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Best travel moments of 2012 from around the world

Best Travel Moments 2012

Travelers share their best travel moments of 2012

Backpacking through Europe.  A cruise to Antarctica.  A road trip across America.  Exploring New Zealand and Australia.  A year long trip through Russia and the former Soviet Union.

These are just a few of the best travel moments of 2012 from travelers around the globe.

For this traveler, my top 10 best travel moments of 2012 included a travel series with Expedia, hanging out with the Irish people in Dublin, watching football games all over the country, and exploring some of nature’s beauty.

College Football Travel Tour Best Travel 2012 Oklahoma SoonersThis year, I took a road trip – many road trips – as I traveled all over the US on my College Football Travel Tour as part of my series with Expedia.  I told stories of tailgating, shared some of the best places to eat, visited college towns and tourist attractions, and met some amazing people.  My love of sports and travel led me to share my top 5 sports and travel memories of 2012.

However, if you love amazing travel photos or want to join travelers and see destinations all over the world, come see some of the best travel moments of the year from travelers as they share a look back at best travel experiences in 2012.

Travelers share their best travel moments of 2012

With travel friends located around the world, here’s a list of their funny stories, beautiful destinations, amazing photographs, and best travel experiences from the past year.

Everything Everywhere Best Travel 2012 penguin2012: A Year in Photography – Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere shares some beautiful photos from the 18 countries that he visited this year including spectacular scenery from Argentina, Antarctica, Belize, California, North Carolina, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Arizona, and more.

Hike Bike Travel Best Travel 2012 BanffHighlights of My Year (2012) in Photos – If you love the outdoors, Leigh McAdam of Hike Bike Travel shares her best travel photos as she skis, hikes, dogsleds, and explores Banff National Park, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Colorado, and a number of scenic places in Canada.

yTravelBlog Best Travel 2012Top 5 Highlights of 2012 – Caz and Craig of yTravelBlog share their best travel moments from 2012 which include Kakadu National Park in Australia, more of Australia, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Secret Beach in Vanuatu, and more top 4 beaches, cities, countries, experiences, accommodations, food/drink, and more!

Traveling Canucks Best Travel 2012Our 10 Most Memorable Travel Experiences of 2012 – Cam, Nicole, and Baby B of Traveling Canucks had some memorable moments from this last year.  They took Baby B on a trip to Europe but that wasn’t all.  Here’s a look back at their best travel moments from 2012 which included their first family trip with Baby B to California, a helicopter tour of Hawaii, road tripping through British Columbia, and epic memories of their trip to Europe.

ilivetotravel Best Travel 2012A Year (or the World?) Ends… Either Way, I Travel – Raul of ilivetotravel had some amazing experiences in 2012.  He traveled to Texas and Chicago to meet other travelers, went skiing in Colorado, explored Italy and Eastern Europe, worked with orphan kids in Romania, and more.  Check out the rest of his best travel moments of 2012.

Traveling Ted Best Travel 2012Five OMG adventure travel experiences from 2012 – Ted Nelson of Traveling Ted hiked, kayaked, and explored Mexico, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, and some of the beautiful places close to home.  See an amazing waterfall, Fall colors, and check out Ted’s best travel and outdoor experiences of 2012.

Green Global Travel Best Travel 2012 wildlife photosGreen Global Travel’s Top 20 Wildlife Photos 0f 2012 – Bret and Mary of Green Global Travel take an ecological approach to travel.  This past year, they’ve traveled all over the world.  Rather than sharing just the destinations, they’ve chosen their favorite wildlife photos as part of their best travel moments from 2012.  Penguins, a fox, polar bear,  scorpion, a seal, and a sloth of just a few of their amazing photos.

Ordinary Traveler Best Travel 2012Best Travel Photos from 2012 – Scott and Christy of Ordinary Traveler are avid surfers and photographers.  However, it isn’t just beaches and surfboards for them.  Check out their best travel photos of 2012 as they travel through southern California, Sicily, Mexico, Hawaii, and share some delicious food with you as well.

This Is My Happiness Best Travel 2012The Best of 2012 – Jenna Francisco of This Is My Happiness takes us through her year in travel with photos and adventures.  With a number of trips through California, she shares the beauty of this state as well as adventures from Brazil and Italy.  Check out her best travel moments of 2012 and what she looks forward to in 2013.

