trip to some exotic locale can replace those precious moments. Good luck on the next chapter! You’ll travel again and when you do you can bring along the kids and experience it through their eyes. Cheers!

    • Thanks Andrew. Yes, it can be tough as you know. I burned out every 2 to 3 months. However, I kept going. I should have stopped earlier. I can relate to you about traveling less. In the last year, I actually was traveling more. And at times, it was overwhelming to me. Back in October, I felt like quitting. However, I pushed through it and didn’t. I probably should have then. You’re right – no trip or memory is as important as those people close to you in your life. For too long, I’ve taken that for granted. Now I hope I can change that. Thanks for the encouragement and best of luck to you in your travels, career, and with family.

  52. Jemma says:

    So you’ll no longer update this site? This is really sad. :(
    I hope you’ll find the passion to write travel blogs again.

    • No, it won’t be me updating it. However, someone else is taking it over. It’s time I put all this passion I have into the most important things in my life. Thanks for the comment and best of luck to you in your travels.

  53. Melvin says:

    Quite a post and which I haven’t expected. But it seems you spend lots of time making that decision! All the best and I’m sure we’ll still see us elsewhere! 😉

    • Thanks Melvin. It’s the right thing for me to do. Maybe our paths will cross one day. Thanks for your support in the travel blogging community. Best wishes to you and your family.

  54. Monica says:

    Best of luck with your next step Jeremy. I’m sure it was a tough decision but one that I’m sure will be worth making. Non-travel bloggers probably don’t realise how much blogging can affect your life and consume everything you do.

    • Thank you Monica. Yes, it was something I needed to do. Wish I had done it earlier. I visited some great places, have awesome memories, and am grateful for the connections I made. I’ve also learned a lot about myself. However, it consumed too much of my time and now it’s time to focus on a life that I really want.

  55. Linda says:

    Gosh but I will miss reading your insights and wisdom! You were one of the first travel bloggers I read when my own was just a friends & family thing. I’m quite sure that you have unknowingly helped many more people than you are aware of. I’m a great believer in “…to everything there is a season,” but understanding that is one of the hardest things we have to learn I think, so well done on recognizing it; thanks for the enjoyment, and loads of luck with your future.

    • Thanks for your comments Linda. If I have helped, encouraged, or inspired people, I am thankful for that. Travel blogging consumed so much of my time. I wish I had spent more time helping, encouraging, and inspiring those closest to me. That’s why I’m quitting. It’s time to do more of that in my personal life. Best of luck to you and in your travels.

  56. Andrea says:

    If I’m being honest I will admit that sometimes I loathe travel blogging. I really wanted to start another site that would allow me to write on a more personal level and, though the circumstances surrounding it are not ideal, I’ve recently found a reason to start another website devoted to that. We still keep up the travel blog, but sometimes it is more draining than exciting for us these days. Wishing you the best of luck on your next ventures and your own personal goals. By the way, I really like how you’ve transitioned your site. Often sites sell and you just see a post with no details about the new owner – just pretty much, sorry, cashed out, see ya! So it’s nice to see who will step behind the wheel next. Otherwise I would have unsubscribed, haha

    • Andrea, I can relate to this. There were times I loved everything but the blogging itself. Every 3 months or so, I would get burned out. I should have taken that as a sign that it was too much and I needed more balance. When I wrote about travel, I made an attempt to be more personal. To me, that’s where the stories were. I began to loathe the “top 10″ lists (no offense to your most recent post) and general overviews of a destination (what to see, do, where to go). I wanted stories and connections. So my writing style changed. I’ve made so many connections and told stories from so many places I have visited it’s time to start making more connections and telling stories right here at home. There’s nothing I want more.

      As for the transition, I am very happy the way it worked out. I am glad I found someone who liked what I had done and wanted to continue. I wrote my last post because I just didn’t wanted to leave. I wanted to say goodbye and let people know the new direction. I hope people follow Dave and see what he does with things.

      As for me, I look forward to a new life – slowing down, simplifying, and focusing on the things that matter. Good luck with your new site and finding your place in blogging.

  57. Ashley says:

    You will definitely be missed…but I completely understand and wish you the best!!! I’ve been on a break from travel blogging for about a year because NOXP went from a fun hobby to that thing that was taking time away from what I really wanted to do. I needed to step away and reevaluate. It’s been a wonderful year! Unplugging is a surprisingly freeing feeling. I’m now slowly getting back into blogging (and am planning on reviving NOXP next week), but it’s with a new sense of what I want from it and where travel blogging fits within my overall goals.

