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Best of Travel 2011: The rules

Best of Travel 2011Welcome to the “Best of Travel” 2011!

The idea behind this series is to take a look back at the year in travel and share our favorite travel destinations, memories, and experiences from 2011.  The goal is to unite travel writers and bloggers in a project which celebrates a year of travel and recaps the top stories and experiences for readers.

The Rules:

1.  Any blogger can participate in this.  Just create a “Best of travel” post.

2.  In your “best of travel” post, focus on the following 7 categories:

  • Best Domestic Travel Destination
  • Best Travel Experience
  • Best International Destination
  • Worst Travel Experience
  • Most Embarrasing Travel Moment
  • Best Local Destination
  • Best Travel Lesson

3.  Nominate 5 bloggers to participate.  Link back to the person who nominated you.

4.  Share your posts with the hash tag #BestTravel2011 which will be shared on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook.

5.  Series will run through January 16, 2012.

6.  Please feel free to include a link to the Best of Travel 2011 rules in your posts.

7.  A running log of posts can be found on the Best of Travel link on Budget Travel Adventures and the stories will be featured on Best of Travel page as well.

If you are participating in the “Best of Travel” series for 2011, please email your post to me at budgettravelsac@yahoo.com with the headline “Best of Travel” so I make sure that it is included. 

I will create a list of nominated blogs from posts that are published and sent to me.

Why a “Best of Travel” 2011 project?

Many people may be asking this since they feel they could do a year end post on their own.  However, Christmas, New Year’s, and the holiday season may be a slow period for many travel bloggers.  While many people may go on vacation, this is also a good time of year for bloggers to take a break as well.

The idea behind this is to unite travel bloggers and writers in a simple end of the year project that will recap a year in travel and help readers and travelers focus on destinations or stories that they may have missed.  Also, I find being a little more personal and open with readers gives people an opportunity to connect and engage.  So make sure your posts also ask for feedback from your readers about their travel experiences.

Have fun with this!  Be creative with your list.  Make this a fun project – you never know what you may learn about yourself after looking back on a year of travel!

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  1. Roving Jay says:

    Great Idea…. will be something to pull together over the holidays, so glad you’ve extended the date out to January.

  2. Sophie says:

    Nice idea, Jeremy. Hoping for loads of free time during the Christmas vacation :)

  3. Great idea, Jeremy. Count me in! Should it be a “best of” for just our travel experiences in 2011 or for all time?

  4. jade says:

    FUN! We were planning on already so I’ll just tweek it a little to fit more into the requirements. Meeting everyone IRL at TBEX was definitely high on my list!

  5. Scott says:

    My worst travel experience was being beaten up and thrown onto the train tracks by a bunch of hooligans in Gdansk, who mistakenly thought I was English. Luckily the train wasn’t coming!

  6. suki says:

    fantastic idea. i loved reading the ones i came across! :)

  7. We did not realize this project was going on till today! Just saw the nominations for us to participate on Twitter. Oh well… We’ll keep an eye out for a 2012 series for sure!

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