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Changes to Budget Travel Adventures

Since Jeremy announced his retirement there’s been a lot of things in the works. It may seem pretty quiet around here but there’s really been a lot of stuff going on. The biggest move is that we are lining up several authors to talk about their travels on a regular basis. Michael Sproul has been [...]

I am retiring from travel blogging but Budget Travel Adventures continues

October 24, 2012.  That’s the day everything changed. While I was in Miami for the Expedia College Football Travel Tour, everything went wrong.  I was as lonely and discouraged as I’d ever been.  I was burned out, emotionally drained, and didn’t want to travel any more.  I missed home and the people closest to me. [...]

4th of July, a different side of me, and a world domination summit in Portland

Fireworks. Meant to symbolize “the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air.” Something that was tragic and ugly we now celebrate as beautiful and a symbol of our freedom. What if we spent more time embracing the tragic, broken, and ugly in our lives as it becomes a symbol of freedom and beauty? I came to Portland to be a part of the World Domination Summit. It isn’t as scary as it sounds. We don’t want to take over the world; just make it a better place to live.

The gargoyle of Notre Dame and a Paris sunset

With dark eyes, he peers down from the rooftop of Notre Dame eyeing the people below while keeping an eye on the city of Paris. Many people come to experience Paris. However, no one sees the city like this day after day, night after night. What does this gargoyle know about Paris that can teach us how to take better photos and experience the City of Light in an unforgettable way?

From boy to man, a journey to Niagara Falls

On this late May morning, I boarded the bus and headed to Niagara Falls as we rolled down the highway a little after 7 am. As a boy, my bus experience was different. Leaving the US, we traveled through New York and arrived in Niagara Falls. Instead of tourists and locals, this bus was filled with teenagers – many of us who were leaving the country for the first time.

Awash in a Whirlpool: the secret Niagara Falls hiking trail

As I sat on the rocky shores, I stared at the turquoise waters as they swirled and sloshed like a spin cycle set in slow motion.  Nature’s  hand carved a serene, rhythmic masterpiece through the river.  Underneath, it’s fury raged with currents and forces that could kill a man in minutes. I was paralyzed by [...]

Jackson Hole on a Budget


Even though our entire family skis and snowboards each year, we are pretty much split down the middle with mountain sports preferences as the kids grow older. When they were elementary-school age, we alternated our vacation times at Jackson Hole, Wyoming; winter skiing and snowboarding one year, late spring mountain biking and river water sports [...]

Visiting Utah’s Mighty 5-Arches National Park

Corona Arch

This week I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite hikes and views from Arches National Park for our tour around Utah’s Mighty 5. Arches National Park is home to over 2000 natural sandstone arches and located just outside of Moab, Utah. To introduce you to what you will see when you [...]

Budget Exploring Familiar and Foreign Amsterdam


The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a small city that packs an important cultural punch in Europe and beyond. From its humble origins as a simple fishing village in the 12th century, Amsterdam has evolved into one of the top financial centers in Europe, but pleasure, culture, arts, history and more are always afoot [...]

Top 5 Unique Alaskan Adventures

Alaska Fishing

Make the most of your vacation to the Last Frontier with these unique Alaskan adventures. Between catching halibut and king salmon, enjoying the great outdoors and finding treasures in a streambed, you’ll have plenty of stories about Alaska to tell when you go back home. Fishing for “a Barn Door” The cold, rich waters of [...]

Visiting Utah’s Mighty 5-Zion National Park


This past year the state of Utah came out with a very successful marketing campaign promoting Utah’s 5 National Parks. They featured ads in various locations throughout the United States and came up with an amazing commercial highlighting some of the amazing sites visitors could see as they toured the parks around Utah. Growing up [...]

5 Fun Trips Near Perth


Perth is a beautiful, friendly city with plenty to see and do, but if you’re heading to Western Australia then you should also consider spending some time in regions outside of the capital city. From iconic wine destinations to breathtaking natural scenery and idyllic islands, there is something in the surrounds of Perth to suit [...]

Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad


Occasional travelers may not think about how becoming ill while visiting other countries can turn everything upside down. Investing in a short-term health insurance for travel could be a useful asset. The U.S. State Department has a website that lists health insurance companies that provide reasonably priced traveler’s health insurance. The U.S. State Dept. has [...]

Tips For A Budget Vacation In Australia

Sydney Beaches

When looking into travel to exotic destinations like Australia, there’s the tendency to assume everything will be expensive. To some extent this can be true, but it also depends on the specific destination and what you plan to do there. In many cases, budget travel is all about careful planning and the organization of affordable [...]