Runaway Juno Best Travel 2012The Year 2012 – Highlights of the Last Twelve Months – Juno Kim of Runaway Juno has crossed the globe with a year full of adventures.  She shares her best travel photos from her adventures in China, Vietnam, Laos, Europe, Iceland, the US, and more.  Check out the highlights and photos from 2012.

Young Adventuress Best Travel 2012A Look Back: 12 Best Moments of 2012 – Liz Carlson of Memoirs of a Young Adventuress has spent a lot of time in Spain.  However, her European adventures have taken her to some amazing places in Europe and the Middle East.  Check out her favorite travel moments from the last year including a trip back home for Christmas.

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler Best Travel 2012My best hiking in 2012 – Alexandra Kovacova of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler took to the hills and mountains in 2012 as she shares her best hiking adventures in 2012.  She shows her adventurous side proving she is more than just a beach bum.  Enjoy some of nature’s beauty on these hikes in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, and her native Slovakia.

Ali's Adventures Best Travel 2012Best of Travel 2012 – Ali Garland of Ali’s Adventures began her 2012 finishing up her round the world trip.  However, her biggest adventure may have been settling into Germany with her grounded traveling husband Andrew.  Check her photos and best travel adventures to Easter Island, Turkey, Brussels, and Lisbon.

Grounded Traveler Best Travel 2012Reflections on 2012 – Andrew Couch of Grounded Traveler reflects back on 2012.  For him, it was more than just travel.  Starting married life in his adopted German town of Freiburg, writing a new book, and sharing travel lessons, taking more flights, and take an in depth look at his travels – all part of an eventful 2012 travel year.

Velvet Escape Best Travel 2012Highlights of 2012 – Keith Jenkins of Velvet Escape had an eventful year.  Not only did he turn 40 and win a couple of travel awards for his work, he spoke at travel conferences, traveled to Kuala Lumpur, saw the northern lights in the Finnish Lapland, explored Iguazu Falls and Victoria Falls, and visited one of my favorite underrated cities in Europe – Budapest.

Brendan's Adventures Best Travel 2012Best Travel Photos of 2012 – Brendan van Son of Brendan’s Adventures took a huge leap in 2012 as he explored a place where many people dare to go – Africa.  However, his best travel photos of the year show us places all over the world including the US, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Europe, Morocco, Canada, and of course, amazing Africa – some of the best travel photos and stories of the year.

Ken Kaminesky Best Travel Photos 20122012: My Year in PhotosKen Kaminesky may be one of the greatest travel photographers on the planet.  Ken’s photos and travels have taken him all over the world.  This year he celebrates his amazing travel photography with a look back on trips to Iceland, Italy, Sweden, Washington DC, Colorado, Boston, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Jordan, and more.

A Dangerous Business Best Travel 201212 Memorable Moments from 2012 – Amanda Williams of A Dangerous Business shares her favorite travel moments of 2012 with adventures to some of my favorite places including Scotland, Yosemite, Croatia, New York City, Budapest, Alaska, the Summer Olympics, and more.  Check out her best travel photos and moments from 2012.

LandLopers Best Travel 2012My Picks For Best and Worst Travel Experiences of 2012 – Matt Long of LandLopers made a big change in 2012 as travel became a full time job.  He explored South Africa, the US, Europe, Canada, Thailand, Japan, and more as he shares his best and worst travel destinations and stories of 2012.

The Planet D Best Travel 2012Year in Pictures – Best of 2012 – Dave and Deb of The Planet D are some of the best travelers and photographers on the planet.  This year, they traveled the world in search of adventure and stories.  Here are some of their best travel photos from the past year with trips to Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Italy, Hawaii, Spain, the US, Kenya, and more.

Adventurous Kate Best Travel 2012My Top 12 Travel Experiences of 2012 – Kate McCulley of Adventurous Kate traveled from all over the world.  She had her share of mishaps, a break up, and some great stories to tell.  Here’s a look back at her best travel moments of 2012 from Spain, Italy, South Africa, Iceland, Croatia, and more.

