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So who is Jeremy Branham?  I was born in a small town in Georgia….OK that’s not true at all.  When I was a kid, I had a project in elementary school where I had to write about myself and talk about my family.  And much to my parents’ surprise, I actually wrote “I was born in a small town in Georgia.”

It wasn’t really that far off.  I was born and raised in South Carolina where I have lived most of my life.  From birth through college and the early part of my career, I lived in a few different towns – the most famous being Myrtle Beach (Conway actually) and Columbia.  These days, I would claim Columbia as my hometown if people ask me where I am from.

My passions growing up were baseball, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks (college football inspired me to travel and create the College Football Travel Tour), and school.  As a little kid, I wanted to be a professional baseball player.  I wasn’t good enough to make it that far but as a skinny kid, I did pretty well – 4 year starter on my high school baseball team and an all star with a good arm as a shortstop.  After high school, I sought academic success at the University of South Carolina where I graduated from the Honors College with my degree in accounting.

It was during college that I got my first real taste of traveling.  As a kid, I had traveled from Florida to Maine and every state in between and out towards the midwest with my family.  However, it wasn’t until a college trip with my church to the country of Estonia that I got a real taste of travel.  I soaked up the country, culture, and language and even had a chance to live in Estonia (I even had my own Estonian love story).  However, I returned to school to finish my degree – but my passion for travel was born.  I took another trip to Estonia the next year and also other trips to Boston, Toronto, and other places.

After graduating from college, I worked my way up to Accounting Systems Coordinator.  It was a job I loved even though I never did any actual accounting work.  In 2001, I decided a change was needed and I moved to Sacramento, California where I currently live now.

My life has had its ups and downs out here but I knew this is where I am supposed to be.  Since living in California, I have traveled to other parts of the country I never saw growing up back east – Arizona, Washington, Nevada, and all over California (I love traveling here as you can see my favorite California travel photos from 2011).  However, it was here that my passion for travel took off as I explored many countries all over Europe (I even created a travel guide to Slovenia – one of my favorite places!).

These days, travel is an essential part of my life.  Not only do I continue to explore places close to home and far away,I’ve always been a frugal traveler so budget travel comes very easy for me.

As a traveler, I am passionate about travel tips, budget travel, sports and travel, destinations, and using travel as a metaphor for life.  However, balancing travel, work, and life can be tough.

Travel has taught me so much and changed the way that I have viewed the world.  I can be pretty honest and open about my thoughts, ideas, and feelings about travel (as seen in my travel confessions).

At times I can make bold claims and really put myself out there (like telling people how my travel bucket list can change their lives).  However, I hope this vulnerability allows other people to identify and connect with me through their travels.  And for those that don’t disagree, may we talk about travel in a way that changes the way we live.

So as I share my stories, adventures, and perspective on travel, I hope to challenge people about the way they travel and live their lives.  I want to encourage others to live a life of purpose and fulfillment in whatever they do.

If I can help, encourage, listen, or assist you in any way, please let me know.  We only have one life to live and I hope my stories will encourage you to live yours with a desire to enjoy life, travel, and make a difference in the world.

Budget Travel Adventures

Experiencing life means experiencing the world around us.  For many years, travel has been my passion.  While there are many who love to travel, everyone is unique when it comes to their travel experiences and favorite destinations.  I want to share my adventures, lessons learned, and tips on traveling.  Being a bit frugal, I love to save money where I can and believe that spending less allows you to really connect with the places, people, and culture in your travels.

So join me on the biggest adventure ever taken – life.  With its ups and downs, I hope to share my passion for traveling and a little more about who I am.

If you want to contact me, share your thoughts and ideas, or want to advertise or guest post, email me at budgettravelsac@yahoo.com.

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  1. John hoffman says:

    I am publishing a book on OSU traditions and would like to use this photo of Buckeye Grove in the book. Would you be do kind as to grant me permission to do so?
    Thank you.
    John Hoffman

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