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Quick Budget Adventure: Las Vegas

Las Vegas Cosmo Pool NightLong known for casinos and an extensive night-life, Las Vegas can be a great trip for someone looking for a short, cheap get-away. With about 125,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas there is no shortage of hotels looking to offload rooms for cheap. And with round-the-clock entertainment there is sure to be something fun for everyone. Within reasonable driving distance from Southern California, Utah, and Arizona it makes it an ideal stop for people in those locations. For others, flights are easy to navigate to Vegas.

Finding a Cheap Room

One of the biggest expenses of vacation is the hotel. This is one of the main benefits of Vegas. The sheer number of rooms in the city means there are a lot of empty rooms each night. Unlike other cities like Seattle, a few big conventions in Vegas won’t sell out every hotel room in the city. There’s always deals to be had.

Food and Entertainment

There’s a huge range of food in Vegas. They have everything from cheap buffets to expensive fine dining. If you’re looking for high quality dining you can end up in a place like The Buffet at the Bellagio or get a steak at Joe’s in Caesar’s Palace and enjoy a rich hot chocolate from Max Brenner’s afterwards. But if you’re looking to stay on the cheap side you can get some $2 tacos from Tacos El Gordo on the north end of the strip or enjoy one of many cheap buffets around the city. There’s plenty of places that fit your budget. On the entertainment side gambling is obviously the number one activity in Vegas. But there’s plenty to do if you’re not looking to lose your money on some games. There are shows, concerts, clubs, sporting events galore in Vegas. The Thomas and Mack Center at UNLV has frequent events as do many of the casinos. If you’re looking to get pampered there are countless spas or pools you could enjoy. If you are looking to get out of the city there are many options. There are world famous golf courses (and more affordable courses as well) in and around the city. Helicopter tours of the city and the Grand Canyon are popular tourist activities as well. Other unique activities include a driving experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you can take a few laps in a Ferrari F430 GT race car. There is also plenty of hiking, biking, boating and other outdoor activities you can enjoy as well.

Tips for Staying in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fun place, but it can be a brutal experience for someone who’s not prepared. You walk. A lot. Be prepared with good shoes and don’t hesitate to drive. Even though it’s a pain to navigate a vehicle around the strip it can save you a lot of time and aches. Plus there’s parking everywhere–and usually free. Make sure you plan extra travel time and also plan rest time. You can also take the monorail if you’d like. It gets you up and down the strip with several stops along the way. It helps to get to know the general layout of the hotels and casinos. Don’t be afraid to walk through the hotels but also pay attention to where you are going. It’s easy to get into a casino, but can be tricky getting out of them. There are always signs, but they don’t always cover where you are trying to go. If you aren’t sure, just ask. Overall, have fun–Vegas is best (in my opinion) for about 2-4 days at a time. It’s great for a cheap, quick get-away.

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  1. Raj kumar says:

    Hey Rob, thanks for the sharing this tips for a quick budget dude. Really people love to travell but due to budget problem they need to stay back.

  2. I love Las Vegas! Spent six weeks there in 2011 and did pretty much everything there was on offer. I love the shows and getting them half price at the ticket booths is a great way to save cash. My other tip is staying mid-week and avoiding weekends. Hotels are about one third the price on weekdays!

  3. Jorja Alcorn says:

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas and I am very thrilled to know some helpful tips on not to overspend. Vegas is such a great place to enjoy and have a little fun so better have an idea when visiting the place. Thanks

  4. To be honest, not sure why, I didn’t felt for Vegas! Maybe I will give it another go at some point!

  5. April says:

    I love visiting Las Vegas and play with their famous casinos. They are known as very good place for you to have fun and enjoy night life. There are also other great cities for you to enjoy live entertainment and that is in Branson. They are both the best place for you to spend your vacation especially if you want to spend time having fun together with your family. Your advice with how to find a cheap room when you are having a vacation is really helpful. Thanks for sharing your post!

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