Lee Abbamonte Best Travel 2012My Year in Travel 2012Lee Abbamonte may be the most traveled guy on the planet with over 300 countries visited.  This year brought a different side to his travels with more TV appearances, 35 countries, fun adventures around the world, and the greatest college football atmosphere he’s ever seen (hint: my alma mater).

GoNOMAD Best Travel 2012Where We Went in 2012: GoNOMAD’s Travels for the Year – The writers at GoNOMAD share some their favorite travel destinations of the year.  Max, Stephen, Mridula, Janis, Cindy, Paul, Cathie, Sonja, and Jean talk about places like Estonia, Mexico, Jamaica, Vermont, India, Russia, Italy, California, the Dominican Republic, and many more.

Hecktic Travels Best Travel 2012In the Rearview – Our Favourite Days of 2012 – Pete and Dalene Heck of Hecktic Travels traveled well in 2012.  They saw a sunrise over the Sahara, explored the ruins of Petra in Jordan, enjoyed my favorite country of Slovenia, and shared their favorite experiences and people from the past year.

Over Yonderlust Best Travel 20122012: Our Year in Review – Shaun and Erica Kushel of Over Yonderlust truly know what travel adventures are all about.  From day one of their marriage, they hit the ground running and in 2012, they share their best travel stories and adventures from Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, the US, France, Germany, and more.

Four Jandals Best Travel 20122012 Travel Adventures in Photos – Cole and Adela of Four Jandals are an adventure travel couple from New Zealand who share their love of travel and couple travel tips.  With a colorful look back at the best travel moments from 2012, they share photos and stories from Scotland, Egypt, Turkey, Norway, New Zealand, and more.

GlobeTrotterGirls Best Travel 2012Our Top 5 Favorite Destinations of 2012 – Jess and Dani of GlobeTrotterGirls are a traveling couple who love slow travel and enjoy exploring.  As they look back on their best travel destinations of 2012, they share their photos and stories from Costa Rica, Cambodia, Mexico, Thailand, and Argentina.

TravMonkey Best Travel 20122012 Year In Review – Paul Dow of TravMonkey shares travel tips for destinations and travelers of all types along with live travel blogging.  However, he loves to travel and explore as well.  He shares a recap of his best travel moments from 2012 with trips to Belgium, Poland, the UK, Egypt, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and more.

Our Oyster Best Travel 2012A Year in Travel 2012 – Jade Johnston writes about her slow travel experiences at Our Oyster.  Newly married with a baby on the way, this didn’t slow her down in 2012.  Check out her travel adventures as she shares her photos and stories from travels throughout Australia and Tonga.

No Vacation Required Best Travel 2012Our 2012 Year in Review – Kent and Canaan live their travel lives exactly like their blog states – No Vacation Required.  They love adventure and live to tell their travel stories.  Check out their best and worst travel moments of the year from Spain, Costa Rica, Washington DC, and New York City as they share their favorite photos, travel stories, moments, and more.

The Vacation Gals Best Travel 20122012 Was a Very Good Year – Jen, Kara, and Beth and the trio that make up The Vacation Gals as they share travel stories and tips for girlfriends, romantic escapes, and family vacations.  Kara recaps the last year for the gals as they traveled to Europe, Colorado, Australia, Mexico, Spain, and share their travel writing and awards from the past year.

Phil in the Blank Best Travel 2012Some Thoughts About this Year and the Next One – Phil Paoletta of Phil in the _____ draws camels, raises sheep, and tells stories of life, culture, politics, and the people of Africa.  Currently in Bamako, Phil reflects back on his 2012 travels and tells stories about Africa you won’t read anywhere else.  Read his look back and look ahead to 2013.

What's Dave Doing Best Travel 2012Twelve incredible months: 2012 in review – Dave Dean of What’s Dave Doing? left his home in New Zealand and has spent the last 15 years traveling.  Dave spent much of the year traveling with fellow travel blogger Lauren of Never Ending Footsteps.  Here is a recap of his best travel moments from Thailand, Bali, Australia, Europe, South East Asia, and the US.

Active Explorer Best Travel 2012My favorite travel moments of 2012 (video) – Erika Wiggins of Active Explorer is an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast.  She shared her favorite travel moments in video format highlighting Florida, the California Redwoods (like Muir Woods), more California adventures, Mexico,  Chicago, and more.

