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travel blogging retire Budget Travel Adventures

I am retiring from travel blogging but Budget Travel Adventures continues

October 24, 2012.  That’s the day everything changed. While I was in Miami for the Expedia College Football Travel Tour, everything went wrong.  I was as lonely and discouraged as I’d ever been.  I was burned out, emotionally drained, and didn’t want to travel any more.  I missed home and the people closest to me. […]

Sacre Coeur sunset Paris

A sacrebleu Sacre Coeur sunset

Looking out over the city, you get lost in the scenes of Parisian life. Montparnasse rises into the sky distinguishing itself from the rest of the Parisian skyline. Arrondissements are just her style as streets and communities are woven together to adorn Paris’ figure. Sacre Coeur reveals Paris in a different light, from a different perspective – a city of neighborhoods that’s void of a sexy, stimulating skyline. Watching a Sacre Coeur sunset on the steps over looking the City of Light, there may not be a more beautiful skyline in the world. Stare at the city long enough and you smell, taste, and savor Paris in a way those who only pass through can never understand.

World Domination Summit fireworks

4th of July, a different side of me, and a world domination summit in Portland

Fireworks. Meant to symbolize “the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air.” Something that was tragic and ugly we now celebrate as beautiful and a symbol of our freedom. What if we spent more time embracing the tragic, broken, and ugly in our lives as it becomes a symbol of freedom and beauty? I came to Portland to be a part of the World Domination Summit. It isn’t as scary as it sounds. We don’t want to take over the world; just make it a better place to live.

rear Notre Dame Paris flying butresses Paris

Notre Dame bares her backside in Paris

While the Eiffel Tower is the crowning jewel of the Paris skyline, Notre Dame is its heartbeat. Located on the Île de la Cité, this area is as important historically as it is religiously to the city of Paris. Millions of visitors have stood in front of Notre Dame posing between the two towers pointing to the heavens. However, what’s missing? What don’t people see at Notre Dame? It’s time people stopped staring at her two massive towers and paid more attention to the buttresses on her backside.

Gargoyle Notre Dame Paris sunset

The gargoyle of Notre Dame and a Paris sunset

With dark eyes, he peers down from the rooftop of Notre Dame eyeing the people below while keeping an eye on the city of Paris. Many people come to experience Paris. However, no one sees the city like this day after day, night after night. What does this gargoyle know about Paris that can teach us how to take better photos and experience the City of Light in an unforgettable way?

Niagara Falls postcard

From boy to man, a journey to Niagara Falls

On this late May morning, I boarded the bus and headed to Niagara Falls as we rolled down the highway a little after 7 am. As a boy, my bus experience was different. Leaving the US, we traveled through New York and arrived in Niagara Falls. Instead of tourists and locals, this bus was filled with teenagers – many of us who were leaving the country for the first time.

Niagara Falls hiking Whirlpool

Awash in a Whirlpool: the secret Niagara Falls hiking trail

As I sat on the rocky shores, I stared at the turquoise waters as they swirled and sloshed like a spin cycle set in slow motion.  Nature’s  hand carved a serene, rhythmic masterpiece through the river.  Underneath, it’s fury raged with currents and forces that could kill a man in minutes. I was paralyzed by […]

Jeremy Branham Arizona Diamondbacks not full time traveler

I am not a full time traveler (how you can travel more with a full time job)

As a 9 to 5 traveler, I probably travel more than the average 40 hour a week person. However, I also live a life many people can relate to – full time job, house, car, family, daily routines and stresses. I don’t travel full time. Yet I want show people who are like me how they can travel more.