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2013 New Years resolutions, travel plans, and a look ahead

Jeremy Branham New Year's resolutions travel plans

As I look ahead to 2013, I reflect on 2012.  Honestly, I am not a big New Year’s resolutions person.  I never have been.

Maybe that’s part of my problem.

I believe that we need to look back and remember.  So many travel memories and moments teach us a lot about ourselves.

I talked about my top 10 travel moments of the year and shared the stories and adventures.  I even had my top 5 sports and travel moments of 2012.  With every destination, there are two things in common – people and stories.

Every experience, journey, and destination should teach you something and give you direction.  Travelers around the world reflected on their best travel moments of 2012.  However, I’ve done a horrible job of taking those life lessons and setting goals.

So my first New Year’s resolution was to make some New Year’s resolutions.

There will be some changes and growth.  There will be a more defined direction.  There will be a need for miracles more than resolutions.  And there are some exciting dreams for my 2013 travels.

2013 New Year’s resolutions

As I look back on my 2012 travels, this year will be tough to top.  I got to do my dream travel series and have been the envy of many friends, fans, and travelers.  This Fall, I traveled to 8 cities as part of my Expedia College Football Travel Tour.

I went on numerous hikes.  I took off my pants (and a little more) to wear a kilt.  I did a sit down interview with my hiking boot.  I met sports celebrities and icons like Mike Golic and Bobby Knight.  I flew over 32,000 miles and drove many more.

So what did I learn?

I need to set more goals.  I need to define who I am.  I need to make New Year’s resolutions to keep me on track.  And I need miracles.

A new direction – 2013 travel plans and goals

Looking ahead to a new year, here are a few New Year’s resolutions that will mean some changes, some dream travel trips, and some help.

A new direction

As I celebrate 2 years of Budget Travel Adventures, I look back at the first couple of years and cringe a little.

I was all over the place – travel news, travel deals, stories that may have revealed too much, travel tips, travel ideas that started and died.  I need a map for where I am going.

I’m going to focus on a few key areas as I become more focused in my travels.  Here are the six areas of travel that will define Budget Travel Adventures:

California – stories on California cities, towns, destinations, people, adventures, and more

Hiking – hiking guides and stories from my hikes in California, US, and around the world

Traveling thoughts – personal stories, reflections, and observations on travel and life

Budget Travel Guides – travel tips on food, transportation, connecting with locals, activities, and lodging written by travelers about destinations all over the world to help you save money and connect with the places you visit

Destinations – stories about places and people that I encounter in my travels around the world

College Football Travel Tour/Sports and Travel – stories from my College Football Travel Tour including college campuses, tailgating, football experiences and more as well as sports and travel stories around the globe which will feature interviews, unique experiences, stadiums, and the cultural connection between sports and travel
A new look

Wearing the same hairstyle or clothes for a few years may become part of who you are.  However, sometimes you need a new look.

If you haven’t been by in a while, you’ll notice one of the first changes – a new logo.  The idea is to incorporate this new direction with a new look making it easier to navigate.  Photos are bigger on the home page and the categories are gone.

Budget Travel Adventures logo header

More changes are on the way to help people find what they want and read the latest stories.  Not all change is easy but it can be beneficial.

2013 travel plans

Surprisingly, this is one resolution/goal that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention – yet.  However, there are plans for a new series as I focus on six key areas of travel for 2013.

This year, I hope to carry the torch of Huell Howser – a California travel icon who recently passed away.  A southerner who made California his home, Huell inspired people with the beauty, culture, and people of California by showcasing all that this state has to offer.  I hope I can do the same.

Currently, I am working on two dream trips.  Sure, I did the College Football Travel Tour last year but these are two different kinds of trips.  I am not sure if either of these will happen but stay tuned – these are big!


This isn’t a New Year’s resolution.  This is more like crying out for a miracle.

In my head, I organize my thoughts well.  In life, everything is a mess.  Honestly, organization is one of my biggest weaknesses and it has had a huge impact on my travel life.

I find it very difficult to get everything done because I am all over the place.  I have good ideas but they are misplaced and forgotten every time I move on to something else.  Papers and bills are everywhere and I dread trying to find stuff that I need.