Virtual Wayfarer Best Travel 20122012 – A Year of Travel In Photographs – Alex Berger of Virtual Wayfarer spent the year exploring Africa and the Middle East as well as other destinations.  Check out his best travel photos of the year from Zambia, Botswana, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Scotland, and more.

Jdomb's Travels Best Travel 2012Checking Off My Bucket List: 21 Countries in 2012 – Jennifer Dombrowski of Jdomb’s Travels had a busy year in 2012 visiting 21 countries.  Most of her travels were spent in Europe as she recaps her 2012 travel year through Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Croatia, the UK, Switzerland, and even a little of Asia along with other European countries.

Flashpacker Family Best Travel 2012FLASHPACKER FAMILY 2012 – A YEAR IN PICTURES – Bethaney Davies of Flashpacker Family shares her family travel adventures from 2012 with a recap of her year in 2012.  With her husband and kid in tow, they explored Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Rear View Mirror Best Travel 2012My Favourite iPhone Photos of 2012 – Andrea Anastasakis of Rear View Mirror uses current technology to recap her year in travel.  Andrea shares her favorite iPhone photos recapping her travel memories from Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and other corners of Europe from 2012.

Travel Writer Rants and Raves Best Travel 20122012: Best Travel Experiences – Liz Rose is a travel writer who explores the Southwest as she shares her highs and lows on her travels on Travel Writer Rants and Raves.  She recaps her 2012 best travel experiences through the Southwest with a look at various towns and cities in Arizona and New Mexico including stops in Florida and Oregon.

Going Anyway Best Travel 2012One year of travel: one hundred people – Chris and Jill share the travels of a family with five kids, one in a wheelchair, who decide to travel on Going Anyway.  They take a look back at one year of travel from places all over the world through the stories and photos and the people they met on their travels.

Quirky Travel Guy Best Travel 2012My favorite travel experiences of 2012 – Scott Shetler travels the US and beyond in search of unique travel experiences sharing his stories on Quirky Travel Guy.  In 2012, Scott shares his stories of a a Chinese Cultural Fair in San Diego, animals in Denali National Park, the Mall of America and Minnesota State Fair, and many more places in the US.

Solitary Wanderer Best Travel 2012Travels of 2012 – Bittersweet Memories of my Solo Backpacking Trip in Europe – Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer is a solo female traveler who looks back at her year in travel.  She recaps the highs and lows as she backpacks through Europe through Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and more.

Going Nomadic Best Travel 2012End of the World Round-Up 2012 – Dani Blanchette of Going Nomadic recaps here adventurous 2012 year in travel.  Her best travel memories include meeting The Muppets, becoming an illegal alien in Colombia, visiting Ecuador, a trip back to the US, a visit to Las Vegas, and more.

Cruise Buzz Best Travel 2012Photo Tour: Best Cruises of 2012 – Carrie Finley-Bajak of Cruise Buzz shares her best cruise photos and memories of the year.  If you love taking cruise ships to destinations around the world, check out her 2012 cruises to Tahiti and French Polynesia, Europe, and Alaska.

Lex Paradise Best Travel 2012Korea Travel Highlights, Best of the Year – LeX Tan Yih Liang is a student from Malaysia who shares his passion for travel on Lex Paradise.  In 2012, he spent his travels exploring Korea.  He shares his best travel moments of the year from Seoul, Busan, Jejudo Island, and winter in Korea.

LLWorldTour Best Travel 20122012: The Year in Photos – Lisa Lubin writes about her travels and experiences on LLWorldTour.  She rings in 2013 with a look back at 2012 with 13 photos.  She shares her favorite photos from Costa Rica, Russia, Chicago, New York City, Sweden, Norway, and more as she remembers her year in travel.

Strux Travel Best Travel 2012The Best of (Strux) Travel 2012 – Michael Figueiredo of Strux Travel takes a look back at his year in travel with a best of list – best domestic destination, best international destination, best local destination, and more.  Michael shares his stories about his epic US road trip, Peru, and how he became a travel agent in 2012!

