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Expedia Find Yours travel purpose photos of the week

This week we celebrate the Expedia Find yours campaign by sharing photos that inspire people to travel with a purpose.  That’s really what the Expedia Find yours campaign is about – connecting people and their travel experiences to inspire and encourage.

If you aren’t aware of this campaign, here is my travel story which shares my journey and what inspired me to travel.  By sharing my story, I want you to share yours through your photos and and stories of travel.

Throughout the month of July, the Expedia Find yours photo contest asks people to share a personal travel moment through photos using 1 of 10 words.  By tweeting your photos with the word and #ExpediaFindYours throughout the month of July, you will be entered to win a $250 travel voucher and 4 nights in Aruba at the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort.

Check out the new Expedia Find yours commercial and get the rules and words for the photo contest.

I’ve asked people to share their photos with the words #purpose and #ExpediaFindYours to learn more about their travel stories.  Every week throughout July, I will share a few of the photos and stories for purpose that have inspired me.

Be inspired and share your photos to be featured and entered into the contest.  More importantly, share your Expedia Find yours moment so we can learn more about your story.

Expedia Find yours photos of the week

From adventure to outdoors to sports and everything in between, this week’s photos find purpose through travel.

Ian and Wendy (Twitter @ianandwendy)

These Canadians turned Californians have been all around the world visiting a number of countries.  They’ve found many inspirations for a travel purpose and shared a few photos for their Expedia Find yours moment.

Since I live in California, I love their photo of Mount Shasta.  I’ve traveled throughout the state and love to hike and explore.  Yet I haven’t visited this place yet.

Expedia Find Yours Mount Shasta Ian and Wendy


Another Expedia Find yours moment was a sunrise on a sand dune in Namibia.  What a beautiful location to find your travel #purpose!

Expedia Find Yours Ian and Wendy Namibia


Wide-Angle Wandering (Twitter @wideanglewander)

Sure, this is an amazing photo of the Taj Mahal.  However, it’s the story behind it that I love.  Snapping this photo required waiting in the hot sun.  As people escaped the heat, the patience paid off as this photo was the result.

Patience was required for the purpose of getting the right shot while doing something you love.

Taj Mahal


Daphne (Twitter @Via_Savona)

This photo was timely.  I’ve never been to northern Ireland.  However, I watched a video last week about the religious conflicts in Belfast that are still a part of this nation despite the the efforts for peace in the area.  You can check out the religious segregation in Northern Ireland video.

So why did this photo catch my eye for purpose?  I would love an Expedia Find yours moment where Northern Ireland is peaceful and there is no more fighting.  This photo was a perfect example of that.


Expedia Find Yours Northern Ireland Via Savona


Jenna Francisco (Twitter @thismyhappiness)

Like me, Jenna resides in northern California.  However, her most recent Expedia Find yours moment includes a photo of Toucans in Brazil.  The birds remind her to connect with nature – something that is really important to me as well.

Expedia Find Yours Toucans Brazil


Keryn Means (Twitter @walkingontravel)

A love of travel can be passed from one generation to the next.  That’s a purpose worth living.  I asked Keryn if this photo was for her purpose or her son’s.  Her response: “Probably both of ours. I found my purpose as a traveling mom and him as a traveling kid…and new walker.”

Expedia Find Yours Beijing


Aileen L (Twitter @aileen206)

There may be no great purpose than helping others.  Here Aileen volunteers to help Nicaraguans register for their birth certificates and citizenship.  I don’t think any more needs to be said.

Expedia Find Yours Nicaragua


Cali Day (Twitter @caliaday)

OK so part of me doesn’t like this photo.  Sure, I love sports but I am also a fan of Duke basketball.  However, I had to include this one because it resonates with me.

A number of Expedia Find yours moments for me have been experienced through sports.  Sports inspired me to travel many years ago.  And now, I have a new sports and travel series with Expedia – the College Football Travel Tour.

So yeah, I like the sports and travel thing as a purpose.

Expedia Find Yours Maryland basketball


There are so many more photos that I wanted to share.  However, I want more of your travel stories and photos for #purpose and #ExpediaFindYours.  Share your photos and inspire.  I want to hear about your travel experiences and share them with others.

Traveling is so much more than just the destination.

My Expedia Find yours photos of the week

Every day throughout July on the Budget Travel Adventures Facebook page, I am sharing a travel #purpose photo of the day.  Each one has a message sharing what I’ve learned or how I can live a greater purpose through travel.

Here are my Expedia Find yours travel purpose photos from the past week.

Expedia Find Yours Paris

Appreciate special moments

Expedia Find Yours Coors Field

Take the time to appreciate life from a perspective you've never seen

Expedia Find Yours Jeremy Branham Emerson Hart

Be open to meeting new people - you never know who might cross your path

Expedia Find Yours flags

The world is full of people from different places. Seek to learn more about other people and cultures

Expedia Find Yours Auschwitz

Learn about history but make certain some history is never repeated

Be inspired.  Travel with a purpose.  Win a travel voucher and a vacation in Aruba.  Tell your story and share your photos in the Expedia Find Yours campaign.

Tweet your photos with #purpose and #ExpediaFindYours.  Next week, get the behind the scenes scoop on the Expedia Find Yours campaign from the bloggers who are a part of it.

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  1. Some great photos here. I saw several toucans in Costa Rica, but they were different than the ones pictured here. I looked it up and the ones I saw were chestnut-mandibled and the kind pictured here are toco toucans.

    • I love the toucans. I haven’t seen one before but would love to spend some time in nature. It’s been too long. My real question regarding those toucans though – was one of them named Sam?

  2. Katrin says:

    Really breathtaking shots! I think I have just found my new wallpaper in the second picture!

    • There are definitely some amazing photos in here. While I love the shots, I really enjoyed reading some of the stories behind them. To me, that is what discovering purpose is all about – the lessons we can discover through travel.

  3. Jenna says:

    Hee hee re. Sam. The cool thing is that they are a couple and we see them in the trees every day, usually in the morning and evening. They make distinctive noises so as soon as I hear that, I know they are there. So beautiful!

  4. guy says:

    Thanks for including my photo.

    I dig that Namibia dune shot.

  5. Juno says:

    Some great photos are here! :) Yes we do all have purpose to travel… well said! :) Great to be a part of this campaign!

  6. So many great photos here, Jeremy! Thanks for the information about Expedia Find Yours — I’ll have to give that some thought. I like your line – “Traveling is so much more than just the destination.”

  7. My favorite is the EIffel Tower photo!

  8. These photos are all beautiful selections! Sounds like a great contest.

  9. Erik says:

    These are great. It’s a cool competition. I’m going to try and find time to enter this week.

    • Thanks Erik. The prizes are great but I hope people enjoy the stories and the photos just as much. It really is about our connections through travel. Look forward to seeing your photos (probably from NZ right?) :)

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