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#ExpediaFindYours travel #purpose photo roundup

This week, we celebrate more of your travel purpose photos for Expedia Find Yours.  Over the last couple of weeks, travelers have tweeted their photos that inspired purpose in their lives.  From sunsets and kids to building schools and chocolate hippos, people have a wide variety of purpose in their travels.

When this campaign started, I thought seeing people’s photos would be fun.  Giving away a trip to Aruba and a $250 travel voucher would inspire people to share their photos for purpose.  I thought the Expedia Find Yours would just be a fun photo competition that people would enjoy.

I was wrong.

I didn’t expect it to challenge me so much.  Every day I see photos and tweets about travel purpose.  I saw what gave people a reason to travel.  And this word “purpose” began to take over and affect me.

I’ve been telling people to travel with a purpose.  Now it’s my turn to live out my own message.

Because of your photos for purpose, I’ve decided to raise money for Passports with Purpose for the last few days of Expedia Find Yours.  Your tweets with photos and stories for #purpose and #ExpediaFindYours will get me closer to my goal.

250 tweets between July 26 and July 31 and I will donate $250 to Passports with Purpose.  If we reach 750 tweets, I will donate $500.  For 1250 tweets, I will donate $750.

Your photos have inspired me.  YOU have given me purpose.  Here are a few travel purpose travel photos from this week.  Now it’s your turn to share.  There are only a few days left.  Tweet your photos, win a trip to Aruba and a $250 travel voucher, and raise money for a good cause.

Expedia Find Yours photos of the week

Sunsets, schools, love, and hippos – this week’s photos share your purpose for traveling.

Michelle Duffy (Twitter @wandermom)

This is traveling with a purpose.  These are my favorite photos.  One look at them and you will see why.  Michelle is part of the Passports with Purpose team.  She’s been to Cambodia and Zambia and shares why Passports with Purpose does it.  Go ahead – get goosebumps.  It’s OK.

Expedia Find Yours Cambodia

Cheering kids as a school is opened in Cambodia thanks to Passports with Purpose

Expedia Find Yours Passports with Purpose library Zambia

Passports with Purpose builds a library in Zambia

Jennifer Miner (Twitter @jenniferminer)

Jennifer has been great at sharing photos.  This photo showcases love and romance in a park in Paris.  However, Jennifer also travels to Paris for chocolate hippos.  We all find our reasons for traveling.

Expedia Find Yours love Paris

Finding love in Paris


Expedia Find Yours chocolate hippos Paris

Or you can visit Paris for the chocolate hippos

Learning a language

One of the best ways to enrich your travel experiences if by learning a language – like Spanish in Guatemala

Iain Montgomery (Twitter @nihaoxiongmao)

Expedia Find Yours learning a language


Sometimes you just need to stop, enjoy the beauty of our world through a sunset.

Becca (Dinkel) Simon (Twitter @rkdinkel)

Cancun, Mexico

Expedia Find Yours Mexico sunset

All Over the Map (Twitter @tweetthemap)

Expedia Find Yours sunset

Traveling with kids

For many people, traveling with their families gives them their greater purpose.  Combining their greatest passion with the people they love makes life fulfilling.  Definitely a great purpose for Expedia Find Yours

Carol Cain (Twitter @NYCityMama)

Enjoying time with the kids at Yellowstone

Expedia Find Yours kids Yellowstone

Nicole Wiltrout (Twitter @ArrowSentForth)

Found her purpose as a traveling mom on her son’s first trip to the beach at Lake Michigan

Expedia Find Yours Lake Michigan

Rita Pilger (Twitter @RoamingRita)

A photo of her granddaughter visiting her great grandmother.  This was the last photo of them before her great grandmother passed away.

Expedia Find Yours granddaughter


What greater purpose can you find through travel than by giving back to others.  Here are two great examples of that.

Colleen Lanin (Twitter @TravelMamas)

Walking to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis

Expedia Find Yours Cystic Fibrosis

NaEun Park (Twitter @nananapark)

A girl she met in a kindergarten village in Cambodia while visiting with UNICEF

Expedia Find Yours Cambodia girl

Close to home

We can explore our world without going too far from home.  I love exploring California and these two love exploring places close to home as well

Jenny Freedman (Twitter @atasteoftravel)

The west coast of Australia!

Expedia Find Yours Australia

Michelle Verdi (Twitter @GratefulHoops)

Fishing on the Smith River in the midst

Expedia Find Yours fishing


I love to hike.  I continue to hike northern California.  So I love this photo from Erika as hiking gives me purpose.

Erika Wiggins (Twitter @Active_Explorer)

Red Eagle Lake – just enjoy the view

Expedia Find Yours hiking

College Football

As I head out on the road for the College Football Travel Tour with Expedia next month, this one hits close to home.  I love Leah’s photo of hanging out with her niece at the Texas Tech football game.

Leah Travels (Twitter @L_e_a_h)

Expedia Find Yours Texas Tech college football

Travel with a purpose shows us the many reasons we have for traveling.  Expedia Find Yours has given me purpose.  Now it’s time to share yours and help Passports with Purpose fulfill their purpose.  Tweet your photos with #purpose and #ExpediaFindYours to help raise money and change people’s lives.

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  1. LMAO, chocolate hippos! I love me some Jen Miner. This is a great PR campaign for Expedia. Of course it’s no secret that GGT’s travel purpose is “Saving the World, One Story at a Time.” But it’s great to see other organizations, like Passports With Purpose, using their power and influence to do the same.

    • Yes I think only Jen would come up with chocolate hippos. Not sure I would travel to Paris for that but interesting for sure! I think all of us have unique travel stories that are worth telling – even ones with chocolate hippos!

  2. Leah Travels says:

    Very cool collection of photos, Jeremy. Of course, I’m partial to the last photo in your post. :-) That trip had so much more meaning than it just my niece’s first Tech football game. Maybe I’ll write about it someday.

    I love seeing the pictures from all ten of the Expedia bloggers during the Find Yours campaign.

  3. Rita says:

    Thanks for posting my picture this week!

  4. Laurence says:

    This whole idea is just brilliant. Well done on taking part and offering to put your own cash forward 😀

  5. What a beautiful set of pictures. I really like the grandmother with the granddaughter picture. What an adorable picture. Active Explorer’s picture is pretty awesome too.

  6. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for including me Jeremy among such lovely photos and experiences!

  7. Abby says:

    Oh wow, what a collection. Gorgeous photos — and some by travelers I can’t believe I’ve never “met” before. Thanks for the intro!

  8. Iain Mallory says:

    Great post Jeremy and some lovely images which in some cases give food for thought. Some excellent reasons to travel too, good luck in the Expedia comp.

  9. Great collection of photos that illustrate traveling with purpose. Interesting how one thing can morph into another completely different and take us down whole new roads. I’ll look through my photos to see what I can find. Good luck!

    • It was interesting to see all the different places and types of travel experiences that inspired people and gave them purpose. As part of this campaign, I am convinced more than ever that there is so much more to travel than just a destination.

  10. Renate says:

    Wonderful shots! It must have been such an amazing experience to see that sunset from the beach… I really like that photo, I think I have just found my new wallpaper…

  11. All fantastic photos and I bet there are equally fascinating stories to go with them. Great work raising the money mate!

    • Thanks Cole. Every travel photo has a story. Sometimes it’s just an interesting moment or fun picture. However, there are feelings, memories, and stories attached to these photos. So glad people had a chance to share some of those in this campaign.

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