Katie Going Global Best Travel 2012My 12 Favorite Places in 2012 – Katie Aune is a traveler who took a year off from work to take an epic trip.  She spent the last year writing about her adventures through Russia and the former Soviet Union on Katie Going Global. She documents her favorite places in 2012 including Georgia, the Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, and many more places in the former Soviet Union.

walking on travels Best Travel 20122012: A Year of Travel, A Year of Change – Keryn Means writes about her family travels on her blog walking on travels.  Even with a new baby in 2012, Keryn was globetrotting around the globe with kids in tow.  She looks back on her year with trips to Vancouver, Portland, Colorado, and Europe as he shares her family’s adventures in 2012.

WIld Tales Of Best Travel 2012Wild Tales of…2012: A Year of Travel and Adventure – Kate Spiller writes her about her family travel adventures on Wild Tales Of…  She takes a look back at her year of travel with her husband and child as they travel close to home in Seattle, Washington DC, Idaho, Kauai, Colorado, and more.  Check out her photos and tales from her 2012 travels.

Holiday Nomad Best Travel 2012Looking back at 2012 and forward to 2013 – Freya Renders if a travel lover with a full time job who explores the world on her blog Holiday Nomad.  She looks back at her year of travels in 2012 with some beautiful photos and stories from Austria, Belgium, and Peru as she looks ahead to travel plans for 2013.

The Kay Days Best Travel 2012Kay’s Year in Travel: The 2012 Edition – Kay Rodriguez looks back on her 2012 year in travel on The Kay Days.  Kay is a college student who used her summer to ignite her travel passion.  Now she shares her adventures as she looks back on a year of travel New York City, California, Guatemala, southeast Asia, Central America, Europe, and the US.

Waegook Tom Best Travel 2012The Double Whammy Review! – Tom Stockwell is the man behind the travel site Waegook Tom.  He currently works as an English teacher in South Korea but is embarking on a round the world trip in 2013.  He looks back at his best travel moments from 2012 from South Korea, Czech Republic, and Poland and looks ahead to 2013 in the US, Canada, Colombia, Romania, and West Africa.

Go See Write Best Travel 2012You should, you shouldn’t, and it must go away – Michael Hodson of Go See Write wins the award for most unusual year in review post because he doesn’t review anything.  He does mention trips to Croatia and Slovenia but uses his wrap up to talk about things you should be following, what you shouldn’t do, and what must go away completely.  Read if you dare.

Ever in Transit Best Travel 201212 Favorite Photos from 2012: Month-by-Month – Cassie Kifer is one half of the traveling couple (Kevin Adams tags along) and the writer for in Transit.  She shares her best travel moments and favorite travel photos for each month of the year as they explores California, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and South America.

Nick's Travel Bug Best Travel 20122012: My travel year in review – Nick Huggins writes about his travel adventures on Nick’s Travel Bug.  As a traveler, Nick wants to get the most out of his travel experiences without breaking the bank.  This year, he looks back at his best travel moments from Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, England, Spain, and Portugal.

Finding the Universe Best Travel 2012The end, the beginning, and a list – Laurence Noah of Finding the Universe takes a look back and looks ahead to see how he did in 2012 as he sets travel goals in 2013.  New Year’s resolutions and goals are great to have but did you meet them?  Check out his travel goals of Paris, Barcelona, Iceland, and more to see how he did.

Trans-Americas Journey Best Travel 2012Best of the Trans-Americas Journey 2012 – Best Adventures & Activities – Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl are the traveling couple behind  Trans-Americas Journey where they explore the Americas.  This past year, Karen looks back on adventures in Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica in her first of three parts in their best travel moments of 2012.

Escape Artistes Best Travel 20122012: A Year in Random Numbers – Theodora Sutcliffe travels everywhere with her son Zac as they share their adventures on Escape Artistes.  They set out on adventure a couple of years ago and have been traveling ever since.  They share their best travel moments in 2012 with unusual lists – wonders of the world, shockingly beautiful, warmest and coldest, and many more as they visited many countries.

The Travel Tester Best Travel 20122012 – A Year Living As An Expat And Travel Agent In Sydney – Nienke Krook left her life in Amsterdam and has spent the last year in Sydney as she writes about her travels on The Travel Tester.  Expat life as her allowed her to explore Australia and tell some amazing stories about her experiences and the people she has met.