I have good ideas that get lost in the chaos.  Following up on emails and stories seems like a lost cause.  Getting on a schedule to help me organize thoughts, ideas, and my writing is nearly impossible.

Organization will help me make my travel lifestyle a success.  However, too much chaos leads me to fall short of my desires and expectations.

This is one area where I need a miracle – not a New Year’s resolution.

Looking ahead to 2013

Travel plans, changes, New Year’s resolutions, and miracles.

This is my focus for 2013.  Honestly, I am inspired my these travel resolutions as a way to make a positive impact on the world.  However, that needs to start with me – focus, planning, goals, and direction.

We will see if I am organized enough to even remember these New Year’s resolutions next week.

What are you New Year’s resolutions for 2013?  How has travel inspired you to change or do something different in 2013?

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  1. Steve Whitty says:

    I am liking the new logo. Your plans for 2013 look good. I hope that you are successful with these. I too have made plans not resolutions for the new year. Hopefully our paths may cross. On another subject what did you think of the game last night. I was not surprised by the result.

    • Thanks Steve. May have a few more tweaks to the logo but I wanted something a little more detailed that represents everything I love about travel. As for my plans, they are slowing coming together. I have one trip that is almost a certainty (I will announce that one soon) and another one that I really want to happen. We will have to wait and see.

      As for the game, Alabama dominated and I expected that. Notre Dame played a good schedule on paper but the offenses they played were horrible. Defense was exposed against Bama.

  2. Joseph Pappy says:

    Hey thank you for posting such a wonderful and useful article. Very much inspiring for all travel lovers.

  3. I really like your new logo too! I still haven’t made any resolutions but do need to tweek my site too. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in 2013!

    • Thanks Debbie. I am liking the new logo as well. Still putting together my travel plans. Have one trip almost finalized and working on another. Both of them are big ones for me. When are you going back to Europe? I saw where you want to go but when are you doing it? :)

  4. Laurel says:

    Love the new logo, looks great! Also like the idea of defining your site. I’m the oposite of you, I make too many New Year’s resolutions and am then stressed out trying to keep them all :)

    • Thanks Laurel. Still got a lot of work ahead of me. That organization thing is going to kill me. I really think that is the thing that holds me back the most. Hope you do a better job with your resolutions than mine! :)

      Are yours all travel related or other things as well?

  5. Everyone says about your Special Travel Log….Me to…Great..

    Your Plans, guide, goals and New Year Resolution Topic is so nice…..

    All the very best

  6. We would like to throw our support behind these resolutions–particularly the one about posting more hiking guides. We’ve always loved the level of truly useful detail you include in your reports from the trail!

  7. Laurence says:

    First off, I love the new logo, it’s brilliant.

    Second – it already sounds like you’ve made some really positive steps forward by organising your thoughts and picking your direction. I read somewhere that writing things out really helps you to both focus your thoughts and also makes you more likely to succeed, so I am totally confident that this is all going to happen for you. No miracle needed 😀

  8. Nico says:

    The good thing about New Years Resolutions is looking back at the end of it and seeing what worked and what didn’t. Will be interested to see if you achieved what you set out to at the end of the year.

  9. Good luck for your travel plans mate! Hopefully this is the year we catch up somewhere along the way.

  10. Great the new logo! Some actually say that some mess supports their creativity, so it’s not always disempowering. If you do want to change it, perhaps you can commit to making a small change and increase over time. Hope your big trips work out :)

    • Thanks for the comments about the logo. I am definitely a mess and while I have a lot of good ideas, I need to organize things so I can actually implement them. Since I can’t have more hours in a day I need to make use of the hours I do have :)

      Any tips on becoming better organized? I’ve read lots of stuff but always open to suggestions and ideas.

  11. Trying to keep an organized schedule is a big resolution for me this year too. I’m so bad with that. Good luck with yours Jeremy!

  12. I think you’ve got a special niche with College Football Travel. Of course, I personally like the hiking guide idea too!

    • Thanks Mary. I am going to try and do even more hiking this year. I still love the sports aspect as well so you will see a little more beyond the college football stuff. I know sports may not appeal to a lot of people but it can be an incredible cultural experience with locals when you travel.

      Now time to work on those goals…any big goals or resolutions for you and Bret this year?

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