    It’s fantastic that you found someone to carry on what you’ve started here! Dave is very lucky, though he’ll have some big shoes to fill 😉

    • Thanks for your perspective Ashley. I wish I had the insight or courage to do this earlier. I just didn’t see it then or looked at it as something I needed to push through. I love the idea of simplifying. I’ve experienced that before and realize how freeing it can be. Slowing down has already let me see and understand things I was too busy to see before. I wish I had done this earlier.

      Good luck with blogging again. I hope you find the right balance and fit it into your life without it consuming you. Can be tough. However, that year off has given you perspective and that will help.

      Thanks for the well wishes and encouragement. I wish Dave even more success! I am grateful for what this blog taught me about myself and will use that to make my life better going forward.

  58. Barbara says:

    I truly admire the decision you have made for what I am sure is the best thing for you and those in your life. The best of luck to you! Being a new travel blogger I haven’t known you for a long time but it was long enough to know you are a thoughtful person and have made a wise choice. I hope to see you around here in the future and in the mean time, good luck!

  59. I highly respect your decision Jeremy and I do admire your courage. I believe travel blogging has been a part of your life already and leaving it could surely pinch a bit to say the least. All the best on your next projects! – Juliet@4-insure.com

  60. John Unger says:

    Good luck with everything! It’s definitely great that you made the wise choice to not push beyond a burnout. There’s obviously a lot of travel sites out there that clearly exist to sell e-books and travel products, and it’s awesome that you’ve always maintained a standard for your blog, and are now passing it along to someone who will preserve the same quality.

    Thanks again for all the travel inspiration!

  61. Mark Hodson says:

    Unlike other commenters, I don’t think this is a “shame”. I think it’s life, it’s normal, and it shows maturity to know when to move on. Be honest: will the loss of one travel blog impact negatively on your life in any way?

    However, it is interesting, because I think we are going to be seeing a lot more retirements in the coming months and years, as travel bloggers run out of steam or decide they want to devote their time to earning a proper living, having a family or generally settling down in one place.

    It will be interesting to see whether or not their websites survive, and whether they can be sold or handed over to another blogger or organisation. Many travel bloggers have succeeded by making themselves the brand (ie. the blog is all about them). Those blogs will be harder to “transition”.

    Value is related to scarcity. There is currently no scarcity of travel blogs. However, there is a scarcity of travel blogs for sale. If that changes in the future, with many bloggers wanting to quit and offload, value could plummet.

  62. Gabriel says:

    Well you have enough memories to last you a life time with your travels. I wish you the best on your new adventure and hope that the new owner of the site does as good of a job as you have been doing. All the best with much love!

  63. Hi!

    Too bad you quit blogging but I’m glad that the site will live on!

    Victor Björklund

  64. Leigh says:

    Jeremy – Good luck with your new focus – I’m guessing family and your regular job. I totally get the burnout thing – and that’s why I’m writing less and starting to be smarter about how I spend my time. Good luck wherever life takes you. It was a pleasure to know you – in person and online.

  65. Ryan says:

    Sometimes you have to listen to your heart, open your eyes and follow the signs. Though I’m sure the travel bloggersphere will miss you, I commend your bravery to change your life and start on a different path, one which will hopefully bring you a little less stress! Good luck with all of your future endeavors good sir! I’m bummed I just found this blog as you are departing.

  66. Arianwen says:

    Best of luck. I can totally understand. It’s hard to keep a blog going, especially when other aspects of your life change and you don’t have the time, or perhaps even the motivation, to travel as frequently anymore. I’m very pleased you’re passing on the baton.

  67. Dorian says:

    Hi Jeremy, I loved reading your stories and it is very inspiring. I hope your doing good in your new adventures.

    Also Congratulation in doing this for 4 years, I’m at the starting point and I see the challenges. The fact that you did this for 4 years, it is an amazing accomplishment.

    Hope to follow your footsteps one day.

  68. Andy says:

    It is a shame to see you go, but it looks like you have some great things on the horizon for you. I wish you the best!

  69. Got so sad we weren’t able to join you live in your journey but we wish you luck on your new endeavor and we hope you can go back to blogging again. If not for travel, then for something you are really passionate about. See you around!

  70. Only very few can possibly do the same, Jeremy! That’s super brave indeed. Wish you the best!

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