The Quirky Traveller Best Travel 2012My Top Quirky Travel Experiences of 2012 – Zoe Dawes explores travel from a different angle as she shares her travel adventures on The Quirky Traveller.  In 2012, she shares her best travel moments and stories from Iceland, Holland, Britain, and Australia as she looks back on interesting stories and experiences.

Capturing la Vita Best Travel 2012My Travel Relationships of 2012- Snapshot Style – Laurel Perry Turner is a traveler and photographer who has traveled the US and was inspired to explore Italy.  She shares her adventures on Capturing la Vita as she looks back on her photos and best travel experiences in 2012 with new and old friends in towns and cities throughout Italy.

Geo Gypsy Traveler Best Travel 2012Looking back at 2012 – Gaelyn Olmsted shares a look back at 2012 from her travels as the Geo Gypsy Traveler.  In 2012, she explored the Grand Canyon and the Southwest including festivals, parks, and adventures.  Read her stories and check out her photos as she looks back and ahead.

Around the World in Eighty Years Best Travel 2012Pictures of My 2012 – 24 Shots from All Over – Jim O’Donnell rediscovered his wanderlust and made a lot of strides in life.  Around the World in Eighty Years takes a look back at his personal stories, triumphs, and photos from 2012 as he wanders through India, Finland, Florida, France, and New Mexico.

Monkeys & Mountains Best Travel 2012My Top Travel Adventures of 2012 – Laurel Robbins left her life in Canada to start a new life in Germany as she writes about her travel adventures on Monkeys & Mountains.  She visited 13 countries in 2012 and takes a look back at her travel adventures and stories from Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, France, England, and more.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Thank you for all the hard work it took to compile this. It is a great resource–I will definitely check out many of these links!

    • In reading through these posts, there is a LOT of great information on destinations all over the world. Every continent on earth was covered and I am not sure how many countries. Definitely a great resource with a look back on a year of travel around the world

      (And yes, it took a LOT of hours to compile this one)! :)

      • Jenna says:

        Yes, actually I will have to keep reading tomorrow because there are so many and they are all excellent. I love seeing all the places from around the world and how each blogger showcases them differently!

  2. Christy says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together, Jeremy!

  3. This is awesome. Thanks for letting me be part of it too!

    Im going to go read some of these other posts now. CHEERS!

  4. That’s amazing. I still gotta see more of Australia yet, but I will keep your list for travels overseas. It will be a great resource to refer to in future. See you on the road somewhere in the Great Outdoors!

    • I just need to see Australia! :) Definitely on my list of places to go. As evidenced by this roundup of 2012 travels, so many great places to see – just need more time and money to do it all!

  5. Ali says:

    What a great list of posts! Sounds like 2012 was an eventful year for lots of people. Thanks for including me, and thanks for taking the time time to compile so many great best of 2012 posts! I hope you have a wonderful NYE and 2013!

  6. Juno says:

    Wow nice collection here Jeremy! I love it :) Thanks for featuring me along side with great posts! Happy New Year!

  7. Steve says:

    Good work there Jeremy. I know from following these blogs that a lot of hard work has gone into these. One of my highlights of 2012 has communicating with you and reading your blog. Happy travels in 2013.

    • Thanks Steve. I appreciate that. It has been great getting to know you as well. One of my secret plans is to make it to the UK next year so hopefully we will have a chance to connect in person! One of the best things about travel is meeting other like minded travelers and interesting people. Nice connecting with you this year as well.

  8. So many great moments everyone had. Wishing you Jeremy a much better year 2013 than 2012 :)

  9. Great list! Its fun to see what everyone has been up to.

    My 24 shots from 2012 are here:


  10. Wow Jeremy! What a great resource post. Thanks so much for putting this together and making easy reading for us all. Thanks for including our post too!

  11. Wow, a comprehensive list. Quite a few of these blogs I already read, but a few more for me to discover. It’s always amazing reading stories of other travellers; especially the ones who have so much variety in their travels.

    • That’s one great thing about travelers and bloggers. We have such a diversity of interests, travels, and journeys that it is fun to look back on where people have gone and their stories.

  12. Well, if the picks on this list don’t inspire you to go somewhere in 2013 you must be dead.

  13. Erik says:

    Thanks for this post Jeremy. Working at Fed Ex, I get way behind on my reading of travel blogs from Thanksgiving through Christmas- this will help me get caught up on some of my favorites without having to go through the 3,500 unread items in my Google Reader.

    I really enjoyed all of your content this year as well, I have to catch up on the last few College Football Tour adventures

    • I know how you feel. Holidays does that to all of us. Hope you made it through the holiday season OK! Last three stops were some of the best ones all year on the College Football Travel Tour. Will be posting more about them in the coming weeks.

  14. Dalene says:

    Now THIS is quite a compilation! Thanks for including us Jeremy!

  15. Laurence says:

    Wow, what a list. Must get around to summing up my 2012 as well!

  16. Awesome compilation, Jeremy. I can see why it has taken you hours to write this. Thanks for sharing our posts; this is a great list to start the year right!

  17. Phil says:

    Holy crap, lots of good stuff here. Thanks for including my site. I always appreciate your support and your enthusiasm in general for places that may be inadequately covered.

  18. Thanks for sharing good and useful travel news around 1 year 2012. Everything is so nice post..Nice tips and photography…
    I like your blog…Keep sharing your travel experience in this new year 2013…

    Christian Kylee

  19. Dani says:

    Wow, what a reading list! This will keep us entertained for DAYS! :) Thanks for including our Top 5 Destinations of 2012, and Happy New Year!!

  20. Liz says:

    Thanks for including me on this round-up, a great list for a great year! Bring on 2013 😀

  21. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for including us, Jeremy! In starting to read these posts, it looks like we all had a fantastic year of travel. Here’s to another great year for all of us!

  22. Nisha says:

    Great list. Read some of them and so much inspired now.Here is my looking back at 2012. http://www.lemonicks.com/Travel/2013/01/03/looking-back-at-2012/

  23. Wow! That is some serious info. Thanks so much for taking the time to put it all together.
    Hope you have a good 2013, btw!

  24. I have just spent the last hour checking out some of these posts and I could spend hours more. Great resource and kudos for putting in a lot of work getting this together.

  25. This is a great list of year-end wrap-ups from many of my favorite travel bloggers. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I’ll have to check them all out. :)

  26. p.s. I LOVE your new blog header. Great job!!

  27. Ashley Steel says:

    These posts make me ready to quit my job or, at least, go to some really cool places in 2013. Thanks for putting this all together in one place!

  28. Laurel says:

    So interesting to read everyone’s lists. Tons of great info here. I see I missed getting my list to you :(

  29. Freya says:

    Thank you for including me:-) What an inspiring list, I went through quite a few already but will take me some time to read all of them. Thanks for putting together.

  30. Thanks for including us on your list!

  31. Gaelyn says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing list. It may take me most of 2013 to catch up. Thanks Jeremy for putting this together and including me on the list.

  32. Kevin says:

    Thanks for including Cassie on the list (and letting me tag along)! :) Great to see so many others had amazing years, too. Wishing you the best in 2013! Let’s catch some football in the fall, though I’m sure that’s the last thing you want to think about right now. haha

  33. Thanks Jeremy for putting together this amazing list. Great to check everyone else out as well!

  34. John Wilson says:

    Great job, Jeremy.
    Excellent resource for those looking to get inspired.
    Travel safely, play nice.

  35. Excellent wrap up of posts Jeremy! Well done sifting through them all.

  36. excellent list! Sent you my own 2012 year in review link via Facebook message (or you could simply click on my Commentluv link below) 😉

    – Maria Alexandra

  37. PS – that college football tour you did for Expedia sounds AWESOME!

  38. Cassie says:

    Thanks, Jeremy! Hope to see you soon! I love the new header, by the way!

  39. Renz Ecker says:

    One of the best tours in 2012 was my Sequoia Trip, I can say that it was the most enjoyable ever.

  40. andrew says:

    Hello Jeremy
    Nice to see and feel your travels
    Hope you ll come back to Ukraine once more
    check my blog
    you can find some usefull info here while traveling another time))
    Have a good day

  41. Kate says:

    I’ve returned back to this post several times to read more of the posts that are linked to. There is some great stuff here. It’s amazing people are out there living such interesting lives!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. There are lots of great travels from last year covering places all over the world. Really is fun to go back and read all the adventures from 2012.

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